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*Traveling to assigned locations or remote viewing to observe consciousness records or energetic signatures that manifest impacts in the earth's holographic [[Lightbody]], to view false or real [[Timelines]] inserted into the field that reveal the historical record of the planet, track the source of major trigger events in the timelines, such as tragedies, war, holocaust, genocide, [[Blood Sacrifice]], [[Alien Implants]], abduction, breeding-hybridization programs, to recollect accurate historical records, reorganize the time fields, measure energetic impacts, and track the causality of events that manifested destructive or harmful events in time.
*Survey energetic current and spiral forces, recode [[EMF]] ray spectrum, observe how energetic current is running in horizontal [[Ley Lines]] and vertical [[Axiatonal Lines]] that impact the black and white hole spin and their systems of energy. Many of us are recoding the planetary grid network from running bi-wave code to elevate into tri-wave code or to run [[Trinity waveWave]] frequency sets that feedback into the source fields.
*Reconnect [[Geomantic Structure]]s, holographic geography or build light networks to help open portal systems, activate power vortices or hubs in megalithic or ancient builder race structures hidden throughout the earth, reconnect to celestial bodies and stars in collaboration with the [[Guardian Host]]. Clear black magic grids and alien technological abuse of these systems.

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