Synthetic Entities

From Ascension Glossary

There are many different types of Synthetic Entities which are mainly bodies which are used similar to an avatar body that is based on hierarchical rank or to perform certain functions. Although reptilians and militarized humans utilize ’artificial intelligence’ devices or organisms , the Orion Group Draconians as well as some NAA controlled humans have developed bio-synthetic or mechanical entities as EXTENSIONS of their activities. This is especially true with the bio-synthetic cybernetic creatures which the reptilians have created using cybernetics and biological organs stolen from animal and human mutilation victims.This is related to Alien Body Parts and the stealing of body parts from human beings.This is being developed into the mainstream as Transhumanism.

The synthetics are of many types, some of which are very ’human-like’ and which may be used as infiltrators. Others apparently look more like the EBE Grey Alien entities, yet are not reptilian instead a type of pre-fabbed molded entity form containing a ’sponge-like’ substance which permeates the interior. They may be the worst of all, as they are bio-genetic forms which are able to be inhabited or possessed by the Imposter Spirit, Fallen Angelic and other fallen races of extradimensional entities as containers enabling them to operate in the physical realm.

Alien Abduction

Many humans that have been abducted report that EBE entities appear to be drones designed to carry out certain tasks for higher ups, such as escort the abducted to the location where the medical or genetic examination will take place. Many times, the creature reported as a "grey alien" is a Biological Drone being used remotely for MILABS programs or other extradimensional Negative Alien genetic manipulation or Breeding Programs.


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