Targeting Technology Prayer

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Beloved Holy Presence of God, We call upon the Agents of Spiritual Healing, the highest God forces of energetic balance, coherence, sanity and health to request the presence of Gods eternal spirit, the highest expression of truth, protection and healing for people being directly impacted by targeting technologies designed to instigate harmful energies and pain. In our direct connection and love for God, and the Holy Spirit, we know that all things are made possible. Please be with our community, and all people directly needing your support now, please hold their hand, hold all of our group heart within yours, may we pray for our community members and all those impacted to be directly connected to healing spirits of Christ and to be renewed and healed in mind, body, heart and soul and spirit.

Please bring clarity to personal vision, and truth and transparency to any situation being confused with interference and manipulation signature, in so that all grief, suffering, pain and ancestral patterns, and their energetic results, that these confused and discordant energies can be released and healed, completely and totally, clarified in the highest eternal light of truth and dissolved in the Unconditional Love of God. Please give our community members the strength, power and endurance to move forward on the ascending path and spiritual mission that is uniquely theirs. Guide all of us towards improved health, sanity and clarity, and guide us with the wisdom to identify all healing sources that are to our healing benefit to align with our personal and collective divine purposes.

We call upon the Krystal forces, God forces to bless, and baptize us in so that our heart, soul and spirit may rise to experience directly Gods love, compassion and care.

May we focus Gods healing love and compassion for all of our community and towards all targeted persons to remain clear, awake, conscious and self-aware.

May we hold prayers for all those whom are feeling unwell, are sick or in pain, scared and confused at this time. We bless our community and all people reading this prayer to be an Agent of Healing for God, if they choose, and to be of Service to others to bring comfort and healing, as God would have it be. Holy Mother please bring comfort to those who need you most at this time, may the love, care and healing of the Holy Spirits and Cosmic Mother presence be with you now.

Peace be with your heart, Peace be with your Mind, Peace be with your Body, May all be with the Unconditional Love and Eternal light of God and Christ.


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