CNS damage from hybridization related to Maldek and Tiamat


Themes: nervous system as connector to soul and God, CNS damage from hybridization related to Maldek and Tiamat, as the only soul extension representing the Monad on Earth during ascension a burden is felt. resign from program and clearing of attachments).

Session Excerpt: And in feeling that neurological issue I can't help but be expanded into the understanding of how, for me and my vantage point in dealing with energy and consciousness and how the human body, the vessel of the human body actually can become a container of consciousness. It's all about the nervous system. So for me in feeling your situation, it feels like it is a type of memory that is held in the body as well as, believe it or not, a hybridization template. Because one of the issues that has been very clear to me, at least from the Guardian perspective and being in this position and working with the fields of consciousness, is that the physical body and the third dimension, has genetic damage. The bodies and the physical have a really hard time experiencing their connection to God consciousness.

It's like an intellectual or conceptual connection with a higher power or what God is. Whatever it is that people connect to, they're connecting to it from an intellectual or conceptual level of the mind. They're not experiencing the consciousness of it directly, and what allows that capacity for someone to actually experience the field of consciousness is the nervous system. And the nervous system has been needing, as well as a part of the Indigo kids and some of us that are star seeded and a part of that consciousness movement, we have been the forerunners in biological encodement. (question...) I know and again I'm asking you to just take what feels in resonance to you and discard the rest, because this is certainly a completely different take on what the medical system would believe it is.

And yet everything has a purpose and an alignment into something larger that is very hard for us to understand at a mental linear level. So when I address this issue, I want to address it when I open a field with this in mind. Because I am very aware that some of us have taken on an agreement, of having certain experiences in the physical that will assist in future levels or in the mass consciousness levels. Because the issue is understanding that we're connected to everything we're connected to the collective mind of the human being which is a part of our planetary mind. The planetary logos is a part of the planetary mind that is connected to each and every one of us.

Physical Dysfunction has Spiritual Causality

So when we at an individual level have a type of experience that looks like a disease or an illness, a dysfunction or impairment, we here in the third dimension don't understand the spiritual energetic purposes of why such a thing has been tangibly or physically manifested. And from my personal vantage point and my experience in and dealing with this, it's always coming from a spiritual energetic causation. There is a purpose and there is a reason for it. Here in 3D in physical even though somebody may look impaired or there is something going on at that level, it's actually serving a much higher purpose in alchemy and transmuting certain levels of memory or experience that the consciousness is having.

And that is of course considering that beyond your form, there is a whole consciousness experience behind your physical self. The issue is when were down here in 3D things seem so mundane in the day-to-day. I think a lot of us didn't realize so much of the energy placement and the "slogging it through" required in doing that work of consciousness, and some of us have taken on these particular projects. So my feeling is that this may have come up last time that there is a humongous Atlantean piece that connects to your biology. The issue is understanding that every memory every experience, everything that your ancestors have experienced genetically, there is a deposit of that memory record in the cells of your physical self.

Genetic Lineage Dysfunction from Atlantis

So a lot of the times when were dealing with genetic or inherited tendencies such as this, it is coming from an imbalance or a dysfunction in that genetic lineage. At some point there was a seed of imbalance or an action that created a humongous catalyst that then necessitated a cause-and-effect, from that particular action. This is understanding that as a consciousness we don't tend to know who we are or what were doing, what our purpose is. For most of humanity part of the issue in 3D as a human being is the fact were an identity conflict. That we have had multiple incarnations and other lifetimes and identities that contribute to the overall experience that we're having in this particular lifetime. So this is the context that I feel with you, that's what this is, there is an ancestral and genetic line up. And I can feel that it has to do with the seed of the history, when humanity was a consciousness having an experience during what's known as the Atlantean myth. For me it's not a myth it's a part of the history of the human being that has been stripped from us. This is a part of our history as star beings, ET's because really human beings are an amalgamation of a lot of different genetic material. And we come from the stars but we are forgotten this. And a lot of that information of course has been withheld from us.

