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Currently, it is believed that only certain Genetic Mutations, such as those classified as hereditary mutations inherited from a parent, are passed on to offspring. It is important to know that as Genetic Pathcutters, all genetic imprints are passed through to the next generation and recorded in the DNA historical record, in the physical body. All humans at birth receive the consciousness imprint of genetic records passed on from their parents, including any kind of genetic mutation, whether it is hereditary or had been acquired later. If inherited issues are not yet visible, it does not mean that they are not there. Our etheric body is the physical body double and also holds the DNA record of all of our combined ancestors, including our family of origin. When this fact is comprehended, it becomes clear why we chose to incarnate into certain family lines. During the Ascension Cycle, we are increasingly aware of how important it is to be involved with consistent clearings of our gene pool, in order to shift the bloodline into accessing higher consciousness records. As we clear our bodies of psycho-emotional debris, we clear the energies located in the ancestral record, and this allows an opening for new DNA configurations or mutations to occur that impact the entire gene pool. Effectively, we are capable of changing the DNA record of our ancestors, passed on or alive, through the consciousness work we do to clear our inherited destructive patterns, false identities, artificial software and emotional conflicts. As we clear our body and heal our Consciousness, we elevate our DNA pattern into new potentials, which simultaneously elevates the DNA pattern recorded for our ancestors and family of origin located throughout the Timelines. It does not matter at what location in time or space they are. This is why we may feel deeply compelled to research more of our ancestry, return to birthplaces of previous generations, communicate with distant relatives, organize old family pictures, forgive those who may have hurt us, or find ourselves catapulted into visiting new lands or spaces. It is certain we have genetic relationships to these land masses and we are able to reveal and discover the hidden histories recorded there. We also may perform soul retrievals, transits and help to heal the family DNA patterns through Compassionate Witnessing of certain events we discover in time. Comprehending the basic Spiritual Function of DNA, related to clearing of one’s Ancestral records, may be helpful to know.[1]

  • DNA provides the instruction set for the cells that make up our entire body.
  • DNA provides the instruction set for the body to access higher consciousness through communicating with our spiritual bodies and other forces.
  • When we communicate with our spiritual bodies, we can activate and heal our crystalline DNA.
  • We repair or activate dormant DNA from building protein-coded genes through the natural process of spiritual ascension or consciousness expansion.
  • Every person’s DNA is somewhat different; these variations make us unique in our genetic expressions, which impact the function of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each of these spiritual bodies are connected to a different Ray color spectrum based on your DNA history.
  • Our DNA’s entire historical record from all lifetimes and planets is also recorded in our blood, skin and bones.
  • The original DNA that created planet earth is from the Silicate Matrix, therefore coded into all lifeforms on the planet, no matter what their species.
  • DNA variations that do affect the function of the protein made from a gene are called mutations. Mutations can potentially change historical records in timelines through their ripple effect made in the Morphogenetic Field.[2]


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