Black Magic Possession

If the possessed person desires to manifest Satanic forces into the material world and into their life in order to gain power over others or get material things, they would use Black Magic or SRA practices to house the demons and the dark forces that exist in the lowest realms, such as hell realms, underworld or phantom. When creating a Black House structure, it is designed to house demonic, satanic and negative entities, usually as a trade exchange for receiving earthly power or material possessions. Demonics or Imposter Spirits will trade knowledge or power in some way in exchange for the person's Soul light or life force energy, or blood or sexual sacrifices, which results in astral bindings, attachment cords, that are connected to these lower spiritual entities that continue to parasitize the human's energy field. These entity Blood Covenants can be intergenerational, and span many lifetimes infecting future generations, and children. When a person becomes in Consent with Satanic forces, they are agreeing to be in servitude and binding to the will of these lower primitive forces, which will continue to access energetic bindings of that person throughout the current identity and into the death process.

Effectively this also describes full Possession, the person is not single soul occupied, and exists in servitude to a lower kingdom than human being. It is important to know that a human being from continually abusing his body and soul, can lose his status as human being, and descend into the unconsciousness streams of animalistic or elemental consciousness. This is the desired outcome of the NAA, that want to subject the earth humans to Dehumanization in this last dark cycle, to collect human souls and make them deviant, corrupt and subhuman. Many people do not realize when they conjure demonics or Satanic forces, they invite in Negative Aliens also, who will take advantage of that person through implants, siphoning, and a host of other issues concerning access to their human energy field or lightbody. When a human is in Consent with Satanic forces they lose their spiritual sovereignty, and become in servitude to these forces, in earthly life and in the death of the physical body. Once these entities are invited into the human body, they do not want to leave. It is extremely difficult for a practicing Satanist to become freed from possessing spirits, if they have selfishly gained from the inter-relationship. Over time, these parasitic spirits take over the mind and body to increase pain, will trick the person's mind continually with delusions, may haunt and torment the person into black Depression, Addiction and misery, and they can be hard to get rid of and clear from the body. These types of Black Magic practices easily lead to partial or full possession of the human body from other world spirits, human or non-human identities that leech inside the body or stay attached to that person's energy field, effectively draining life force. As a result of the drain, some will participate in ritual human sacrifice or child sex to gain more energy. Many people on the earth today that are very negative, internally violent, feel miserable and play out negative emotional dramas repeatedly, are suffering from mental and spiritual fragmentation and have an satanic force attachment(s) or Possession.

People that depart from the physical body without any semblance of developing heart based qualities, or do not have a Lightbody or have not made spiritual connections with their soul, or they lived on earth with an extremely selfish, negative perspective of life, based only on the material realm, are generally, at death of their body, brought under the hierarchy of control of negative disincarnates, also called Imposter Spirits, or Fallen Angelics. Higher level negative energies control lower level negative energies, in the afterlife, or in other dimensional planes. This is a form of the consciousness traps that are set up in the lifetime of that person to prepare them for servitude in the afterlife, as many disincarnates are not even aware that they are being controlled by dark forces, while living or when passed on. They are set up to be put in servitude to dark forces, when their spirit body fragments or vibrates to exist in the phantom realm. By understanding that world soul parasitism has been happening on the earth plane in the last dark cycle, puts into greater perspective why so many Starseed people answered the call from the earth, to come here to help her become freed during this Ascension Cycle.

Being possessed does not generally mean that person is levitating off the bed or acting demonic as it is portrayed in Hollywood movies. When a person suffers from possession, there should never be shame or guilt applied to this state, this person is in need of spiritual support. It is through the possession of one’s body and energetic aura which the experience of personal suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed, evicted and cleared from the body of the person. There are a million different variations of possession that are possible; however, the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get mentally stable and emotionally clear within your self, and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and spiritual freedom. When one learns to create the unconditionally loving space within to communicate clearly and get on the path to embody one’s spiritual source, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering. The road to spiritual sovereignty begins with practicing God-Sovereign-Free Behaviors and doing your best to align your thoughts, behaviors and actions with the higher qualities of the Spirits of Christ. Our pure heart, ethical conduct and virtuous actions, our loving kindness and commitment to Harmlessness, is what protects us in the face of all darkness and negative entities, to repel and evict possessions.[1]


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