Upgrade Monadic Biocomputer Lotus Points

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Ascension Meditation - April 2020

Upgrade Monadic Biocomputer Lotus Points

In this mediation we will intend to update or activate our inner lightbody monadic biocomputer flame access points or Lotus Points to run correct sequences for embodying new upgraded elemental forces as well as supporting new axiatonal line formats for running the krystal ray correspondences from the Seven Higher Heavens, or Aqualasha. In your inner vision as you're seeing an exact replica of yourself standing directly in front of you with your right hand imagine that you have a flashlight that can send a incredibly bright light source in a smaller focused area that you are looking at while under the bright light. Raise your hand and turn on that flashlight and let the white light fully run over your entire body.

As the etheric body stands in front of you and you're using your flashlight I want you to ask your body to show you where the lotus points are located, especially as we name them out through the activation stage. While we are working on the lotus points, we will go through each section and group them in pairs – each lotus point has a right side and left side male female companion. When we begin the tapping process with your three middle fingers, intend to place the focused light source, like a direct flashlight on top of the two centers of the Flame Access points as you are tapping the area physically.

We will be tapping each lotus point in a series of taps of which you can choose for this mediation and future meditations for activation of the Flame Access Point circuitry that unifies the etheric body template with the physical body from the monadic biocomputer matrix in the Lightbody.

It may be helpful to study the Flame access point chart before starting to work with this clearing mediation. Please follow your inner guidance. (52:38 Minutes)

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