Clearing False Dragon Lines

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Themes : Asian grid project; Clearing False Dragon Lines, ley lines from Australia through Indonesia, mid-creational realms, Moon Chain, connecting Mother Arc to Asian grids and Inner Earth grids, seeing Bali is a Mother Arc portal.

Opening: This has been a really interesting day. As you probably could guess today has been a very difficult day energetically for the body physically. Meaning when doing projects such as this it’s pretty intense on the physical self.

This has been quite interesting for me because from my experience over here I have been with you for a few hours now and unable to record it because I have literally been flat on my back. Just completely laid out in the grid networks over in Australia. I'm going to share with you what has been transpiring today and then we can decide if we need to calendar something more, like a personal session, if we are coming together to do grid work today. It certainly seems that way, my goodness, it’s definitely about exchanging the different energy transmissions of what our different levels of work are based upon, you being there and me here. Again, I have some personal relationship to Perth, Australia and find it ever so interesting that you're there.

Just to share with you what I have been dealing with as I came to my office and was planning to set up a regular opening for a session. I basically was just laid out. While I have been laying here attempting to grab the digital recorder so I can at least memorialize what was happening, it was so incredibly difficult. Because it's been happening really fast and it is very intense. I've been in a state of just being able lay down, and process what is happening. I'm laying down right now in fact.

For a couple hours now what I have been connecting with you on, today as if I'm looking at Australia as the continent, in the upper portions of the continent of Australia there is a horizontal line that is moving in the same direction from Brisbane over to Western Australia. It's in the upper quadrant, not directly in the middle where you would run into Uluru. If you took Brisbane and went all the way over in a straight horizontal line, come down to the coastline where you would have to go south to get to Perth. There is a ley line there that is moving in the upper quadrant from east to west, in the northern continent tip of Australia.

Guardian Dragon Lineage

They are showing this to me as they're saying these are false dragon lines and apparently you and I are of the same Dragon lineage. There's been a lot of convolution and misunderstanding as to what the Dragon is. There are the Draconian's and the reptilian's, which have nothing to do with the Dragons, which are not from this universe. The way I've understood and will share with you and see if this has relevance to your own heart, is that the Dragon lineages are lineages that are not from this universe. They are a part of the protectors of the grids, working with Ley Lines. Obviously not all grid workers are dragons but the dragons are the guardians of the ley lines and are a part of rehabilitating the creational grids through these ley lines.

In understanding that I am from the Dragon lineages, for me, there are also relevancies to the families of Aurora that are outside of this universe. So this particular understanding, at least from the Guardian perspective, we have been given an understanding about the Asian grid network and the repair project underway in the Asian grid at this time.

I'm understanding that this False Dragon line, that moves in a parallel in a horizontal movement from the northern area of the continent. So it moves in the same direction as Brisbane and moving in a direct straight horizontal line literally splitting the continent in half. So you would move up towards the tip and its same direction. It's a grid system that moves in that direction.

Mother Arc Hub Gates

I'm understanding there are certain circulatory systems and ley line systems on the planet. Some of them are organic and some of them are not organic. So what we're dealing with, we could say False Dragon lines are an inorganic structure. With the False Dragon line what I'm understanding is in your own time obviously and with what you've been doing, you have been working on pieces of those systems yourself, and in your group and circle. I'm understanding that your traveling to Bali was a part of that. Which was interesting for me having been brought into a focus that Bali is another hub for what is known as the Mother Arc Hub or Trans-harmonic gateway network. It has been explained to me that the continent of Australia is sort of like the prototype for the Mother energy and Uluru. And the portal system that has been coming online in Australia, was as far as I know, the only portal system that was being activated that was a part of these ancient gateways coming online for the Mother or the Arc Hub gateways and that network system.

So what I'm understanding is that there is a companion system that connects into Bali, that is connected in the grid system to Uluru. It's like saying there is an attempt to run Mother energies, the Aquamarine Mother Arc energies and the Crystalline and Aurora energies to re-encrypt these structures. These are running lattice networks of the Mother hub gates and Mother hub frequencies into these circulatory systems, and into the ley line feeds. These are intended to override the damaged, reversal or inorganic systems such as the false Dragon line system. They're showing me that it runs into a parallel reality.