So the cycle of Atlantis or that Atlantean cycle was the seed of the patriarchal imbalances that we see on the planet today. How we arrived where we are today is a direct result of the decisions that consciousness made, the group human being made during that Atlantean cycle. This created a schism at that point a separation from our connection into our cosmic understanding, the cosmic intelligences. Understanding who we are and what were doing, all of that was stripped away during that period of time. And the polarity amplification between the material and the spirit spiritual, or the material in the energetic became really widened in the chasm of the consciousness experience.

So in order to bring us back into Ascension and consciousness that is actually connected to a higher level of intelligence outside of the human ego, it takes the nervous system the nervous system is the key component of that. So the interesting part of your experience beginning during the harmonic convergence year, which was literally from my perspective the Guardians say in 1987 to 2007 began the cycle of the first level of alignment for human beings, and that meant frequency shift. That the group human mind was going through this consciousness shift in itself. Interestingly enough that's when you had that big opening in your nervous system, which I really feel is a key to open this door. Because the issue with this that I have found is asking the right question, is understanding the source seed of the causation. Why has such an imbalance or physical impairment has been manifested? To come into the witness of whatever that is, and be able to accept whatever it is. Because it's walking into the mystery of God, walking into the mystery of self and being able to be fearless and courageous in whatever is holding on the other side there.

Because you just want to know the truth, you just want to know the truth. And I really feel that is the seed of your orientation as a being on this planet, is your truth seeking, your quest for truth. This is a lifetime that you're going to get to the bottom of whatever it is, in terms of your own personal truth. Even though I cannot even begin to surmise with that would be. Because that is a personal experience that you have between you and God, you and your source.

But this annoying and painful issue that you have with your nervous system has a direct relevance or revelation with your quest for truth. I feel really certain about that. The issue of course is when is enough, enough, and when is divine timing, divine timing. Because certainly you've been undergoing the strain of this situation for a long time and I certainly don't want to discount that. I acknowledge that very much. And yet really want to acknowledge as well the higher purpose in all of this. There's no accident that you are on the planet during the 2012 timeline, there's no accident that this happened in 1987 when the planet's collective consciousness made the decision to go for Ascension and to move it into the next vibrational octave system.

CNS as Connector to Soul

All of the alignments and coincidences or synchronicities were divinely timed, no doubt, and hold a larger purpose in that which you're contributing to the planet. This is something I just want to remind you of because I know from the day-to-day mundane aspect of dealing with this, that sometimes it can erode our sense of purpose and alignment into what is really the truth. And I know this to be the truth. I have seen over and over again the issue with healing the Soul Matrix and connecting the human physical body to its soul. It's all about the electrical system, it's all about the nervous system and the damage that the human body has undergone genetically has prevented it. We can see looking in the hologram today, by looking at the mass consciousness reflection back to us, most human beings are not connected to their source. They are not connected they don't know how to connect they don't know where it is. They're not experiencing that connection and the basis of it is an impaired neurological system, because if the neurological system cannot connect to that frequency, they are not going to connect to that consciousness.

So I do just want to acknowledge verify and confirm for you that truth. I feel very strongly and although it's hard to give a logical practical reason as to why this has happened to you, I really do feel a profound nature of contribution and support to creating a consciousness template that will assist in healing the neurological structures of the human body. So that the human body can experience frequency and consciousness through that interaction with physical matter, which has eluded most of humanity up to this time and is currently stil existing at that level. So on that happy note I want to open our session with the Guardians. Before I get started did you have any comments or anything you wanted to share?

In taking a deep breath and bringing our focus and awareness into the center core of our being, which is the still point area in between the rib cage, as we connect into the rib cage area this is the wellspring of the source, the connection to Mother Father God umbilicus. Again holding the space of the sacred alchemical container, we ask and call upon our beloved families of light, the Guardian's and those that serve this being and myself. We set the intention of our field we set it through the group unity vow, beloved Guardians serving the law of one and those that defend the truth sovereignty and liberation of humanity. Again from across those multi-verses we ask you to gate-keep and join us now as we hold the unification principle we sound our group note to you now. Beloveds please update and align our mutual templates individually and collectively, renew and forever perpetuate in the internally sustained light of God. Our alchemical container is consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of one as we endeavor to be a knower of God, to then be the way shower of God. Beloveds please sustain us in the eternal power of our consecration. As we ask for the gatekeeping to anchor our soul purpose and mission, our mutual highest purpose in service to the one light our source. Our intention is unification through the cosmic Crystal or Christ principle as an energetic reality here and now.

