9D Insectoid Wesadrac Structures, Clearing False Dragon

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Themes: session collaboration with Great White Lion family, following verticle from Asia to Arizona, taking out 9D Insectoid Wesadrac Structures, Clearing False Dragon structures from Spanner Gate, pylon network running Armageddon programs of cataclysm, ninth dimensional clearing of Asian lineages beings records languages, False Dragon Grid running reversals into Great White Lion system, Lightbody repair after capture and release of trigger event)

Opening: As we are memorializing our session today, we set the intention of our container. Beloved God please open all channels of light again that which is the living light source, through every cell, every pore, through every fiber of the bodies fully aligned to that which is the living light and eternal code of God. Beloveds as we set our intention through the group unit vow, we ask our collective container, our session here today to be dedicated and consecrated to the purposes God, the purposes of One. We ask that our beloved families our defenders of truth, sovereignty and liberation, our Guardians and the Krystal Matrix keepers and those that are in, like an Oraphim or Starseed identity matrix, a new level of that family connection and exchange from the masculine and feminine principles that have been showing a new level of support for our community projects. Beloveds, thank you so much.

We ask to update our template both individual and collective to be renewed and forever perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. Thank you for your gatekeeping holding our community our mission and mutual God purpose, in service to the living light code. Our intention is unification through the crystal principal, as we request a deeper handshake to fortify our spiritual links and communications into the core of one, the zero point God matrix. We ask beloved God to breathe the living light code into all created form, and as we state our mutual purpose as one, please resurrect any and all inorganic pattern to the organic living light now. And to that was say beloveds, thank you, thank you thank you.

Guardians of the 12 pillars

Okay it feels like a little bit of cleanup residue on you. Okay in the moment, again I’m feeling some Guardian pillars, what I'm getting is Guardians of the 12 pillars. This is a station of Aurora, I don't really know what I’m saying but I’m looking at it. What they're showing me is changes and adjustments in magnetic fields of the grids between Tucson, Scottsdale and Phoenix. And this area of Arizona seems to be somewhat of a hotbed of activity of late. I'm seeing that the residue of these particular changes can create fatigue and discombobulations in our own particular energy fields. I'm feeling whether it was recent traveling or this particular area of the grid of the planet right now, which has relevance to your location. There is some, I'm seeing some spinning out fields, and a miodic diodic point. This is where those intersects within the planetary grids are, and as well as where our own axiatonal lines and meridian systems intersect. Those interfaces and intersections between our body and how this interfaces with earth seals, miodic diodic grids, earth seals, diagonal grids.

What I am looking at is unusual, because I'm seeing the Guardians of the 12 pillars, it's like looking at 12 humongous sonic pillars. I can see the Aurora signature on it and in those areas they are building a triad. So through us here today as we hold this space we ask all that is needed and necessary in order of priority, through that which is opening the handshake of living light code. Beloveds guardians, beloved families we ask as we open this vortex in that which is in full alignment and consecrated to the purposes of God through the Guardians of the 12 pillars. Ok they are giving me their signature of a white lion, which is very interesting. So I'm seeing a white lion heart, I'm seeing the white lion and lion face. I know that this is coming from that lineage of Elohim White Lion this is a reestablishing or a consecration of taking over and claiming this particular grid system.

Dismantling Alien Structure in Arizona

What I’m seeing is...oh God. Okay, something within the Scottsdale Phoenix area looks very black, there's a dismantling of a structure. Okay sweetie I know this sounds very far out, but this is something you've been working on or is in your cellular memory. So again when we connect at this level what this is showing me, is this is a part of something that an aspect of you has been working with. And as well is feeling the heaviness and residue from. So I'm seeing this is a planetary grid connection, it is to this particular area of the geographic location of the planet. They are showing me this has everything to do with the vertical, the guardians of the verticals that connect into the 12 Guardian pillars. And I’m seeing the Aurora energies that are kind of anchoring the structure and then the beings that are doing the facilitation work, are the feline members of the Elohim.