What I'm understanding is that today I have been working with this with you and it seems like there's an exchange, there's an awareness, there a consciousness point of focus between us that is being amplified, so that we can accomplish certain things that seem to be relevant to the Asian grid project and overriding these systems that are being misused.

It's like saying since we have been pushed into a new cycle on June 7(2011), this day period today is sort of the 24 to 48 hour period, is the midpoint cycle of the push. We know of course that we had a full lunar eclipse and we are working with the amplification of these particular energies that are a result of that. When we get these particular openings there is an incredible condensation or concentration of energies in one area, where we get these opportunities to get certain things done. That's what I feel like this is.

So, we have been trying to get this done and trying to work on this. This has something to do with whatever is unraveling with the Asian grid project and may also unravel into some kind of physical presence for myself. I've not been to Bali thus far but it's feeling like at some point, as this unravels I may be called to do something there.

It’s like saying a successful anchoring and opening of the Mother Arc Hub Gateway networks, which opens into a complete, I don't want to use the word toroidal but it's like saying the Uluru portal and gate network goes all the way into the core of the Mother, the core of the planet and into this inner hub gate that creates a complete concentric circle, a complete orbit which is being referred to in an understanding of the Alpha and Omega. It is like all time is within the perfect sphere of this 360° orbit and it's being connected. It’s like saying there is a specific ability to be able to access all levels of the dimensions, in that particular orbit. So we have stair-step dimensions, meaning multiple octaves of dimensions in the external level. In our original ascension model we were going to do a stair-step model where we would do ascension through a stair-step of higher octaves of dimensions to join into the core.

What I'm seeing with the Mother Arc is ancient. First of all they told me that Uluru was put there by the Dragons. I remember them saying to me, a year and a half or two years ago, Uluru was like a plug where they had literally put a cork in there. They were showing me that this was a magnetic mound and that it was creating at a compression effect, of literally electrons and frequency that would be squeezed into the grids. Literally in that same movement that I'm trying to explain from Brisbane into a horizontal line moving from the eastern to the western border of the continent. Seeing that when it reached into Uluru there was a pressure, like a squeezing that was going on that was compressing frequency into the grids, compressing frequency into the ley lines, which was a good thing.

I know that there was a lot of trouble in Australia and a lot of damage, which I'm so sorry about. At the same time I understood that the compression of that frequency into the grid was necessary and it was going to be sparking neighboring systems. Even systems far away that connected into these grids in Egypt. I didn't understand at the time but I knew that I went to Egypt after a big compression from Uluru happened that was igniting grids over there.

So this compression in the heart of Australia is putting a pressure in the neighboring systems. What I'm understanding is that a parallel ley line that is north of Uluru but running in that same direction, from Brisbane and all the way to the western coastline on the other side of the continent, that there is a parallel ley line that is not an organic one. Meaning it is a false dragon line and it is running false energy, false reversal 10th dimensional energy and it seems to collect energy.

What we are understanding is that when grid systems are false, like false dragon lines like this that are used by the negatives for whatever purpose to harness souls and to keep consciousness trapped in certain levels, that this grid is pulling on energies from the Middle East running it down through the northern tip of Australia and sending it diagonally right past Bali. So it's like saying I'm seeing the ley line, it's a false dragon line and it's collecting energies. I'm pretty sure it's coming from north of it, almost as if it's going all the way from 10th dimensional gate, middle east, bringing it down into reversal formats and moving it across. Apparently there's some kind of parallel, I want to say inner earth. It's a ley line that is a part of the parallel connectors.

We have these multiple systems of ley lines that move horizontal, vertical and diagonal and there are certain intersection points in these ley lines where multiple universes or other parallel realities connect into the same point. This is what it is. It's like a ley line that connects at an intersection with a line that moves in the same direction. The inner earth timeline is like saying that ley line is connecting both in this reality, meaning our particle earth and the surface Earth timeline and the inner earth timeline. They’re running together. It is like an intersection point where they run in the same direction but in different dimensions. So it’s like saying as time and space are collapsing as dimensions are collapsing, we have understood that the timeline of the inner earth is connecting to the timeline of the surface earth. This is from the collapsing of dimensions and the opening of these inner hub gates, such as the Mother Arc Hub Gateway networks. We are realizing these open into inner hubs that connect or bypass through the inner earth timeline.

