Triple Goddess Formation

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The Mother of God principle exists in a trinity aspect, that is called the Triple Goddess Formation, as these stages of growth in creation are what unites us in the cycle of life through the alpha to omega, it is represented through her three main stages of evolution, first as the Maiden, next as the Mother, and finally as the Crone.

  • Maiden, the young, innocent, and often the virginal beauty. She is independent and idealistic, ready to take on the world and looking to the future possibilities, filled with all the promise of what can be. She is associated with youth, the time of coming of age, new beginnings, and the new moon and spring fertility festivals.
  • Mother, who is mature, experienced lover and often a parent to children. She is nurturing and protective, representing the selfless giving of oneself to sustain others. She is associated with family, children, domestic issues, growth, sexuality, the full moon, the summer (when she becomes pregnant) and winter (when she gives birth). [1]
  • Crone, who is the wise, guiding, respected elder, possibly a Grandmother of the trio. She is strong and pragmatic. She represents the "dark" side-- fears, decay, and destruction. Not that this makes her dark, rather, she's someone who guides us through some of the biggest challenges of life in her infinite wisdom. She's associated with changes and transformations, particularly the biggest transformation, death and rebirth).

Reversal Mother

The Reversal Mother is the anti-female collective consciousness of the Satanics, whose accumulated collective consciousness is harvested by the NAA to gain energetic power from the earth grid and from humanity by hijacking and raping the female and mother principle energies. Thus, in order to gain full access to siphon the planetary consciousness energies, as well as the human Soul, they have set up global Misogyny and Sexual Misery programs, that further spread the Satanic forces to take power and control on the earth. This is the Entropic system put in place in all Controller Pillars of Society in order that they can continue to hijack all aspects of the female consciousness in all of its permutations, such as the Fallen Goddess consciousness energies, which gives them access to the earth energies in order to achieve their total control and enslavement agenda of humanity.