They're the ones that guard or have built the Great White Lion Grid. Understanding that the projection of these pylon networks on the planet are literally understanding they are the projection of the mental body of these higher levels of consciousness. So when we look at something like the Golden Eagle grid or the Great White Lion system, this is a projection of a part of that consciousness onto the planet.

So again the Great White Lion is a Guardian system that is a part of the Elohim and Lyra and Sirius. The Sirian Lyrans were a part of the original creation of the prototype of the Christ unity field intelligence. What they are showing me is that when we understand this as a Guardian network, it is a 12 code pulse network. What they're doing is there is something activating and the 12 vertical axiatonal lines that have to do with recoding 12 code base pulse in this area. I’m feeling some kind of cataclysm. I’m feeling that this is for whatever reason, a network that we have been, it feels like an assignment.

War Over Spanner Gate

Okay, someone is saying war on Spanner Gate. One of the major pillars in that particular area, which has been in a conflict over control, is in the Mesa Yuma area. Scottsdale has become a stronghold where certain energies are being held together, in something that looks like a phantom matrix reversal net system. I’m seeing black structures be pulled out of the Scottsdale Phoenix area. If I'm looking at the map and I’m looking at Phoenix, a little bit north of Phoenix, is what appears to be some kind of vortex or exchange or time portal. Because I’m seeing that this is an axis where lots of different energies, entities, ships, and we know the Phoenix lights and all that, this is a very active area with extra-terrestrial activity.

The concern of the Guardians at this particular time is cataclysmic energy, which means disruption in the plate structures or in the crust of the earth at some level in that area. I don't know if there is a fault line, but for some reason this gate is important. In the moment I feel like we are, okay they are showing me this goes all the way into Sphinx Portal. Oh wow. Okay this has something to do with as well the entire network of the Great White Lion. I think from the Guardian understanding the Sphinx is the lion that face that is on the Sphinx was a lion and then it was replaced with one of the pharaoh's heads or something like that. But that actually was a monument that was connected to the Elohim feline Anuhazi. Ok they are showing me Anuhazi in Arizona, Anuhazi in the Great White Lion network, Anuhazi in the Sphinx Network.

This was an original monument that was created by the Anuhazi founders. And at this time the lion design, was chosen to be placed as a marker on that part of the planet. It was a marker as well of the Annunaki races being given the gate keeping functions. And this seems to be what we are looking at we are going into some point of the histories that are coming through, of the galactic timelines that are impacting us at various levels. The seed of the events of conflict, because again understanding the hybridization of the Annunaki is the Nephilim, and the Annunaki obviously were the fourth dimensional gatekeepers that kind of went awry. The sort of defacing if you will of taking the head of the lion off the Sphinx was marking their refusal if you will, to cooperate with bringing I guess we could say, that agenda of the Christ consciousness, in humanoid forms and the process of human evolution.

I guess we could say this is one of the seed events of humanities right, as a 12 stranded DNA being, able to fulfill it's destiny as it was created and the conflicts arising around that. So we are looking at holographic memories this seems to be a continuation of my work on Friday, which was showing me pieces of Nephilim holographic inserts that had both been a part of cellular memories and distortions, and corrupted what's know as those insert programs. And knowing that the Nephilim energy had corrupted the Archangel matrix, which is a part of again the control systems that they work and use at this particular time. What we're being asked to do is to command the dominion of the space in the Great White Lion and that, which is in service to that which is God, and the founders of the Lyran Sirian network.

