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Reference from [[Historical Timeline Trigger Events]]: 85 YA, Zeta contact World Governments for Military Technology and Human Trade, [[Grey Alien]] Weaponry, [[Holographic InsertsInsert]] s and Time Travel Technology.<ref>[ Historical Timeline Triggers]</ref>
==Zeta Seal and Frequency Fences==
[[Military Grey Alien Technology]] has been artificially written into the various reversal field grid networks, as well as have manifested independent harm from their technologies of military weapons, genetic experiments, timeline programs, [[Artificial intelligence]], [[Holographic Insert]]s and astral mirages, human abductions, tagging/tracking and [[Astral Plane]] manipulation. One particular distortion we’d like to bring to your attention is the Zeta Seal, because these implants have been more active in the general [[3D]] population during this time of transition to the next harmonic universe, which is bringing much higher frequencies to be exposed to the masses. The [[Zeta Seal]] is located in the Astral Plane layers of the heart complex to block activation of the 4th DNA strand which blocks access to the higher intelligence of the [[Mentor Field]]s (first layer of the higher self mind) in the 5th dimension. It is designed to interfere with the [[Nadial Structure]] which instructs the human nervous system and communicates with the circuitry of the human heart. Electrical impulses are generated from the lightbody via the Nadial Structure, which is a spiritual body part. It is made up of a webbing of energetic receivers and energetic transmitters that are intrinsic to the interconnected messaging functions in the human Soul-Spirit consciousness layers.
==Grey Alien==
Many people that are direct Abductee-Experiencers have reported differently appearing types of [[Grey Alien]]s, in similar appearing bodies of different sizes for over the past 100 years. [[Aleister Crowley]] is a key figure in cooperating with the [[NAA]], starting from [[Grey Alien]] contact made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904. An [[Annunaki]] in a [[Grey Alien]] body named Aiwass, transmitted and implanted him with "Book of the Law" which is the central sacred text of Thelema, that was written down from dictation given from the entity.
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