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* How do we get there? One way is understanding your [[Lightbody]]’s function, which is Spiritual [[Ascension]] or [[Kundalini]] awakening, by focusing on [[Chakra]]s and our stair step up the 12 Bodies of Intelligence to reconenct with our [[Diamond Sun]] body and the [[Threefold Founder Flame]]. <ref> Galactivation Presentation, July 2009</ref>
==Ascension Stages of Bio-Neurological Consciousness Expansion==
The [[Ascension Stages]] are about the bringing down of the layers of light and sound from our higher frequency spiritual bodies, by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations. The transmissions of [[EMF|electromagnetic frequencies]] occur throughout many functions of our bio-neurology, between the [[CNS]], [[Brain]] and physical body parts, as well as the [[Nadial Structure]] and spiritual body parts. Simultaneously, [[Ascension]] is a shift in the energetic spectrum of frequency patterns held in our physical self. When absorbed and activated into the layers of the human bio-energetic field, it activates the higher [[Silicate Matrix|DNA instruction set]]. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and thought programs held in the identity, which shifts [[Timelines]] and changes the direction the consciousness of that person is travelling. When spiritually activated, these [[Ego Death|old identity patterns]] begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the person’s bodies. The biological ascension process manifests physical, mental and emotional Ascension symptoms that ignite spiritual crisis, which is referred to as the [[Dark Night of the Soul]]. Many people without Ascension context are captured into the medical system and are being prescribed drugs that interfere with their spiritual development, because they are being told that they have a disease. We all must do our research and due diligence to find our own personal truth to take control over our personal health and wellbeing. We cannot give that responsibility away to others. ==Stage One - Initiation==
ISpiritual Initiation: This is about the initiation of your physical body as it connects into a new [[EMF|electromagnetic frequency wave]] that is contained in the intelligent layers of your personal [[Soul]]-[[Monad|Spiritual]] bodies. This will activate in collaboration with what higher frequencies are becoming available, or are being generated onto the planet, as well as in connection to the personal [[Blueprint]]. Initiation (Activation The goal is to initiate the [[Bio-Neurology|bio-neurological]] connection with a frequency layer of coded [[DNA Signals|electromagnetic information]] that is designed to help you to activate and plug in the higher [[Fire Letters|DNA codes]]. Each of us has a higher self intelligence, and Plug In) it is this higher self aspect that directs the [[Ascension]] process with our physical self. Sometimes, there are teams of Ascension Guides related to the person’s spiritual family line, which come to help the person undergo the initiation process. Essentially, you’re a person is activated into spiritual initiation when your their neurological structure gets “plugged in” plugged in and ready begins to accrete the electromagnetic light codes (and frequencies) of the [[Soul]] 4th dimension through [[Kundalini]] kundalini activation. Essentially, the [[Kundalini]] activation pulls in new neurological structures (apparthi) and neural networks that act as energy receivers so you the person can absorb the new frequenciesand intelligence into their auric body. [[Kundalini]] Activation activation is also about activating DNA and frequency receivers called [[DNAApparthi]] receivers, which act as a bundled nerve plexus for transmitting DNA Encodements and intelligence transmissions into the Lightbody. DNA also has [[Silicate Matrix|12 sub-strands]], and those are called fire-codes, or [[Fire Letters]]. Fire letters are the cellular alphabet of our [[DNA]], and they become activated and organized by our neurological receivers, when we start to absorb the frequencies from the first octave of our next dimensional ascension. We have The body usually follows the consistent process of initiating into the next higher frequency layers, in order of each harmonic tone, to do this in help the physical self and body more easily acclimate the frequencies into the lightbody. Too much exposure to high electromagnetic frequency too soon, can seriously damage the correct process neurological system and orderbrain, resulting in psychosis. Each individual has a specific energy signature (incarnation path) that determines the detail of awakening. [[Indigo]]s and [[Starseed]]s are the first waves of people spiritually awakened to be initiated into [[Kundalini]] kundalini activation during this the [[Ascension Cycle]]. It is planned and supported by Ascension Guides, [[Krystal Star]] Family and Planetary Stellar Activation. Moving through a frequency “stair-step” Dimensional Ascension through the 12 bodies of intelligence back to the [[Threefold Founder Flame]]. Every person has a unique path of [[Ascension ]], yet the same internal connection of an electromagnetic process of bio-spiritual transformation occurs. [[Consciousness]] expansion occurs through the progressive states of initiation that are made through successive and increasing electromagnetic frequencies of kundalini activation, which are transmitted to the entire [[KundaliniBio-Neurology]] Activation.
