Spirit of Diligence

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The Spirit of Diligence is one of the seven main spirits of Christ.

The Spirit of Diligence is required to help us evolve beyond base ego drives and instinctual body addictions which gain control over our bodies and stunt our spiritual growth and higher Consciousness. To raise our consciousness, we must first identify the difference between the weak moral characteristics of the Negative Ego and the deceptions carried out by the Imposter Spirits. This is characterized by the hidden motivations behind the outer behaviors which will increase darkness, deception, egoic fear based thoughts, through the vices of the Houses of Ego. Through discerning the difference between dark and light, lies and truthfulness, the attributes to build a strong moral character by aligning with the truth spirit becomes increasingly evident. (eternal self, transparent, Krystic values).

People of strong moral character are guided by ethical principles even when it’s physically dangerous or detrimental to their careers, social standing or economic well-being. They do the right thing even when it has a personal cost. A strong moral character is the physical foundation required at the base of building a strong spiritual house which requires the Spirit of Diligence. In order to hold the spirit of Christos, as in acquiring ethics of spiritual virtues, the first step is in making sure that the body, the physical self, is grounded in strong moral character.

The Spirit of Diligence is the antidote to Laziness and Discouragement.


The Spirits of Christ are that which attract Virtues which are a form of the bestowal of Divine Grace. Virtues are qualities of goodness which inhabit in the world of forces, as a “spiritual force”. When one builds strength in virtue, one builds strength in the power of our goodness which translates into the power of God Force. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts directly from the God spirit. (These are the Spirits of Christ) [1] [2]

As the Universal Law of Structure states; we can build our house in so that the spirit we design it for can reside. This is what it means to create a House for Christ and to purify ourselves for the Spirit of Christ. The Spirits of Christ requires a House in which to dwell inside our mind and body. As you devote your attention and focus on the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger. Where we focus our energy and attention its energetic form materializes. Thus, greatly increasing one’s relationship to God and experiencing energetic balance which returns us into feelings of self-love, peace and happiness.

The Spirits of Christ

  • Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence. Ask God to help you build the House of Diligence in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.

Strong Moral Character

If our body and mind is morally weak, it is also very physically and energetically weak. These physical and energetic weaknesses translate into low moral character in most humans who are not aware of the Archontic Deception promoted as a value system. Since many humans are not taught to develop strong moral character, the mind and body are increasingly weakened when we are easily made consensual to low morals and low ethical standards. Many people cannot tell the difference between high ethical standard and low ethical standard as they are mind controlled through religion, gurus or other control mechanisms. To gain discernment of these qualities the Spirit of Diligence is required.

We must put focus on the study of strong moral character, ethical conduct and demonstrating an exercise of these higher human traits in our day to day. This is putting into practice the Spirit of Diligence.

A strong moral character is the physical ballast which is directly related to the capacity of embodying the personal virtue (frequency) created by the Spirits of Christ. So we could think of the physical body as the practical reality of grounding into our being a strong moral character in our actions every day, while the spiritual-energetic body expands relative to one’s ethical conduct. Together, this focused mind-body partnership attracts the higher virtues (spiritual gifts) of the Spirits of Christ. This is the key to embodying the Spirit of Christos while in a physical body.[3]


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