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==Stage Four-Ascension==
Ascension: After absorbing all of the frequency bands and codes in a dimensional instruction set that is held within the [[Kundalini]] triad current, the frequencies will cause systemic upgrades that result in new levels of spiritual [[Consciousness]] in terms of greater planetary awareness, [[Higher Sensory Perception]], and experiencing energy as intelligent. Humanity is growing their consciousness to evolve and become interconnected with the [[Planetary Logos|planetary consciousness]], and that is shifting earth humans to be rehabilitated and to practice the higher principles of [[Service to Others]]. When a person evolves into the higher realms of the monad (8D+) or they are [[Starseed]]s, they will start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs, light and dark beings, and other levels of planetary or stellar consciousness. The monadic body will start to build an orb body to accrete liquid [[Plasma]] light, and this builds our eternal divine source body, or Krystal [[Diamond Sun]] body. The Krystal Diamond Sun body is equated with the Cosmic Sovereign [[Law of One]], over which there is a Galactic War to control the content and it’s Diamond Architecture. These are the dimensions of liquid plasma light or hydroplasmic light in the anti-particle fields which unite with the [[Zero Point]] God fields, beyond time and dimensionalization. When a person is communicating with and embodying the [[Monad]]ic and [[Avatar]] levels, they are guided solely on missions to be in Service to Others. When in a life of earth service or incarnated with a specific spiritual mission, they will start to perceive [[Holographic Geography|holographic architecture]], such as the Planetary Gates, [[Stargate]]s, and the [[Planetary Grid Network]]s, which usually makes them a [[Gridworker]].<ref>[ Bio-Neurology]</ref>
==Guidelines in First Triad of Evolution Phases==
This is the first triad of Spiritual [[Awakening]], of which the life lessons are the Tests of Personal Self Mastery upon where one pays attention and focus of directing one's [[Consciousness]]. These are intended to support harmony as one develops and expands [[Consciousness]].
* Ask and Inquire on the Way of your [[Soul]] and its purposes.
* Listen, learn the language of the Heart, which is the Soul [[Higher Sensory Perception]] and take action on the guidance of your Soul.
* Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supersedes all reliance on the External Connections or perceptions of reality, release fears of being judged by others.
* Live a Life congruent to your [[Soul]] and is purposes, and that it serves as an example to others. Practice [[12D Shield]], [[Law of One]] and [[GSF Behavior]]s.
* Clear [[Negative Ego]], Fears and [[Pain Body|Emotional Pain]] in the lower [[Chakra]] centers, become aware of the [[Unconscious Mind]], [[Instinctual Mind]] and [[Conscious Mind]] functioning.
* Practice giving Unconditional Love and [[Compassion]] to others and learn to love oneself and practice [[Empathy]].
* Educate yourself about [[Ascension]], [[Kundalini]] and the spiritual process of awakening one's [[Consciousness]] to help clear [[Ego/Personality]] fears that create pain and confusion around this natural process.(See [[Four Phases of Spiritual Evolution]])

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