Transtime Continuum

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Abbreviation is TTC.

The first section of the Triune is the Particle Universal Scale of Time, the second section of the Triune is the Anti-Particle Universal Scale of Time, the third section of the Triune is the Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time or the In-between Spaces. The opening in the Triune of Universes timelines is called the Transtime Continuum Convergence.

Triune Timelines accumulate as planet has access to their memories. There is 864 Timelines representing 864 Time Vector Codes for a total of accessing 1728 Christos Identities. This is the Personal Christ identities that connect into the Kunda-Ray of the Master Christos Collective Consciousness.

Soul and Monad

As we move into the Soul matrix, (4D-5D-6D) fears have less influence, and even less in the Monadic matrix, (7D-8D-9D). Now that the Transtime Continuum is opening our access into other timelines and dimensions that were not previously available to us, people who are starting to embody the monad may find themselves feeling deeply triggered. They may be dealing with new implicit-memory packets from other aspects of their identity, starting to be recollected and returned. Recently in the ES community there has been a group processing Lyran memories. If this happens, understand it for what it is. We are actually just hitting larger chunks of the traumatic memories from Timeline Trigger Events further out in the Timelines.[1]

Hyperborean Holocaust

With the latest transmission of Galactic Law, the planet is intersecting with the Hyperboreans timelines in the 7th dimension which are the original histories of humanities fall from the Edenic state. Aeonic Pairs are being taken out of the dimensional door of Transtime continuum (TTC) to experience the infinite space of God Worlds, to bring back that memory into this density. This disrupts the False King of Tyranny and the NAA Military timelines, their Looking Glass technology that has used soul capture technology to create clones, and process soul imaging on other synthetic timelines/dimensions. The seeds of this root race trauma in Hyperborea are used to enslave humanity in holocaust timelines, as evidenced by the Nordic Aliens manipulation and control of the Nazi regime with Hitler’s obsession with Hyperborea. Hyperborean is for some, a piece of monadic history connected in the northern areas of Scotland, and in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy. Reclaiming memories and clearing the pain of the Hyperboreans timelines may be productive now. [2]


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