As we request the handshake to fortify our spiritual links through the universal cosmic trinity and into the core of one, we ask now beloved God please breathe your life code into our form. As we set the intention now to be remembered to that which we are fully, completely and totally. To state our mutual purpose is one resurrect all inorganic pattern to the organic living light code now. Beloveds to that we say, thank you God. Again those in service to this being, we ask as we open the field for the assistance of all of the guidance teams, in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, love and power. All that is needed and necessary to bring the fulfillment and balance with our specific intention in bringing resurrection, healing and perfection to the physical form. We ask all that can be released and is no longer needed and necessary, we ask the seed causation of all programming or systems within the mind, to be brought forward and released here and now.

Joining the Brain Hemispheres

Okay working directly in the brain and looking between the hemispheres, the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. Again in joining the hemispheres it is about joining into the understanding of the God-Self. Joining the hemispheres into the true self, bringing balance to the brain. I'm going to ask, there is something about the center of the brain in the temporal lobe as well as the area of the limbic system that has the sensory speech area and connects into various levels of the programs of the brain's neurological structure. I'm going to ask the beloved guides for assistance in bringing any implant, structure, device, thought form, belief system, entity, being, disruption or program interfering with the free will of expression and self-determination of this being at this time.

Again in bringing the truth the light and the fullness of the presence of God within, by witnessing the truth of that light to fully illuminate layers of the brain and nervous system. Bring to our attention any areas that need to be integrated, healed, acknowledged and released in the perfection of divine timing and divine will. Again focusing on the brain and the brainstem in preparing the bodies for this holographic slice of the mapping working with the brain. Prepare the body in working with the universal harmonics please perform Axiatonal alignment to bring in the universal harmonics of the body. Begin allowing frequencies to calm and bring any sparking, it's like sparking energies within the nervous system, please calibrate and phase align the neurological structure to allow balance, peace, perfect relaxation, perfect harmony. Again perfect relaxation to the neurological structure, muscles and nerves, tendons and levels of the structural matrix, both muscular and through the neurological structure itself.

In working with that neurological structure bringing calibration, phase alignment to the calibration of that structure here and now. Again any upgrades that assist in the neurological structure integration and balance we request that transmission and assistance to soothe and bring core strength and balance to the bodies here and now. Okay etheric body matrix, calibration through the atomic layers of the Monad moving into the core manifestation template. Again the core level of the body's manifestation where the physical layer and the consciousness units layer actually create the sequence of transduction, where consciousness comes into form.

Going back to that point of the hologram and record and asking for assistance now any miasma thread, code identity that is connected to the transduction of when the consciousness brought and chose this. We ask for the seed of that causation to be revealed through vow, contract or agreement of the spirit and those that are being held within it.

Exploded Soul Fragments Maldek and Tiamat

Okay what I'm seeing is actually fragments of souls that have been exploded and blown up. Okay is there a lineage of this? How can we support the movement through this, through the body as a portal system? Okay wow, apparently were getting out there we're going galactic.

What they're showing me is that there is a neurological record and memory attached to the nervous system at the point of inception. So this is something that I'm seeing is brought, I'm looking at like where the consciousness before you became you in this time and space. Why was this brought in and why was that a timeline? Can you tell me how old were you in 1987, what was your age then? 37 Okay. Going back, the body has something called the Clock Shield Template. When the biology reaches certain ages there are programs, I want to call them booby-traps. They are basically implants that create certain conditions when the biology reaches a certain age, and are dependent on whatever level the consciousness is having at that experience. Whether it's a lesson or whatever, these are things that are set up by the soul or the God source.

