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The name and signature of the Vatican is based upon the Etruscan civilization’s goddess of the underworld, Vatika. The word Vaticanus means Dragon in the Etruscan language. The Etruscans settled in a region of northern Italy known as Etruria, before the rise of Rome and the Church of Rome was established. Thus, the 5D Stargate area of the Vatican was claimed by the Black Suns during the process of infiltration and invasion, as previously this was an important area of Mother of Dragons and Goddess worship of the Celtic Church. Thus, many of us will live to witness the destruction of the power behind the Vatican as the great imposter of the Mother’s holiest of holies, and know of the Fall of Rome during this disclosure phase. The Vatican is built upon centuries of Goddess worship which has historically acted as the proxy for the Black Sun and invading groups for hiding their mass crimes against humanity, such as global Human Trafficking and Child Sacrifice.[1]


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