==Stage Two-Absorption==
II. Absorption (Accretion): Once the new [[KundaliniEMF|electromagnetic frequency]] frequency is initiatedinto the [[Aura]] and being transmitted into the body by the [[CNS]] and [[Brain]], it’s the frequency and information it carries is gradually being completely absorbed within the [[Lightbody]]. Each individual has a specific process to during the personal frequency absorption (experienceprocess, relationshipsas the new frequency will hold information that will bring to the surface many different kinds of experiences, as it reveals karmic lessons, issues of self-mastery , other lifetimes, seeing deceased relatives, emotional and spiritual conflict resolution, etc.). [[Kundalini]] spirals move up the spinal column , conducting with the spinal nerves, and its electromagnetic frequency will move up the central column and flood into the chakras [[Chakra]]s and spiritual bodies . As the new frequency starts to accrete in the lightbody, it will come up against energy blockages in the body. At this stage karmic patterns may appear to dislodge or clear out [[Dead LightEnergy]] blockages (or [[MiasmaFalse White Light]] and blockages or [[Dead EnergyMiasma]]) that need to be cleared to spiritually progress. Cleared During this stage, many strange things can occur as the spiritual energies are becoming physicalized. Successive clearing of psycho-emotional energy blockages allow access to higher intelligence and access to [[Expanding Consciousness]] begin expanding consciousness through the person’s higher Spiritual Identityspiritual identity. Movement  When this movement through dimensional bands and communication links to higher intelligence comes online, it is perceived by extra-dimensionals, such as Advanced advanced ETs. For They will attack an ascending person to keep them controlled or derailed from the [[Ascension Stages|ascension process]]. As an example , when ascending 3D-4Dinto the [[Soul]] dimensions, you the person starts to absorb 4D [[Soul]] frequencies into your their heart center via the [[4th ChakraNadial Structure]], which relays that information to their [[CNS]] (Heart Center) via your and [[Nadial ComplexBrain]] system into your nervous system. There are twelve (12 octaves ) subharmonic tones within each dimension(4D-5D-6D), which make up the three layers of the [[Soul]] body. You start accessing The person starts to accrete the 1st octave subharmonic of the 4D Soul layers and must absorb all 12 to complete the entire [[Astral Plane|4D spectrum]]. 12 Dimensions X 12 Octaves = 144 Sub-harmonics. Some This continues all the way up the harmonic scale of dimensions where we all have aspects of us go too fast and get fried, but the energies start to transmit and they come into our [[Lightbody]]spiritual bodies. They These frequency notes drill down through the layers of our [[Lightbody]] until they’re fully anchored and interconnected into our physical structure. This process has is also been referred to as light accretion. The combination of our natural biology, [[Soul]] and oversoul-[[Monad]] are intelligence is in charge of this process, and they’re doing it the higher intelligence does this as smoothly as possible. ThenIf the person resists or does not understand what is happening to them, it can block progress, you go through the natural process of evolution and the block spiritual communication from continuing. The [[Ascension CycleNAA]]promotes fear in the spiritual development process to stop it from occurring.
