Chakra Crystal Keys

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Chakra Crystal Keys

The Chakra Crystal Keys (CCK) are the control Function for the actual Chakra Crystal Seed located on the vertical channel in the actual Chakra cone on the second Lightbody layer of the body's 12 Tree Grid holographic template.

The rotational spin of the Chakra Crystal Keys on the Hara Line are what control and modulate dimensional frequencies and intelligence through the Axiatonal Lines, then ultimately the Chakras and other bodily energy systems. The crystal seals grid is what governs the particle spin and levels of frequency accretion that is transduced and transmitted into the chakra itself. The rotation of the Chakra Crystal Key (or Crystal Seal) keeps identities in other dimensions in their respective time and space, and the auric layers of the body in separate dimensions. As mental bodies merge, the CCK activate. The bio-energetic mechanics of the crystal star seals greatly impact to evolve the capacity of our ability to embody higher expressions of dimensional consciousness. The HGS CCKM Module is for issues related to activating the primary Hara Chakra Crystal Keys, opening Axiatonal Lines, modulating Chakra frequency load, integrating multi-dimensional identities for DNA activation, and merkaba activation, for spiritual Ascension.

Cck 1 Red Crystal- On Hara line between Chakra 1 and 2

Cck 2 Orange Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 3 Yellow Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 4 Green Crystal - On Hara line below Chakra 4

Cck 5 Blue Crystal - On Hara line above Chakra 4

Cck 6 Indigo Crystal - On Hara line in Chakra 8 (Thymus Seed Atom)

Cck 7 Violet Crystal - On Hara line in the Center of the Brain

Cck 8 Gold Crystal- On Hara line in Earth Chakra 12, beneath the feet

Cck 9 Silver Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 10 Sapphire Crystal - In The Earth Core, Chakra 13

Cck 11 Dark Silver Crystal - On Hara lne Between Chakra 10 and 11

Cck 12 White Crystal -In Top of 12 D Pillar, the 14th Chakra.

Cck 13 Aquamarine Crystal- Deep Space (Founder Controls)

Cck 14 Pale Gold - Deep Space (Founder Controls)

Cck 15 Magenta - Deep Space ( Founder Controls)

Please note our picture is for general reference as a visual guide and does not depict actual placement.


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