So in looking at the levels of the biological time, the clock shield template as it's attached to the physical consciousness and the nervous system of the brain that activates it. I'm going to ask, so before we can dismantle the structure itself what were looking at is the consciousness that has been holding it in place. So we would like to be revealed and acknowledged of any entity, fragmentation or spirit that is connected to this program and its purposes of cause-and-effect, as taken on by this being at a spiritual soul and God source level. We would like that to be revealed to us. Okay these are pieces of Nephilim contract and Maldekian contract. So what we are working with is planetary karma that the soul and individual has accepted as a part of its responsibility of healing. When we are working with planetary karma I would like to address the planetary logos of both planet Earth and of Maldek, and I believe the name I'm getting is Tiamat.

Something about the energy of the logos of Tiamat and Maldek, and in acknowledging and witnessing the exchange of those histories of imbalance between the consciousness forms, we ask here and now through the light of God itself to open all channels of the origination of the genesis of source. That which connects to the God source to again resolve and assist in the resolution of all cause-and-effect that has been assigned, taken on, agreed, superimposed or vowed on this being through all timelines past, present and future, through all stations of identity. Again we ask through the monadic family and the connection to this being through the monad, that all aspects of the soul extensions through all time and space, assist in integrating this particular issue. And assisting by healing this issue, by bringing anything to our attention that needs to be witnessed, healed and resolved through the light of God consciousness, in which we command the space of the sovereign power of God here and now. And through the grace the infinite grace and perfection of God allowing all imperfections, all shadow, fragments, all beings, all circumstances to be brought into the truth into the illumination into the light of God's source here and now.

Hybridization Programs and Nephilim

As we command this space as the space of consciousness in God's name and in the authority of the Christ and crystal consciousness of one, we ask that the unification principle and the unifying principle of the field of that cosmic Christ consciousness to again assist in weaving and re-organizing the structures of all conflicting energies, from parallel realities or other universes or alternates. We are connecting to the two planetary systems between our planetary logos, the third dimensional earth and the logos of the fifth dimensional planet of Maldek. Okay this is acknowledging the programs of polarity integration and assistance of healing multiple life forms that are both human and nonhuman. This is about a hybridization program between Nephilim consciousness and human consciousness. Nephilim consciousness having been a hybrid of reptilian and human or Christ consciousness races, and Maldek was a planet in the fifth dimensional timelines.

Apparently at one point before the explosions that created a cataclysm, during what we consider the Atlantean root race period of human consciousness, the planet Earth or the human experience of the Earth at that time was a fifth dimensional planet. We were sharing a universal dimension in the fifth dimension Earth, during this time line of humanity's evolution and experience with another planet, and this planet was called Maldek. When planet Earth and the beings the consciousness on planet Earth, we could say the experience of it was of value to a certain extent, but there was an abuse of power. Through which a lack of regard for one's actions for cause-and-effect, extended much further than individual or collective, and even beyond planet Earth.

As a consciousness the human being and the others that were contributing, because at this time humanity was freely interacting with various races during this particular time, the consciousness involved in that particular timeline was immature and not realizing that the impact of such a cataclysm and destruction on the planet Earth would ring into and vibrate into impacting many other life forms. This apparently was either not known or not considered because of the arrogance of feeling like one knows better. Or from I guess we could say a place of ego, where we're using our own identity of ego to wield our particular power over others, or on ourselves.

Maldek Remnants is the Asteroid Belt

This power imbalance created a destruction and a cataclysm, of not only the surface of the planet Earth but of this planet Maldek. Now I'm not aware how close Maldek was as an orbit to the earth plane. But what their showing me now is the asteroid belt, it's now an asteroid belt. That asteroid belt used to be a planet and that asteroid belt is connected to the consciousness that also went through its own "suffering". When we think of a planet exploding, it's understanding that the consciousness forms on the planet are designed to be indigenous to their creation. So it's like understanding the planet is the group body of the individuals that are living on it. Just like in the earth plane there are fields of dimensions that are a part of the planet Earth. And these planes of dimensions that are a part of the planet Earth are connected to our personal light bodies, our chakra systems and aura layers open up into dimensions that interface with the planet.