Stargate 9 in Tibet

It seems that there is a genetic or spiritual lineage between us that allows us to do this, and as I’m following the outline, it's basically like I’m looking at the network and observing it through this level of watcher. And through this level of watcher moving through the recoding of the layers into that which is 12 code pulse. The particular area that seems to be important in our particular genetic material is the Stargate nine area of Tibet. I’m looking at a vertical movement from China, to Tibet, to Giza, to the center of North America. It's almost like if I’m looking at the lion, like looking at the Sphinx paws and looking at the Great White Lion Grid as if it's the Sphinx. It's in the same position, it's paws are outstretched and it's got a long torso, and I’m in the middle of the torso. From China to Tibet, goes straight into Iran, Giza is just a little bit like I'm seeing a network that goes into Giza, and then if you keep going straight you end up right through the lower part of Dulce, New Mexico, into Arizona, that whole area that goes center and vertical.

Okay so in focusing on this we ask that all that is needed and necessary to be released of the density and the removal as we command the space, that which is fully in alignment to the 12 code pulse and that which serves crystal field realignments. We ask that the realignments are consecrated to that which is the Great White Lion Guardian systems, which are commanded in the space and authority of God, in the space and an authority of the Krystal Christ consciousness. And we ask that all that is needed and necessary to release residue, imprints, fragments, enslavements and those energies or beings from each and every lineage.

Okay this is your lineage now beings from the center of the vertical, holding that line again within this grid coming through China and Tibet. Okay this is galactic histories and archetypes through the various lineages that you've been holding. I think they are giving us some information that has come up in other sessions. They kept saying something like you're here to integrate the various Asian or eastern types of philosophies and that many of these connections that you have made through various Indian types of lineages, through your exploration of your own personal path of divinity and connecting into these various levels of understandings, philosophies, modalities.

What I’m seeing is that there has been a completion on several different levels that have been synthesized within Chinese, Tibetan, Buddhist. Again it's China grid, China grid, they keep showing me the Dragon lineages over there. Okay they are saying these are the False Dragon lineages that got corrupted and became running on reversal energies. What they call Dragon Grid or whatever that occupation was at that level of the planet. Again I’m understanding that this Dragon Grid in China and Tibet is running a tremendous amount of reversal energies into the planetary Templar and into the Great White Lion grid, this is what were looking at.

So it's like we are intercepting a line, I am not sure what axiatonal or vertical line this is, but again it is like in the middle of this grid. This whole pylon network that comes from China and all the way into North America, I'm looking at that grid and there are energies, beings, entities. It's like I’m looking at it from the universal level, I can't even explain what I’m looking at. It's like multiple glasses, lenses optic lenses, I’m looking through several lenses of an aperture. And as I’m looking at these lenses I’m seeing the various layers and levels, there are these ceilings there are these glass ceilings if you will. And in between the glass ceilings there are these beings and they are trapped inside. It's like there is a glass floor and a glass ceiling and it's multiple layers, multiple layers. And it looks like Plexiglas, but I’m looking through it and I can see it from the top layer. And as I'm looking down I can see like floors. It's like I'm looking at a skyscraper from the top vantage point looking down and seeing every floor in the skyscraper, where there are people existing or energy and souls, consciousness existing at multiple levels of each of these floors. Okay at one particular floor level I’m tracing this to your particular bloodline lineage and connection. And again this has relevance to Tibet, it has relevance to China, it has relevance to Sanskrit. I'm seeing Sanskrit energies and some language is now coming through this.

Language Coding Released

Okay this is releasing from you. Okay this is coding releasing from you this is like a birthing if you will. Because it's like an embodiment that you had been holding, a part of your teaching and being in connection with these particular levels of modalities whether they were Asian or acupuncture. What it was doing, is it was keeping alive in the cellular memory in the DNA certain codings that were a part of the element of embodiment of gatekeeping certain levels of coding material. Because I can see this is coming from you, it's coming from within your body, it is your body it's a part of your consciousness. It's a part of who and what you are at the core level. And looking at this is tremendous amounts of energies that look like anything between hieroglyphics to Egyptian coding to cuneiform from Sumerian tablets to levels of language that's coming from Asian dialects. What I'm seeing is a lot of different languages, a lot of different pictures and these are integrations of language that have been held in your embodiment as a part of your completion and that which you are here to release as well.

