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If more people had access to this information without being threatened, attacked or persecuted it would allow many more people to come out and tell the truth. By hiding this information and continuing to promote lies and deception it allows people that are working to support [[Ascension]] or disclosure related topics to continue to be harassed, targeted, intimidated and even brutalized. This is another reason why disclosure is so important. It would remove a huge burden of threats and attacks to those of us that support disclosure to the population of this planet. If people had disclosure information they would be much more willing to be open to comprehending the laws of nature and also to be able to see how the current [[Death Culture]] was engineered to violate those laws in order to enslave the people. Much of what we see harming people in the world today could be stopped with only common sense and the ability to reduce some selfishness and greed.
==Battle for Disclosure==
Humanity is enduring a hidden multidimensional battle for [[Disclosure]] which is gradually happening as the [[Collective Consciousness]] shifts into higher dimensional planes as the result of the [[Ascension Cycle]]. It is evident that there is a hijack of the disclosure movement in order to gain total control over how that particular content is being shared with the public. This is occurring via the spreading of familiar narratives and the same [[Propaganda]] tactics that are used for the purpose of [[Psychological Manipulation]] of the intended audience and the key players. For propaganda to be effective it has to have a mouthpiece, there must be key players or persons in positions of power with significant control over [[Media Manipulation|mass-communication media]] who are thought to have credibility with a large audience that makes them money.
[[Controlled Opposition]] is the predictable manipulation tactic of placing key people in key positions and into leadership roles of a particular movement, who many times have suddenly appeared and offered the public incredible facts or amazing nuggets of truth. Maybe it is a pundit personality looking to gather a large online following through disseminating the cabal wars through the [[QAnon]] movement. Maybe it’s a guru personality offering [[DNA Activation]] and the ability to manifest anything you want. As a result of the sensationalism, marketing or other methods to deliver this level of information, they gain power and influence from the amount of people that have gathered, along with the online clicks and money that is spent on their products or watching them at events. Power and influence are forces gathered through which they become a [[Pied Piper]], a person that is celebrated, worshipped or made into a [[Hero-Savior|hero]]. Seemingly leading [[Gullibility|gullible people]] into any direction, when ultimately, they were placed there as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to derail and hijack the original goals of that movement. The strategy of [[Controlled Opposition]] works best under circumstances in which the masses are gullible, credulous, lack [[Critical Thinking]] and are unable to connect the dots and see how the actions and inaction or [[Lying Techniques|manipulation of the information]] from the controlled entity is actually benefiting the controlling entity.<ref>[ New Age, Ascension and Disclosure Hijack]</ref>
==Disclosure Imminent==

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