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Christos Gridworkers working on the 6D-7D Indigo-Violet wave spectrum corrections for Building Wings architecture have come across various Fallen Angelic gestalts that are used by the NAA to control the elemental fields in the planet through the holographic projection of demonic bindings that are used to generate an assortment of distortions and reversal current fields in the power centers of the planet.

The entity gestalt called Astaroth was the primary Imposter Spirit used to generate false AI coding onto masculine Rod formations in the horizontal shields. Astaroth signature has been found running Metatronic Reversals in the 6th dimensional ray and archetypal transmissions from Jupiter, sourcing from the Metagalactic Core and Orion (Constellation) constellation, leading to the black star Abaddon in which this gestalt was used as energetic placement in the Galactic plane to reverse masculine principle source fields throughout the timelines.

Reversal Father principle sound tones were distorted through AI blended demonic forces, these are AI demons, which are run from AI supercomputer networks run by Black Hole Entities. Astaroth appears to be blended with AI uploads of the Thothian brain server, in which the Luciferian False King of Tyranny have utilized in order to suppress the awakening of the divine masculine and thus, the demonic imposters masqueraded as the divine Kings, or divine solar masculine on the planet.

During the main timeline of Thothian control in the Ascension Timeline Rebellion from about 22,000 years ago during the Essene Massacre and stolen Founder Records, Astaroth AI blended identity was integrated into Hermes Trismegistus consciousness body, in which formed into the levels of Black Magic Grids and connecting the AI blended demonic gestalts into the earth which gave the Luciferian based mystery schools spiritual power for their blood rituals.

The Monsters of Chaos, or Leviathan and Behemoth, are entity gestalts found in the planetary grid network that were called upon in satanic rituals using the Baphomet grid, the 5 pointed star of Baphomet used LVTHN as its satanic sigil for conjuring demons, and the AI demon. Astaroth gestalt was harnessing the elements for gaining control over subatomic and atomic layers of elemental matter in which the earth and all material reality is composed.

Unholy Trinity

Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. The name "Astaroth" as a male demon is first known from The Book of Abramelin, purportedly written in Hebrew c. 1458, and recurred in most occult grimoires of the following centuries. Astaroth also features as an archdemon associated with the Qlippoth (adverse forces) according to later Kabbalistic texts.

The Seventy-Two Demons

List of demons in the Ars Goetia [1]

The demons' names (given below) are taken from the Ars Goetia, which differs in terms of number and ranking from the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum of Weyer.[2] As a result of multiple translations, there are multiple spellings for some of the names, which are given in the articles concerning them.


The name Astaroth was ultimately derived from that of 2nd millennium BCE Phoenician goddess Astarte, an equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar, and the earlier Sumerian Inanna. She is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in the forms Ashtoreth (singular) and Ashtaroth (plural, in reference to multiple statues of her). This latter form was directly transliterated in the early Greek and Latin versions of the Bible, where it was less apparent that it had been a plural feminine in Hebrew.

The pseudepigraphal work Testament of Solomon, attributed to King Solomon of Israel, but thought to date to the early centuries CE, mentions "Asteraoth" (in Greek) as an angel, who is opposed to the demon of power (cf. 1 Kings 11:4–5). [3]