Golden City

So this particular false dragon grid network is something that's running reversal unhealthy inorganic frequency in that direction from east to west in the northern part of the Australian continent. It runs parallel to what I call the Golden City Lines, which run from Brisbane into Uluru and into Perth. I have been guided to understand that in the Perth area, there is a Golden City network being placed there, being laid there. It seems like we are attempting, at least you are from that location, to spread the Golden or the higher frequency that is there into larger concentric circles in order to stabilize Australia, the continent, the planet, that part of the grid. And also run organic frequencies from there into some of these inorganic systems like this one, we are being made aware of.

This is a false Dragon line. This false Dragon line goes from the top of Australia and then it moves diagonally through Bali and into Micronesia, Indonesia and into the Chinese grids, into the Asian grids. This thing, this false Dragon line, is a part of the feed lines and a part of the issue with the Asian grid network and with the Asian grid project.

What we are understanding at this time is that because we’re going to have a massive collapse, which is sort of done sequentially, there's this sequence of collapsing that's happening in what the Guardians refer to as mid-creational realms. In these mid-creational realms as these dimensions collapse we understand beings that exist there have to be moved out, have to be transited. Some of these beings are dark and have been using groups of humans that are embodied on the planet, manipulating their energies. Of course there are as well beings that are not physically embodied on the planet. We’re seeing the extensive network of these sorts of false grid systems that are siphoning and harnessing energy.

So systematically there are going to be these collapses in the mid-creational realms. What the Guardian concern is in Asia, is that when these collapses happen and when certain events that are traumatizing happen, especially as recently we have been left to understand with the cataclysm in Japan that happened in March with the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear reactor. When these types of events happen in an extremely weak damaged area it creates holes in the time and space. What we are seeing are beings, entities, souls, fractured beings, devastated beings seeping through. It's like underworld pockets being strewn out into in our space time, and then of course we are the ones that try to clean up the grids and to release the beings stuck on them, send them home and all of that.

Guardian Buffer Fields

The Guardians apparent concern at this time is to buffer the fields and also help stabilize the planet’s fields in these areas. And also to attempt to override and subvert or circumvent the collection and harnessing of these lost souls that are being kind of strewn out of these pockets from being collected and used by these dark forces. What seems to be the agenda at this time is an attempt to gather collective energies, almost as if to gather a power source, which can be dispersed at a proper time where they want to create a certain event. Like an event that's either extremely destructive to the planet, or extremely destructive to human beings. So the attempt is to get to these beings before the dark ones do, to misuse them, so we can get them out of here before they're basically collected and misused in the intermediary realms that are happening.

From my experience today we have been working on a recoding of the upper northern horizontal false Dragon line that is moving in that direction from east to west and circumventing it from sending its feed lines into the diagonal lines that go right into the Asian grid network, and honestly right by Bali. It is like when I see it, it's a ley line that is completely straight and parallel moving horizontally and then all the sudden, it goes diagonally right at the Australian continent tip. Right at Bali, because the line comes in the entire quadrant of the northern continent and then it stops at the northwest border of Australia. It stops there and then it moves diagonally and as it moves diagonally it goes right into Indonesia and it keeps going. I'm not sure exactly what country that is hitting but obviously that is in the Asian area and where a lot of the complexity with the grid work in this project is happening now.

A few days ago I had seen as well a diagonal network going from Sri Lanka to Cambodia, Vietnam and into Japan. So these Australian grids are obviously a network that moves in all three, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. But a few days ago it was shown to me that Sri Lanka and the Bay of Bengal in that area of Sri Lanka, at the base of India was also a descending matrix and a lot of war and has a lot of problems there right now.

What I'm understanding and feeling is that we are attempting to override the use of that current and false and inorganic systems, from harnessing more beings and abusing the energies in this area while we are attempting to see what's going on there. Meaning we’re becoming revealed and understanding more and more the depths of these levels of being that have been in the mid-creational fields and acting as intermediaries.

