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The Zeta Seal is located in the Astral Plane layers of the heart complex to block activation of the 4th DNA strand which blocks access to the Mentor Fields (first layer of the higher self mind) in the 5th dimension. Essentially it is the 4D frequency fence placed in the human body to keep the human soul reincarnating in the Astral Plane under the control of the NAA during the death process. It creates a multitude of blockages that separate the heart sensory abilities from being recognized by the mental body or conscious mind. (See Alien Implants)[1]

Tracking Profile

To memorialize and bring into transparency with compassionate witnessing more information about Zeta Seals in the heart chakra that create scrambling between the heart transmission and brain receiver, the historical military links, as well as, connections to Grey Alien or MILAB abduction.

Recently, events have opened up timelines related to Zeta Seals and 4D implants that block the heart organ for its capability to access its multidimensional layers in the heart complex and the etheric nadis - which is the blueprint for the CNS and brain receiver. Zeta Seals are also related to the military industrial complex timelines, these seals are on the first layer of the heart chakra which puts a barrier between the heart and the mental body transmission - it is a type of Splitter Tech that scrambles the communication between the heart transmission and the brain receiver. When this is implanted, the person cannot feel much as "energy" in the environment, and it appears to be reinforced or strengthened when entering military service. This Grey technology is sprayed/injected in many military related areas, ceremonies or any kind of military exposure. There is a lot of this splitter tech and the Zeta Seal still operating in the 3D public.[2]

Clearing Zeta Seal Distortions

Transcript - The brain needs to be tuned to the heart resonance, again through the process of development where it's all about heart brain attunement - our heart becomes our brain. Our physical brain now is just a receiver, our heart is our brain in in the later stages of spiritual development, but to stop this from occurring in people, this gatekeeper is put there to place a seal on this layer and this is relevant to us now so that we understand this is something that's happening in the larger pattern of planet, that is impacting more people on the planet. We may see this in our environment, our clients, facilitators, or keep this in mind that the clearing between the barrier, or the seal that is placed on the Astral heart, the fourth dimensional layer, and to make sure that seal is not there because the goal is to synchronize the heart with the frequencies that the brain can actually receive through the neurological system.

So again this is an attunement of the neurological system, a clearing of the neurological system, and one of the ways you can do that in meditation is Krystal Star Algorithms. When you say Universal Harmonics speaking to the Aurora or Krystal Star, to run Krystal Star algorithm through your nervous system it's like a reset, or if you like the Universal Harmonic pattern as well as the same. It's like running rainbow frequencies through the Axatonial lines to reset areas of the Axiatonial that impact the neurological, again the Etheric Nadis, because as we know, there's a chain of events in how this goes from Godhead, Avatar, to the Monad, okay now we get into the Soul body which is literally the heart, and the heart is the place that has all of the energetic receivers that send the heart message to the rest of the body.

This seal that we're looking at in the instruction set, is something to interfere with our communication so that the heart cannot flower and send its communication in the way that the nervous system and the Brain can process it. But what I really feel emphasis on is nervous system - this is about flushing out the central nervous system, the Etheric Nadial blueprints of the nervous system, to run Krystal Star Algorithms, or Christ frequencies.

Again it's something to maybe ponder or sit with if it's relative to you or or to people around you, if you happen to notice it, because this thing that were looking at specifically is affecting humans around us and it is a seal on the first chamber of the heart which creates a stop in the heart so they can't go deeper. It's like saying it's on the outside layer of the heart, and the person doesn't realize the heart opens up even more. It's got multiple chambers to it. So this is something that is designed to interfere with the multiple chambers of the heart opening and the spirit and consciousness being able to send the frequency, the intelligence, the information of the spirit of that individual to the Soul, to the heart body, the Heart Complex which is trying to coherently receive this information and be a messenger to the rest of the body parts. We see this as the linking between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual layers. This is something that interferes with layers coming into communication with each other, it's something that interferes with the transmission frequencies that come from the heart that can be processed by the nervous system and then the brain. And I really see this as a two-step process - it's like nervous system – brain. It's like the heart is sending out from the initial contact, there is this little thread of contact that is coming from the spiritual intelligence of that person, and spirit is trying to open the heart in the person and when the spirit is trying to open the heart in the body in order to embody within that being because this is their higher self, this layer is there, this seal is there that doesn't allow the spirit to embody. I really feel it as a repelling force. It's something that repels the spirit, it's something that was put there to do that, to repel the transmission of the spirit of the being from really being embodied, really connecting to the heart of that person, so it's an interference, it's a seal, a type of insert.

There is something called a Zeta Seal that is a fourth dimensional implant, but this feels like something that is a construct. This is a byproduct of the construct of the artificial webbing and all of the intelligence, artificial intelligence that was put in the Astral body. So it's I think understanding the function of it, what it's doing, what it is designed to do, gives us the tools to dismantle it or to become aware of it in people around us that may have limitations in their Awakening or there's patterns that they can't get through.[3]


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