Beloveds again all that is in support to again release any of the shadow fragments or energies from any of the reversal coding of the False Dragon or Asian Grids. Again the consciousness the beings the energies, which are trapped or within that space which are a part of the original covenant of this being too clear heal and release. We ask the Guardians of the 12 pillars and those of our beloved Great White Lion, Lyran Sirian Anuhazi lineages to assist in the rehabilitation and release. Allowing each and every being, entity and fragment both human and nonhuman to be fully connected to that which is the trans-harmonic density and gateways, which allow 13th Gate bio-circuitry. Again as we hold beloveds the 13th Gate bio-circuitry we ask that any and every being be fully dispensed and allowed into that which is in the covenant of God, the sovereign freedom of that which is the grace of the Cosmic Sovereign Law.

Beloveds we command the sovereign freedom through the Cosmic Sovereign Law to the Great White Lion and Guardian systems. Beloved Anuhazis and our Lyran Sirian beloved friends, we ask that each and every entity and being be fully released in the sovereign freedom of God, which we fully represent. Command in the dominion and space through every line and space of this pylon implanted network system, in this particular issue of spanner gate, Giza gate, Tibetan Gate through the Asian grids. We ask that all of the strongholds of the reversals on Dragon, Falcon and those, which are rendered fully inoperable through the reversal code. We command the planetary shields of phantom to be fully brought into 12 code pulse. And we ask that each and every link of the earth's planetary shield to be aligned in that which is in harmony. Support in harmonization of these areas, we ask to apply the pestilence program, clearing reversal of all Armageddon programs within the grid systems.

Deactivate Triggers to Spanner Gate

Okay in Spanner Gate in the Arizona area there is a system of pylon networks that is re-flexing reversal code, to activate Armageddon scenario program. Okay show us where to access this and deactivate any and all trigger events? What I'm feeling is suppressions or energies, which have been siphoned or used, bound to service in this particular structure of agenda. We're in Mesa or Phoenix area over there, in Spanner Gate area. Okay I feel like what is happening here is we are the eyes and ears and nose that allows the aperture of that awareness and opening, to become visible to the Guardians. I feel that there is a cleaning out I’m seeing just total smoke. Structures that look insectoid I’m seeing silver like rods and bizarre like arachnid structures coming out of Spanner Gate in Arizona and Scottsdale. Jeez. These look like some kind of feeding or nesting I don't know what the hell this is, but they are obviously taking it out of the area. Okay, thank you.

Okay, now back to you. The Earth seal in the body needs to be redirected. Please again each of the ninth dimensional frequencies that connect to the eighth dimensional earthstar seal we ask for the phase alignment that allow for each of these harmonics and the chakra centers and the axiatonal lines to be patterned in the personal shield. Realign and activate corresponding axiatonal lines and into the body region, both planetary and personal. Again with the incarnation and that which is this being in this time and space, phase alignment.

Okay it's like the 12th chakra 6 inches beneath the feet got knocked over. I’m looking at your 12th chakra and its 2 feet outside of you, on the right. I don't know what it's doing over there but I know it's not supposed to be there. So earthstar seal and alignment of the body, we ask again that the matrix of the bodies be fully organically aligned to that which is the crystal code and proportions of the phasing of that code, which bring optimal alignment. Okay what they are showing me is that you were holding a space in this area that was about harmonizing the grid. Whatever this is, it is a classic cataclysmic energy. What this was is something that is either designed organically are not organically, as an artificial system to create a surface cataclysm. This would mean earthquake.

What I’m seeing is the kind of earthquake where the earth opens up. Like there are earthquakes that role, this isn't a rolling earthquake. It's one of those that like jumps up and down because it makes holes in the earth. This is one of the more dangerous ones, where the loss of life can be severe. Because the rolling ones don't create as much damage, the jumping ones that move up and down I guess they open fishers in the earth's crust. And these fissures open up similar to like a grand canyon or something. It's really weird because I’m seeing a relationship to that canyon as well, as one of the fissures from this type of movement within the iron core, or the molten lava from the core of the earth. This area of the earth and its geophysical properties of the mineralization and the earth grid here has some destabilization from these particular affects.