Moon Chain Beings

For me, what I'm understanding is these are fourth, fifth and six dimensional beings in the mid-creational realms. What's interesting about this is a lot of what I'm seeing in that realm, that have to be moved out look a lot like the Eastern philosophies, the types of demigods, like Buddha looking or half human and half animal. They have sort of that God like creational myth depicted in pictures in the East and in Egypt where you have human beings with animal heads. These do not look like Egyptians to me, but they are definitely a mixture of something that looks like an animal soul, something that looks like a human mixed. I’m understanding as well some of them are a part of a history of Earth that I am not clear about, and I have not been able to find much information on and this is understanding of Moon Chain beings.

The information that I've been able to ascertain is that in these intermediary mid-creational realms there were beings and entities that are a part of human history, human relationship, human interaction. Many of them have been acting as intermediaries. I would not call these beings bodhisattvas or Buddhas per se, but they have been acting in a strange way as a type of intermediary, which had to do with guiding humanity's ego and humanity's evolution in a certain way. I have to say not necessarily always positive but maybe a necessary part of the polarity experience that we were having down here. My feeling is that they are from another evolutionary cycle.

It is like saying in the process of ascension and the process of the cycles of evolution, we have these root race developments. I have understood as an example having a of part of my soul that is from Sirius B, that the Sirius beings, the Sirian constellation has a lot of heavy duty karmic relationship to planet Earth. Because in the Root Race cycles of the Sirian constellation, the Annunaki, are from Sirius. So we know what happened, the rebels or the defectors or whatever we want to call these beings that came and decided not to evolve into higher chains of existence. They came down here and started to act like the bullies. It reminds me of beings that didn't graduate to the next level, so they stayed in the same system because they would be considered godlike, or higher in the lower system, even though they were supposed to graduate to the next level. Because they didn't make it or something, so they stayed here to pretend that they were godlike to humans down here. It's a weird thing. I feel like they were rejects in the last cycle and didn't make it to the next level and decided to stay here.

What I'm feeling is these are the beings that have to be moved right now and are going through a systematic collapse, and are being moved to a different evolutionary chain. I feel like what's happening, believe it or not this sounds really far out, but some of these beings, creatures, species are being moved to a new evolutionary chain and a new planet. It’s almost like the Guardians are coming and saying you can’t be here anymore. I feel like these beings are being moved out. A lot of these are fifth dimensional intermediaries and have been acting in that capacity. Some of them don't seem to understand what's going on from their vantage point and are resisting, but there is a sort of systematic dismantle going on of the structure these beings have been feeding and exchanging with.

It is like saying you have some team of Buddha beings in this sort of intermediary mid-creational realm, and I see people on earth saying mantras and these mantras are feeding energies to this group. That's how I see it. I see it like some of this is in religious sects, some of this is in some kind of lineages that are attached to some of the human beings walking around in bodies down here. It's a sort of strange situation that's really hard to explain.

It’s understanding these beings have been in the mid-creational realms and I guess I would call them extra-terrestrials. They are very different in forms. I can't really call them one thing or another because they may seem related to, believe it or not, Buddhism and Hinduism. I'm looking at creatures that look like that. They're half man and half animal and I'm understanding that these beings are entities that came from the last evolutionary round, and didn’t make it out here. Or were supposed to go somewhere and didn’t, and we are now coming the end of the cycle and they need to move on. This has something to do with the fact that these beings are from the moon chain lineages. What I understand as well is the Buddhist Gods, they are either visualized or seen pictured on a solar disk or on a lunar disk, meaning it’s a sun or moon. For me, it's all been about since June 7 th, changes in the solar force, changes in the lunar force and the various relationships of how that impacts earth at this time. This has been an interesting development in working with the Asian grids. I know that this has relevancy and is connected to that, but I don't quite understand how that is. I'm sure it'll just keep unraveling at whatever level we need to know it.

Understanding that in Asia, this inner intermediary grid network of these moon chain beings and other beings that are there, seem to be a priority. And moving some of these out of the way it's like saying they've been in the way. They are in the way because there are beings above them in a higher chain that are attempting to use the energies that these intermediaries are letting go of when they move. So it's like saying when intermediaries are moved out and these ET’s are moved out of these mid-creational realms, there's going to be a massive energetic quantic field result, in the energies that can be used or moved that are not being exchanged with these beings anymore because they will be gone. The Guardians are attempting to come in and do crisis management in the area because beings and souls have been hooked into the systems, or the entities have been using these systems to go to the negatives, which want to promote their timeline, their Armageddon Software or the Beast Machine timeline or whatever you want to call it in terms of that agenda.