==Stage Three-Integration==
III. Integration: Upon the [[Lightbody|auraAura]] receiving maximal the maximum frequency absorption of the newly absorbed [[Electromagnetic Signals]] that came from the [[Kundalini]] spiral frequencyup the spine, intelligence bodythe higher consciousness identity, [[ConsciousnessChakra]] identitys or Orb Bodies, as well as [[DNA]] and [[Chakra]]s are is activated to integrate into the physical self. The individual will begin to integrate new energies, may grow new [[Higher Sensory PerceptionSynapses|neural networks]] and become more telepathic or develop higher sensory abilities. There are many [[Ascension Symptoms]], which make changes to every area of the person’s make-up, including physical, mental, and experience disorientation in terms emotional changes that shift perceptions or the sense of how identity leading to [[Ego Death]]. If the [[Three Layers of Ego/Personality|ego mind]] is not prepared for this change in consciousness, it may result in [[Spiritual Crisis]] and problems coping with letting go. Because there is no information on [[Ascension]], most people feel extremely disorientated and even scared that they are ill or that they are losing sanity. The [[NAA]] self is orienting into their life as it’s changinghappy to reinforce this distorted narrative. [[Ascension Symptoms]], [[Kundalini]] activation, spiritual crisis [[Spiritual Crisis]] and the recall of trauma/and abuse memory may memories from current or other lifetimes, can be misidentified as other medical issues. See [[Dark Night of the Soul]].
==Stage Four-Ascension==
Ascension: After absorbing all of the frequency bands and codes in a dimensional instruction set that is held within the [[Kundalini]] triad current, the frequencies will cause systemic upgrades that result in new levels of spiritual [[Consciousness]] in terms of greater planetary awareness, [[Higher Sensory Perception]], and experiencing energy as intelligent. Humanity is growing their consciousness to evolve and become interconnected with the [[Planetary Logos|planetary consciousness]], and that is shifting earth humans to be rehabilitated and to practice the higher principles of [[Service to Others]]. When a person evolves into the higher realms of the monad (8D+) or they are [[Starseed]]s, they will start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs, light and dark beings, and other levels of planetary or stellar consciousness. The monadic body will start to build an orb body to accrete liquid [[Plasma]] light, and this builds our eternal divine source body, or Krystal [[Diamond Sun]] body. The Krystal Diamond Sun body is equated with the Cosmic Sovereign [[Law of One]], over which there is a Galactic War to control the content and it’s Diamond Architecture. These are the dimensions of liquid plasma light or hydroplasmic light in the anti-particle fields which unite with the [[Zero Point]] God fields, beyond time and dimensionalization. When a person is communicating with and embodying the [[Monad]]ic and [[Avatar]] levels, they are guided solely on missions to be in Service to Others. When in a life of earth service or incarnated with a specific spiritual mission, they will start to perceive [[Holographic Geography|holographic architecture]], such as the Planetary Gates, [[Stargate]]s, and the [[Planetary Grid Network]]s, which usually makes them a [[Gridworker]].<ref>[ Bio-Neurology]</ref>
IV. [[Ascension]]: After absorbing all the frequency bands and codes of a dimension held in a [[Kundalini]] triad current, the frequencies will have caused systemic upgrades that result in new levels of spiritual consciousness in terms of awareness, [[Higher Sensory Perception]], intelligence fields and experience. We can grow to expand our consciousness to become part of a group consciousness, planetary consciousness, galactic consciousness etc. When we get into the higher realms of the [[Monad]] (8D+) we’ll start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs until we’ve reached our Divine/[[Krystal Star|Krystic/Avatar self]] at the 12th Dimension [[12D Ray]] and above. These are the dimensions of liquid light or hydroplasmic light in the anti-particle fields which unite with the [[Threefold Founder Flame]] and then beyond dimensionalization into the [[Ascended Master]] collective fields. At [[Monad]]ic and [[Avatar]] levels one is purely guided as [[Service to Others]] and will start to perceive holographic architecture, such as the [[Planetary Gates]], [[Stargate]]s, and the [[Planetary Grid Network]].

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