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Lightbody parts that are stolen from other human beings to power artificial devices such as Alien Machinery. Sometimes cultures are taken to replicate body parts or merge body parts to link into Alien Implants or other types of Battery Bodies. One such battery body that works like an energy holding tank is called Moloch.

These are actions of Service to Self orientated entities, known as Luciferian and Satanic forces of the Imposter Spirit that embody factions of the NAA. Many of these factions are active in forms of Blood Sacrifice on the earth. This may occur when a human being is killed in spiritually abusive or traumatizing ways, such as in SRA or as a martyr in the NAA violent religions war over God.

Fragile Mind is Fragile Lightbody

By controlling the mind and personality connected to a human body, the parasitic entity can access a weakened body and fragile mind to begin its goal of controlling the energies and direction of the Soul. When the extradimensional entity can control multiple millions of human minds in this way, (exerting control over the collective mind of humanity, therefore exerting control over the planetary body) the quantic yield and power from harnessing soul and other vital essences become a massive power source. So powerful that to lose this source as a controlling asset in the “E.T. investment portfolio”, creates aggressive warring conflicts between these intruding factions.[1]

Consumptive Modeling

Consumptive Modeling is the taking, stealing, superimposing upon or using of another's energetic resources or life force for one's personal use, personal gain or to build upon in the Law of Structure. This is also done through forms of intentional Black Magic. Usually this process is taking or stealing the energetic or other resources of a person or group so this action is hidden in deception, lies and manipulation. This is the core programming of the NAA, Archontic Deception Strategy.

Also, Consumptive Modeling is the consequence of the Negative Ego and the influence the NAA has had upon downloading their Predator Mind into the human race, since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion occurred over 5,500 years ago. This genetic damage to the planet manifested a finite energy supply and is defined by the Vesica Pisces geometry and its Bi-Wave Influences.


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