I’m understanding that today we have been recoding and going through a false dragon network that has been harnessing souls and harnessing energies, using reversal, unhealthy and inorganic systems to send energies to the Asian area, up through a diagonal grid that moves into Indonesia. We have been recoding this and working with the Mother Arc energies and bringing that frequency code back into the area. I am seeing this anchoring into not only this reality but something to do with the inner earth grid lines, that moves parallel in the same direction.

Inner Hubs and Inner World Timeline

This must have something to do with a part of the ascension and the opening of these Arc Hub Gateway systems is going into inner hubs and inner timelines. There seems to be a protection or a support for these areas as well as an override and circumventing the misuse of collecting and grabbing some of these lost souls, that we are assigned over the next week to do retrieval work, transport and transit work for. I didn't feel transit work with you today like taking people off the grid, but I felt grid work like architectural repair and the recoding of that upper line.

It's interesting because even though this line is so hard to explain, I'm hoping that you can sense it and feel a resonance to what I'm saying. But it's a line, it's a dragon line that is moving horizontally, but it's vertical. I know this is weird but it's a line that connects into the vertical connection, which of course we know is staff work, is female work. But I'm seeing it move on the planet horizontally, but I know it's vertical. It's very strange. I think what that means is that I'm seeing the location, because obviously if I was visualizing this vertically it would not have relevance to a landmass or the horizontal being able to pinpoint the coordinates of where this is existing, in relationship to the planet and in relationship to the time space coordinate of Australia. I could see very clearly that it is in the northern tip of the continent of Australia and it runs the entire length of the continent of Australia. But at that Western corner it starts moving diagonal and it goes right into the center of Indonesia, Micronesia and into these Asian grid networks.

We have been working in the northern continent horizontal ley line and running a parallel line and an override on an inner Earth and a particle surface Earth timeline and doing some repair work on that today. That has had me pretty much laid out, and begging for mercy. I'm joking but you know what I mean. It is like my God, when you're doing this you surely don't feel that functional in the physical.

So in running those lines I'm feeling we're coming into some kind of conclusion and completion with it, because this has been going on for a few hours now. But in understanding that this false Dragon line is a grid that we have been overriding, it is something that is used by the Draconians. It is something that is used by multitudes of the negative alien agenda that are using this grid to attempt to harness and gather energy right now for some kind of preparation event.

Trigger Events

What I've been feeling since May 1 (2011) is that the negatives have been really pushing for what I call trigger events in their timeline sequence. I'm understanding that is what this is now. The Guardians are attempting to avert a trigger event, into the negative alien timeline sequence from getting activated. What I have been noticing them doing since May 1st is like a squirrel that collects a nut and hides it for winter, something like that. They've been squirreling away energy, which is a funny thing to say. But you have to ask the question what for? What are they collecting energy for? They're not using it they are collecting it for something. My feeling is they are collecting it for opportunities, where they can do something catastrophic. They want to direct it at that particular moment to propagate a manifestation of something that is either highly destructive or cataclysmic in some way.

We have been attempting to buffer the field stabilize the field and of course circumvent and override that from occurring, because there are certain parts of the planet's grid that are much more damaged, vulnerable and weak than others. What we are understanding is the Asian grids are very weak. When we understand, just in recent histories of the kind of war, decimation and bombing that has gone on, just in Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan it's no wonder actually that these areas are really weakened and in trouble.

If you think of this network which is a piece of a grid that's running the whole length of the Australian continent, Australia is pretty big in terms of a landmass, it's pretty big. In that entire length of a northern horizontal line they've been running some kind of reversal harness up there. Today we have been recoding that area. Not doing soul retrieval work. It seems just recoding that area and preventing the use of the siphoning of energies to be taken into the Asian grids. What I'm understanding is like a block is going on, meaning like a damn. If you were putting a block in a damn, not allowing the water to continue down the river. It's similar to that. It's like we've been not allowing reversal current to continue to be fed into the Asian grid, from that western northwestern tip of Australia. Which obviously, if we move down that tip is where you are, at the bottom of Perth.