So we are connected to all things energetically through the very nature of the mechanics of creation that we exist within. And so the planetary mind again is the group collective race mind of whatever species inhabit that particular planet. So here on earth we've got 7 billion beings currently, all a part of the group and contributing at some level to the group collective human mind. And the group human collective mind is what decides what the nature of reality is. The projection of the consciousness and the belief systems, the ideas of what it is to be human or what it is to be a reptile being, or a Drac, or Annu, or Sirian being all of these various levels of extraterrestrial forms. There is a system of understanding what the nature of self is, in the experience of individuation, even though you're connected to the larger whole.

So Maldek was a planet like Earth that had a race of beings upon it that were primarily, what we know as the reptilians. When the reptilian part of that race lost their planet they blamed us for it. They blamed the earth and the beings on the Earth, and they felt that since they had no home so to speak and were displaced, that the reptilian's rightful home would be the Earth. And this began the seed of the conflicts between the Christ consciousness or the human, humanoid type of consciousness and the reptilian consciousness. Now the reptilian consciousness is a form that has a different biology and has a different nervous system, it has a different emotional body. It doesn't have an emotional body actually in the same way a human being does.

So the conflict between dominion and power over the resources of the earth began during this timeline, which is a memory that your consciousness is holding. The trauma of this memory has been brought through several incarnations that you have experienced as a consciousness. And in this particular timeline because this is the Ascension timeline, and the body that you're in is the body that you are. To a certain degree we would say you're not coming back here in this way. The incarnational cycle of coming into the third dimensional level of experience, which again is one of disconnect from God, an experience of separation. Lots of suffering and fear within the third dimensional system. There are levels of reality that are higher octave realities, where these things cease to exist.

Only Soul extension in 3D representing Monad

The incarnation of your monad is done with the third dimensional earth and because the singularity point of your soul extension family is utilizing your body for the entire group consciousness, this neurological issue is something that is manifested as a rapid cause-and-effect. Honestly it is like a karma burn off. Its utilizing massive amounts of electrical frequency running through the body to literally alchemically transmute, certain patterns that are serving the whole monad. So what I'm getting at here, what I'm trying to explain is from your monadic family there's only one of you incarnated at this time on the planet Earth. And the monad meaning this is your spiritual family these are parts of your soul extensions they are an extended part of your God consciousness. It is understanding that the monad is the part of you that created identities to have experiences in different scenarios and in different timelines. And what they're showing me is that you now are the one soul extension that is in this timeline of ascension. And therefore the burden of taking on the energies for the entire group, are being filtered through the physical vehicle that you are in in this timeline.

Okay so I'm going to ask, can that be relieved? Is this a vow or agreement of manipulation? Okay they are showing me this is much more than a birth contract. This is a lot more than just a planetary third dimensional birth contract this has much larger repercussions into the consciousness development of the monad, the group consciousness and the physical level of how this is changing the bodies. At the human level of the human body it's doing something at that level. Okay, in resigning from the program is that clear? Okay we would like to include the entire monadic family, I would like to request the Melchizedek guardians anchor support and witness the release of this program. Again we are clearing memory, cellular record, stations of identity, fragments of identity, both of Nephilim, Serpent, Reptilian and of human causation. Through all of the levels of agreements that have been placed within the singularity of this being here and no, we ask to apply the resignation from the programming of the level of the polarity and the game or the matrix that is a part of the consciousness experience as a result of this history that we are being shown within the holographic record and memory of the body.

Etheric Cleansing

We would like to ask for a dispensation of clearing and releasing Holographic Insert, holographic memory, holographic record and holographic pictures associated with this as it's connected to all levels of memory contained in the cells, the muscle, the molecular structure, the atomic structure. Okay... all the way nuclei, sub-nuclei, atomic, sub-atomic, molecular, quantum, energy to matter to energy all the way to the smallest particle unit of consciousness. We ask for a clearing and release of the cellular memory record if it is in harmony with God's infinite light, law and illumination. Again we are asking for the Law of Forgiveness and Grace, the illumination of God itself to release all of the constituents, layers and levels of these programs and interactions and complexities. I can see various layers of complexities in the webbing etherically that connect to the neurological structures. Please apply the resignation from mind control programming, we ask you beloved guide one, those that are connected to the star seed matrix. Please show me your frequency color? Okay, we're working with the neurological structure in removing the resignation of the programming, mind control and matrix that is a part of that connection into the brain, spinal cord, neurological structures and all structures that contain that memory through the neurology of the body.

