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There are intermediary Transit Stations on interdimensional planes with arrangements being made with other advanced star races to help support the shifting of the 3D and 4D collective levels of humanities vibrational consciousness on the earth. This is to support the necessary transition for both groups in physical 3D bodies and 4D Astral embodiments, especially once they have dropped their body on the earth in so to be able to move towards the next stage of their higher consciousness growth. Since we are in the Ascension Cycle, we are sharing a planetary holographic reality with a massive array of different spectrums of frequency and Consciousness levels. As a result, more alternatives are required to assist the levels of Collective Consciousness on the earth in so they can transit out of the 3D reality.

Rapid exposure to high frequencies are similar to the brain and nervous system being plugged into a socket with 1000 volts of wattage as the energetic current attempts to circuit in the electrical system of the human Lightbody. For a person that has not been prepared physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, to attune to rapidly escalating higher frequencies, this may have impacts to the body that can be devastating. This kind of high intensity spiritual-energetic activation, such as releasing Kundalini too quickly, can create Soul Fragmentation and mental body fragmentation when the Negative Ego and Pain Body has not been cleared or dismantled. The Guardians and those supporting the liberation of the earth through the Ascension process, do everything they can to minimize Fragmentation as this is already a massive problem for the people on the earth.

This is why various levels of stepped down realities that act as Transit Stations are being made available as contingencies. In order to accommodate the wide array of vibrational consciousness levels to the most safe spaces, the goal is to easily transit the person, earthbound souls or while in the death passage with the minimum of disruption or trauma. It is a spiritual fallacy to think when a person passes on that they are suddenly all knowing, wise or god omniscient. In the realms of the Lower Creation fields, such as the earth plane, whether a person is physically embodied or existing in the soul planes, when that person passes their body and their consciousness moves onto another plane, they take the consciousness vibration they have at that Station of Identity. Their overall aura vibration is based upon the quality of the genetic record that they are carrying from the accumulative energetic result of all of their actions, choices and experiences over time. The higher levels of consciousness are based upon the genetic integrity of the person, and the level of love and the light quotient they hold within their aura. If fear is the predominate vibrational quality of the aura, then the vibration of fear will become the total experience of the consciousness when the person passes their body. This is also true for addictions, as well as any other state of consciousness, we all take the consciousness that we have developed on to the next dimensional plane. This is why it is wise to prepare ourselves spiritually while on the earth in order to align to our highest possible expression when its our time to transit. [1]

12D Expands into Transit Gate

Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the Soul, Monad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages. At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. At certain times with our developed 12D Shield, it is possible we may help earthbound souls to transit out from the earth plane and be escorted to the Transit Stations, where they will undergo assistance and orientation.


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