Surface Environmental Harmonization

And what the Guardians are attempting to do within this area is specific to the recent conflicts that have happened within the Spanner Gate systems and the ET activities within Mesa and Phoenix, is to stabilize this area. Which clearly was moving out some kind of architectural structure in the hologram that looked insectoid, as well as some kind a system of reversal currently that is about activating Armageddon Software. The Armageddon energies that are a part of again the reversal coding in the pylon networks. So our Great White Lion families are here to again support us with that. In bringing a smoothing and a harmonization to this particular area, and as well the destabilization of the structure, because you were holding this as a part of who and what you are.

In understanding that those of us that are starseeded and Indigo, at certain levels of our spiritual development we interface with the planet at this level. This is, I want to make this very clear this has nothing to do with the Guardians making us do anything. There has been a miscommunication about what that is. It's understanding that the actual inherent creational blueprint of who and what we are is designed to interface with the planet in this way. So whether we are communicating with the guardians or are not communicating with the guardians, our bodies at a certain level of spiritual expansion and development will be interfacing with the planet earth at this level. Because that is who and what our original design and agreement is with this earth. So it's important to understand our projects are not independent of our particular agreements at a conscious mind level, to work with the Guardians. The issue is, is as we work with them and we build the handshake hub of our communication with our families, our jobs and our understanding of our jobs in our embodiments become actually much easier. Because we have a context and communication hub through which they can support us at this level, in ways that we would not otherwise understand.

But our body, regardless of whether we are in context with communication or not, is going to be taking part in the movement of planetary fields and grids because it is our design. So what I’m seeing is that they are arranging the 12 Tree Grid proportion and the monadic staff of your Hara Line, to be back in phase alignment. It's like what I was seeing is very much like a destabilization of your body holding an energy that was definitely difficult to hold. And the bottom of your what's known as your earth star, that which connects to the earth it's about 6 inches beneath your feet, into the foot chakras. That ball of your connection and your Hara Line was split off, and about 2 feet off to your right. And what they are showing me is this is the destruction of what is happening on in that area. Your body is feeling the shifts of the crust of the earth in that particular area, and that this was being caused by some kind of we could say a warring going on within the Spanner Gate area, around Phoenix and Mesa. And Scottsdale is a stronghold of the area and these are the areas that they are attempting to move out at a certain dimension. I don't know where we are, ninth.

Okay were at ninth dimensional level, again what we're looking at is certain architectural structures. I have not seen this before so I don't know exactly what this is but it's some kind, I can tell it is insectoid, I can tell it's arachnid. I can hear Wesadrac in my ear in the background, it's like someone is trying to give me a reference to understand what this structure is. But I do know this is not Annunaki this is some kind of insectoid mutation something, that's coming in from ninth dimension into that area. And again the opening of Spanner Gate in that area creates both events. It creates the opportunity that allows us to extend beyond this universal creation and into the connection of our families, as well as opens us at times to potential vulnerabilities. To beings and entities that have not been in this particular system and start to impose their particular agendas or whatever they're trying to do, to take part in taking a piece of something.

Phase Align Lightbody

So again the organic level of the body, I just want to make sure your Hara and Kundalini lines that move all the way down and into that level are fully balanced, phase aligned and restructured into the core morphogenetic repatterning of the electrontonal program of the Christ - 12:12. The perfection that allows the body the optimum physical energetics and through all layers of the body, to be fully in balances within diodic points and chakras, within the energetic parts of the higher spiritual anatomy. Okay, in the core I can feel the nauseous-ness myself. So I want to make sure your stillpoint area, what it felt like is a rumbling at the bottom of your feet that kind of disrupted your lower half. Phase alignment of each of these areas to be in perfect balance.

