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==Gridworker Mission==
As a [[Planetary Gridworker]] there are a variety of possible tasks and jobs that may be presented during phases of the [[Starseed]] mission that are relative to the current planetary crisis or issues that are directly impacting the earth body and collective consciousness, at any given time. Many of us work with past, present and future timelines simultaneously, to effect positive changes in the future evolutionary direction of humanity on the earth, and beyond. We each have a personal mission directive based on our special talents and skills, and those skill sets fit into the position we have that connects our service work with the larger group in the [[Starseed]] and [[Indigo]] mission. Most [[Planetary Gridworker]]s that are active now on the earth have come from the future time cycle from other Star systems, universes, planets and even from the future earth, in order to help the lowest density fields of the earth and humanity undergo [[Ascension]] and/or liberation from the [[NAA]]. As a result of the Starseed mission, many Star people are more aggressively targeted with psychotronic mind control, psychic attacks or dark interference from human or non human sources, in order to prevent that person from awakening and realizing their specific mission. Our service mission with the earth is generally co-created in pre-birth agreements that are written into our [[Lightbody]] via the core manifestation body template or [[12 Tree Grid]]. To activate the [[Starseed]] potential, many of us will be led to the [[Law of One]], [[12D Ray]] platinum white or [[Kunda-Ray|rainbow field]], [[Alien Implants|Alien Implant]] removal as well as studying the [[12 Tree Grid]], in order to stimulate our spiritual awakening and consciousness memory to activate our higher potentials or skill sets. The written instruction set included in our [[Lightbody]] contains the information that defines our [[Consciousness]] history, [[Blueprint]], star origins, spiritual purpose and role with the earth to serve the divine source plan for activating the higher evolution potentials for all of humanity. As an example, a [[Planetary Gridworker]] mission may include such tasks as:
*Providing conduit while in a body for higher frequency transmission or for the direction of running energetic currents, working to align the multidimensional connection and correction of the many planetary grid networks. The physical body acts as an acupuncture point for the earth to run higher frequencies and DNA star coding for a variety of positive applications.

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