State of Merkaba

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More earth inhabitants are entering the State of Merkaba building as a result of the Ascension Cycle and the shift to the next harmonic universe, that activates the fourth DNA layer frequencies. This means that the planetary body and the physical body is transmuting into less dense states of light by shifting the angle on which the particles have been rotating. Merkaba fields are pairs of electromagnetic fields based on the Law of Gender, which are male electrical spirals and female magnetic spirals that are counter rotating to each other and fully interwoven together. The counter rotating spirals of the merkaba fields act as the natural energy circulation system between the particle and anti-particle layers that exist within all of the timeline, and parallel universes in the entire time matrix, all the way to the Godhead. Merkaba Fields are actual consciousness traveling vehicles through which frequencies of electromagnetic current, such as Kundalini life force waves, circulate all of the energies and thus move in and out of dimensionalized manifestation.

Every single person has a merkaba field running male and female energies that is connected into their biology, which is critical for the expansion of consciousness and for circulating life force in the bodies so that they are energetically balanced and healthy. Through the merge of the male and female principles during spiritual Ascension and the result of progressive activation of the merkaba vehicle, the biology has the ability to enter the state of building the counter rotating spirals of the merkaba field. Building the Merkaba Vehicle allows for time travel or to skip forward into higher dimensions, and the first stages of experience for most ascending people will happen during their dreamscapes in sleep state. The ability to enter the state of merkaba is dependent on the relative balance between the male and female principle the person has achieved in their consciousness, informing us that the merkaba field and ascension travel vehicle is also fully governed by the Law of Gender.

The Diamond Sun body has 12 strand DNA which allows for multiple dimensional merkaba fields to activate in the biology, which changes the birth transduction record to be able to replenish the energy supply for the body. This means that as the merkaba spirals activate, the timeline of the birth record in the current identity actually shifts into a future timeline. The timeline in which an ascending consciousness identity was born in the third dimensional timelines, is actually shifting to another location. The diamond sun body has four large counter rotating spiral merkaba fields that connect into the biology that together form into a perfect elliptical sphere of light, which rearranges the core manifestation body into an eternal light grid.

Krystallah Merkaba Fields

The base twelve Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christ-Sophia are called Krystallah and they make up the instruction set for all merkaba fields within all the timelines and densities throughout the Universes. The twelfth dimensional merkaba field spiral is the Krystallah male principle that is generated on the outer fields by the internal Krystallah female principle spiral that is generated from the Aquamarine Holy Mother Arc principle in the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway is the Aqua Portal which opens the neutron window that leads into the Seven Higher Heavens through Andromeda. The Krystallah merkaba fields have a gender fin alignment that instructs the direction of the starting position for the rotational spin of the top and bottom merkaba spirals, for the male and female that build the Ascension Vehicle.

The twelve dimensional Avatar Christos intelligence sets the gender fin orientation of the Krystallah merkaba spiral and determines the alignment for the gender polarity spirals in every dimension. Think of the gender fin as the bottom and top tetrahedron that make up the six pointed merkaba star. There is a male principle Gender Fin (Tetrahedron) and female principle gender fin (Tetrahedron) that regulates the starting spin points of our merkaba spirals, and then starts to merge and unify them into sacred union or Hieros Gamos. When we communicate with our Avatar Christos-Sophia intelligence and build our 12D Shield, eventually we rebuild the mini merkaba spirals which start to align how our male and female internal energies will start to spin to help unify and build our merkaba vehicle. By uniting our inner male and female, undergoing the process of sacred marriage or hierogamic union and obeying the Law of Gender, the natural process of communication links with Christ Consciousness begin to build the merkaba fields.[1]


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