It's like the 10th dimensional crystal seal that's in the chakra where the Hara Line connects into the earth core is associated with the 9th 10th 12th and 13th dimensional frequencies that come in. So I’m seeing they are doing something in your earthcore seal, and that's what was off. It feels like your body, like something just came and knocked you over at that level, because of what's going on on the earth's surface. Okay, each of where the personal and planetary levels interface and connect, please performing 12-12-12 alignment that brings balance to each of the interface systems that connect into what feels to be the Avatar Matrix of the body.

Lotus Sphere, 13.5 Frequency

Okay there is something about, they want me to...I'm look at something called a miodic crystal. This is a 13.5 frequency in the radial field matrix, that creates a part of the crystal body they call the lotus sphere.

As we look at the lotus sphere that is aligned with the atomic units of the monad, to come in and strengthen the shield and transmit the clusters of those particular energies. To bring atomic manifestation and atmic expression fully aligned within the miodic crystal grids and the miodic crystal body alignments for the bodies here and now. Each of these sort of formula of structures that come in within 24 layers, 24 shield notes, that support the miodic crystal grid of the body. And the internal 12 tree grid is now aligning with the miodic crystal body. Okay a spinning, they are showing me like when we understand there are certain spins of the bodies. In the spin-points like how fast they spin at certain clockwise and counterclockwise relationships. There is an alignment of your atmic current and how the atmic current comes into a merkaba spiral, into your crystal body.

I’m seeing they put like some nodes and are strengthening some nodes that allow on the shield to be strengthened in the miodic crystal grid of the this part of the body. It feels like it is again something that strengthens your physical being and self structurally. And I'm seeing that it strengthens the nadial body, it strengthens the nadial lines where they form and come out. And there are spin points that are being calibrated. Nesting clusters of the 12 tree grid are being built and it's really interesting. It's like center to right to left to right to left. I’m seeing clusters of the little fractal pieces of the 12 tree grid being structurally, it's really interesting it looks like legos that plug into each other. This has something to do with crystal body, crystal body alignment. But what it feels like, as I am looking at this and I am observing what the guardians are doing, they are strengthening your nadis lines. Because I’m seeing that whatever happened on the earth grid in that area, was damaging to parts of the body.

How Cataclysmic type of Event is Seeded

So this is the first time I've ever seen it like this. I never really thought of it this way, it's like if there is a massive, it would be similar to Haiti or something. When there is a massive earthquake or something that disrupts on the surface of the earth, it's almost like a crack in our bodies also happens. Especially if we are in the epicenter point, so it's like seeing that. This is really unusual because I’ve not ever seen any like this before, so I feel like this is a learning curve and an experience that we're are being given. But it's almost as if an earthquake happened. It's like what I’m seeing in your body is a capture, of a future time in which a devastating cataclysm occurred. And it's like I’m seeing this in a future timeline, that's rather close not far. Meaning a future possibility that is captured in your body as a cataclysmic type of event is seeded.

So it means there is a trigger event, there's a seed event, something happens and it creates chain reactions that then create some kind of cataclysm like an earthquake, some kind of devastating earthquake energy. And the devastation of that, I can see the capture of it in your body. But it never happened, so it's really weird. It's like the body captured the future timeline and held it. And now it's being released from your body, so that it's not going to happen.

That's basically what I’m seeing here and I think this is helping us to understand a new level of how we harmonize the surface and the earth. When they say that when we run our shields when we run 12D energy and this 13 Gate bio-circuitry that's starting to come in, and more of us are starting to work with that ray quality, this then harmonizes the space. But I think what we're getting at this particular instance, which also gives us insight into our role and the capacity of what our light bodies are able to do. Is literally, okay if there is a timeline and that timeline is a future timeline. And it's created on a series of probabilities and events that are leading to a particular event that then triggers several other events.

