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"Clockwise" Male.

Merkaba spin ratio is CW Male 33 1/3 clockwise electrical over CCW Female 11 2/3 counter-clockwise magnetic.

Polarization (waves) (also polarisation) is a property of waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation. Electromagnetic waves EMF such as light exhibit polarization, as do some other types of wave, such as gravitational waves.

Spinning of Rotational Axis

These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points (counterclockwise, clockwise) and rotational axis. This controls the rate of spin of electrons, protons, neutrons that exist in both matter and anti-matter. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics which govern the measurement of time and space in our harmonic universe. Clockwise is the male principle. [1]

Axiatonal Lines

Each Axiatonal Lines has a corresponding dimension, Chakra, chakra crystal, and Spectrum of Frequency color. Right Hand: Male, Transmitter, Electric, Clockwise Rotation 3-6-9-2-8 (from Right-Left)

Rod Function

As Mother Arc brings access back of the Krystal Star Frequencies, the magnetic field encodes the template of hierogamic union between the Rod and Staff functions in the human and planetary Merkabic Field. There is an assignment to build the template for sacred union, assigned “Rod and Staff” couplings to work on bringing this as template into a physically manifested accomplishment. This is happening at various octave levels (relationship assignments) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12:12 electron pattern that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, which is a spinning 13:13 field. The 13:13 field is the mathematical alignment to Mother Arc aquamarine frequency. This is a template prototype (Called Krystalhala Patterns – The Krystal Gene Gender Merge) being manifested in the planet at the time of the Unity Field platforms are activated. This means that the Unity Field pattern is being built into the planetary architecture that allows our gender paired merkaba spiral to spin and merge into a perfect unity or oneness pattern. When we have the correct ratios of spinning merkaba fields in our Lightbody we are able to experience unity or At-One-Ment with God. [2]


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Term first found: Page 193, HGS Manual