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==Stage Four-Ascension==
IV. [[Ascension]]: After absorbing all the frequency bands and codes of a dimensionheld in a [[Kundalini]] triad current, the frequencies will have caused systemic upgrades that result in new levels of spiritual consciousness in terms of awareness, [[Higher Sensory Perception]], intelligence fields and experience. We can grow to expand our consciousness to become part of a group consciousness, planetary consciousness, galactic consciousness etc. When we get into the higher realms of the [[Monad]] (8D+) we’ll start to have interactions and awareness of higher intelligent ETs until we’ve reached our Divine/[[Krystal Star|Krystic/Avatar self]] at the 12th Dimension [[12D ray]] and above. These are the dimensions of liquid light or hydroplasmic light in the anti-particle fields which unite with the [[Threefold Founder Flame]] and then beyond dimensionalization into the [[Ascended Master]] collective fields. At [[Monad]]ic and [[Avatar]] levels one is purely guided as [[Service to Others]] and will start to perceive holographic architecture, such as the [[Planetary Gates]], [[Stargate]]s, and the [[Planetary Grid Network]].

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