Trigger Events

Up until this point on this planet most human beings are very easily controlled and swayed into certain vibrations at the mass levels that literally create Trigger Events. When they get enough of us, because they are constantly manipulating the fields in terms of the consciousness fields. When the consciousness reaches certain levels where it is cooperating with these trigger events it then is being led into creating probable events in the future through these timelines that are like the path of least resistance. The reason why they are the path of least resistance is because they've been placed in the field for so long, and humans have been programmed into believing these false structures for so long, that we just kind of accept that this is the nature of it. That this is supposedly God's view or God's wrath or whatever the heck we think it is. But really what it is is a program that has been placed there within a series of sort of softwares that we could call Armageddon program, Armageddon Software with various sub-texts or sub-chapters. If we looked at Armageddon as a book and we would have multiple chapters within that book or within that video game. We would understand the various chapters are including certain levels of the game.

What we have captured here, what you have captured within your body and being is some kind of chapter within the Armageddon scenario. And that chapter had to do with cataclysmic energy. A cataclysmic program that destabilized a weak point in, I can see it okay if I move from Arizona and I moved towards the west, there is a huge I think this is a fault line or something that's coming from Canada. This is running on North-South. So it's almost like if I see this coming down this would be similar to understanding, I think Gordon Scalia and those that have received pictures of what it will look like when landmasses fall into the sea on the west coast or something. It looks like something like this, it looks like there is a weaken fault line and there's a program.

Again the more of us that believe this and weaken these grid structures, again these weakened grid structures are also coming from the magnetic influxes and the damage of control that they have perpetuated by manipulating our earth core. The iron core and all of the challenges in the center of our earth have changed the way the magnetic fields come up through and connect into the magnetosphere. I am seeing from the earth core to the magnetosphere, which again is the seventh dimensional plane and logos. We know the logos has been hijacked, so it's literally like in the magnetic field structures are a part of the energy structures that keep the architecture in place, such as Armageddon programs and mind control programs.

So this tiredness I think in your body and this feeling, clearly is a part of this relationship that you have had to this landmass. And the opportunity with this is that a timeline has been captured and released. And simultaneous to that release there was a vertical line moving from Arizona to literally the center of the Great White Lion grid that had a series of beings attached to it.

Ancestral Connection to Arizona Demographic Land

I don't really know what to call this is it ancestral? Yes. Is it monadic? No. Is it a part of releasing the entrapment through the glass ceiling and floor of these dimensional spaces where beings are trapped? Yes. There is a level of that, which has been moved or is going to be sequentially moved through some kind of sequence I don't understand. But the main objective was to stabilize this area between Mesa and Phoenix and Scottsdale from your position. It's like I’m seeing again a triad being built between those three cities, like a star that then allows an opening. It's like we opened a field which the aperture of the awareness and the opening that allows these Guardian forces, which are aspects of ourselves at the same time. To see this, to take out this structure that was harming and creating damage in the area, and what looks like re-harmonizing this part of the weakness on the planetary grid itself. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Again all that is in order and priority to bring stabilization, revitalization rejuvenation to her body and through all interfaces, which she holds. We ask our beloveds and again her God-Self the Avatar self as well as our Guardian families to assist in alignment, synchronization and support bringing foundation, protection and the singularity through all layers and levels fully connected directly to the God source. As we flood every cell and pore of the matrix of the bodies into alignment, cohesion and connection with God source. Thank you so much.

Closing: We ask to fully anchor lock and seal our session. Oh God, thank you. As we close down the field I'm feeling that alignment within bodies that feels very good thank you. Bringing us back into the center balance and within the stillpoint the core and the depth of the power within to be ignited and illumined. With that which is the eternal God Source. Thank you so much. As we seal the field, we thank our beloveds in appreciation for this opportunity here today. Thank you thank you, thank you. Again all that's needed in order of prior to support this being in the highest capacity of God of source. We ask to strengthen the field and bring into the clarity. Beloveds we thank you. Please seal our field please seal our session. And so we end our communication and our session now. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 2-16-2010]

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