I'm not sure if you have been sensing any grid work in the night. When I was working with this you were probably sleeping or hopefully you were getting some rest. But that has been my unusual circumstance with you today. It was clearly already being orchestrated because I didn't have a chance to sit down and have a proper session and an open field. It started way before I could do that and again it was so intense, I couldn't even stand up.

Goodness knows that in understanding what's happening with Asian grids at this time. it makes a lot of sense. This is quite heavy duty. We seem to have an opportunity to do this in a very short period of time. As we are moving closer to the 2012 marker, what is happening is space-time is condensing to the point where we’re experiencing what used to be the equivalent of the year, in a couple weeks or something. I'm really feeling that between now and July 3, which happens to be an 18 day period from yesterday. It was interesting that in that 18 day period, they're giving us this Asian grid project to complete.

It seems we have a period of time where we can utilize this time with the lunar energies, the solar energies and those forces changing on the planet as these intermediaries are taken out and moved out of here, we have an opportunity to get a lot done in the Asian grid area. So it seems completely relative that this is coming to us now, because of the change with the sun and the moon and the solar and the lunar forces. And these moon lunar related beings that have come from the different evolutionary cycle. As they leave it does something, it changes something about that planet and that quality of the moon. I don't know what it is yet, hopefully that will unravel and become clearer for both of us.

Again, that has been my experience with you today. I hope that makes sense. I know that this is definitely not the usual as a session set up.

It was interesting, at one point when we were working on the northern grid point that was moving from east to west, I was shown was that we have a human past life together or another timeline which is Dutch. I don't have any Dutch genetics. I don't know what this means exactly, I think this is another memory. What was interesting about this is that when I relived my crucifixion in 2004, I saw myself as a Dutch man. I was crucified in a field somewhere in the 1500s or something. It was something like I was made an example of and my fingers and parts of my body were cut off and they stapled me or did something to me. Oh, they tied me to a post in the middle of the field. I had to go through this back in 2004 to clear this memory and clear out Crucifixion Implants. The guides told me this is one of the crucifixion memories and I was a Dutch man.

Today that was brought up between me and you. Apparently we shared that timeline together, when I was crucified. We either knew each other at that time or had some kind of relationship at that time. I found that very interesting. That was something cleared between that lifetime, like a cellular memory imprint of some sort was brought up to be healed and released that had a little ancestral residue, past life or other life residue attached to that Dutch lifetime that included crucifixion memories. Again, no emotion attached it, no good no bad. It was nothing it was just sort of an observer awareness of a Dutch relationship, and that particular lifetime of connection. I don't know if that cleared from us or cleared for me, it felt like it as connected to group consciousness clearing. Not sure what that was exactly, but that was also a part of what was going on earlier when we were working with the grid lines.

So anyway my darling, I want to thank you so much for all of your work and support as a family member, as a galactic sister. I appreciate you so much and I thank you so much. I hope this made some sense. My God, it was so hard to try to explain, however, it was definitely grid work and definitely related to the Asian grid project and definitely related to Bali, which just now got on my radar. Even though I knew Bali was close to Australia, I certainly have never been there and really never understood its importance until the past few days. That Bali is a Mother Arc portal. I feel it is a continuation, like duplicating a continuation of another gate that could be opened but it seems like it's spawning from Uluru. Like Uluru’s frequency is squeezing out in the grid and it's being carried and we are igniting another portal. It is like saying our job is to anchor and create a hub that is anchored on the planet, as many as we can. That's what that is. We've been building as many of these as we can on the planet surface.

Now understanding we have another portal in Bali now. Maybe we have for some time, but I'm just becoming aware that this is a Mother Arc Gate. A part of the ancient arc hub network that is in Uluru and is now in Bali. Clearly you have been a part of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Closing: I'm sending you my love and prayers and gratitude. Thank you so much for your support through some of these more difficult times in the last month. For now, we will say goodbye and I hope that this makes sense. Lots of luck to you darling, bye for now.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 6-16-2011]

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