Please track the body for mind control, booby-traps, thought forms, beings, entities, disruptors or programs that are interfering with the vitality and perfect health and resonance of this being and therefore interfering with the free will God expression and sovereignty of self-determination. We claim the sovereign right in liberation for this being. Do I have permission? Okay I'm going to read the program and then they're telling me that they want you, if you're so guided to say it in your own words later. Okay in the brain and the Wernicke's area please remove any thought forms booby-traps or energies, belief systems that are or could create an obstacle into the complete spiritual healing of this issue. Please check the sensory speech area for any mental programs in the Wernicke's or in the temporal lobe of the brain. Check for any structure device or implant within the brain itself, again we ask to be removed of any mind control program structures. As we claim this sovereign right fully through all timelines and any timeline of any time zone in the sovereign light of God and in the illuminating love of the Christ consciousness.

We dissolve and clear any and all manipulation and enslavement or interference, between this being and any person, place, thing, human and nonhuman, entity or being. We ask that any disease booby trap that is implanted in the brain or in the neurological structure be cleared released and terminated from involvement in any of these systems, program or matrix that is connected to this being. Again remove clear and terminate this being from any involvement, clearly state fully resigned from any and all involvement in this program and matrix. He fully resolves and resigns from this game fully and completely. Okay they want me say it in first person.

Resign from Mind Control Matrix

Okay I'm going to connect to you here and now through the oneness that is the truth, through the sovereignty of the infinite source light: Remove and clearer terminate me from any involvement clearly stated I resign any and all involvement in this program and in this matrix. I resolve and resign from this game fully and completely. I am free from any entanglement attachment or disturbance now and forever. My authority is taken as God as the Christ in God's name. I command the space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of God's one source light. All spirits, energies, entities and fragments involved in this game or matrix are claimed in their God-given right now. Beloved God open all channels, open all portals, open all communication. Release, rehabilitates and return all spirits and energies involved in this matrix and game from this planet and from any other planet in the involvement.

Specific to Maldek the beings of Maldek, the reptilian races, the Nephilim races, all hybrids in that game. All spirits involved in that game you are claimed in your God-given right, you are sovereign and free you have the right to self determine. You have the right to your own sanity and to choose wholeness. You have the right to leave this matrix and end of this game. You have a right to choose and you are sovereign and free, in the infinite source of God's light.

Beloved God as we open the space fully and completely please merge all energies past, present and future, as mentioned into your field, into their own time space continuum. As we hold the space of God's infinite light love and wisdom, as we restore the plan of Earth to the infinite God source. Sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen. Sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen. Sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen.

Closing: Beloved guardians and guides all that is needed and necessary to fully complete this assignment and support of this healing, clearing and termination from the involvement in this matrix. We ask that all be brought into full awareness, as we are willing to move beyond the fear in order to fulfill God's plan on Earth and beyond. We ask that all processes needed and necessary in order of priority to fully support this clearing and the highest mutual resolution and service for this being, the God-Self and all beings involved in the light of wholeness and truth.

Again, sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen.

Beloveds and family of light, anchor lock and seal through timelines and through all-time space. Thank you. Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you God.

Again all that is in the sovereign freedom of God's infinite source light and channel. We ask that blessing to rain upon him here and now, bringing sustenance and nourishment and connection into God source into the bodies with grace, with ease, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional forgetfulness. Thank you so much. As we seal our session, anchor lock and seal through the hologram here and now. Again we command the space fully free in the light of God and in the sovereign power of one, we seal our session into the infinite source light. Beloveds thank you so much. Please seal the session, seal the communication. As we protect the field, fully connected and protected in the source and so it is. Thank you so much.[END AUDIO TRANSCRIPT][1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 5-29-2009]

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