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Given the importance of [[Informed Consent]] for the protection of [[Human Rights]] and as an ethical doctrine, it is applicable to [[Universal Laws]] in the petition of demanding factual truths of accurate events to be revealed to the human population in the event of [[Full Disclosure Event|full disclosure]]. At this time on the planet earth in the larger global events designed for [[Human Trafficking|world slavery]] and extradimensional entities genocidal agendas, informed consent in this larger context is non-existent. Therefore, all people interested to serve the disclosure movement can benefit through the comprehension of the higher principles of informed consent and the lack thereof, to open dialogue on the ethical implications this has made against the human race, as the demand for [[Full Disclosure Event|full disclosure]] grows stronger and becomes more unified. At this point, the lack of informed consent as the result of non-disclosure of true and accurate events on this planet, establishes gross negligent abuse, which can directly lead to multiple species genetic annihilation as well as other devastating consequences. <ref>[ Consent]</ref>
==Power elites Elites or Cabal==The [[Power Elite]] are a small group of people who conjure [[Black Magic]] through dark rituals that are used for maintaining contact with the [[NAA]], in order to control the entire planet through the manipulation of the [[Collective Consciousness]] through fear based programming that is transmitted via [[Mind Control]].  

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