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… the gallbladder meridian being an 4D Astral Gateway into our physical body, a meridian energetic entrance between the lightbody and the physical body.
[ May 2009 Newsletter]
Although I do not understand all of this as I have never studied acupuncture, they have stated that the GB meridian is the “Aquarian Meridian”. (Thus the name given to this project.) They mention the Liver and Gallbladder relationship and that this symbolizes the 3D to 4D or the movement from the Piscean Age (Liver) to the Aquarian Age (GB). The Liver as an energy represented Ancestral karma (the processing of generational karmic [[Miasma]] and therefore bloodline issues) and the GB represented “judgment”, what is perceived as right and wrong to administer the “cause and effect”. This seems to mean that both these functions as represented energetically in our organ system, the principle of “karma [[Miasma]] ” carried through generations (Liver) and the process we have “judged” it (GB) are coming to an END.
[ August 2009 Newsletter]
This “SPE” is one of the main sources of voice recognition mind control that is implanted most commonly through the gallbladder meridian. It is a parasite, so its life cycle and how it burrows into the bodily matrices, is exactly like a physical parasite. In understanding how Alien implants and SPE’s function, is to understand parasites. Your goal is to purge (detoxify) parasites in every way you can from your body.
]][[ Implants and Parasites]]

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