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Transcript: I am Lisa Renee and we will be beginning our session in a vow release. The counsels have basically given some guidance in opening our session as we move into uncharted territory and are really endeavoring to speak about these things and go where no man has gone before. It is really also important for us to clear the Negative Form and to clear fears that are created by our imprints of separation. These were schisms at the soul level when we came into density, that were really a source causation of creating various fears that manifested for us emotionally.

As you feel guided I'm going to take us through a declaration of power as well as a vow and agreement release. So again, do what feels comfortable for you, but I would suggest the most powerful is definitely to say it in your own voice and say it with conviction. If you're not able to do that because there is family nearby and you don't feel comfortable, you can always listen to the recording later and do it then. At this time I'm going to lead us through a vow release agreement and as you feel guided please indicate this out loud in your own voice. I'm going to mute us all so we can do that without having that interruption.


In deep love and gratitude as we open this space I'm going to call in the Guardians, the Sirian councils, the Starseed identity matrix, those in service to our beloved family. As we create the diamond flame purity and the platinum Christ energies we open this vortex, they are taking it horizontal. Okay, time vector horizontal, encompassing this space in the union of Oneness and truth. We call upon all those in service to each one of us individually and collectively in the divine pattern and union of wholeness, oneness and truth. We call upon our Beloveds and the Guardians serving the Law of One.

As we go through this repeat after me as you feel guided.

I address my greater God-Self for final release and disposition. Please witness my declaration of power.

I resend and release any and all vows, agreements or contracts I have taken, that anyone in this body has taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to vows of illusion, separation, disharmony or polarity.

Remove and clear all victim-perpetrator archetypes now.

Remove and clear all negative implants, mind control devices, scalar tags, negative alien implants and negative force, any kind known or unknown to me.

Remove me permanently from the Phantom Earth matrix, the Earth frequency fence and its distorted grid.

Remove me permanently from the negative form.

I now declare these vows and contracts null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time, through the parallel realities, the parallel universes, through all alternate realities and alternate universes, through all planetary systems, source systems, all dimensions and the void.

God-Self, please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows or agreements now.

I claim my divine inheritance. I claim myself Sovereign God power now. I choose the pattern of perfection now.

I am free now I am free now I am free now

Beloveds, thank you.

I harmonize and hold this space in the name of oneself God-Self as witness to One. I seal this into the light of union and wholeness, in service to the one self. Please take this through the outer levels of the mind grid, DNA, karmic contract, core soul level and beyond, from beyond the moment of self to beyond and to the earth.

We annihilate the negative that moment of self, past, present, future and through all timelines. As we clear and take this through the morphogenetic field and subtle energy systems, through all components of the being fully, completely, totally and permanently, as well as through the group entity fully, completely, totally and permanently.

Anchor, lock and seal through the hologram. Anchor, lock and seal through the time matrix.

Okay beloved ones, a few affirmations of your power in this moment as we fully release all the past and simultaneous time. Please repeat after me as you feel so guided:

I am the ascension in the light. I am the truth the way and the light. I am the open door, which no man can shut. I am divine perfection made manifest now. I am the power, master and cause of my reality. I am the embodiment of divine love in action. I am one self, united with my creator. I am the light of the world. I am that I am.

And so it is.

Beloveds, anchor, lock and seal through the hologram. Thank you.[1]


  1. [PSD Class 2 2007]

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