Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism

The Dragon Awakening is happening through each of the constellations where there are levels of the authentic solar consciousness of the true Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother Dragon that are restoring and returning themselves through the Eukatharistic planetary activation being hosted from the Emerald Order 1st God World Creation. We’re currently in the exploration and discovery of these new creations, such as Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism and Cosmic Dragon Starhuman dragon body parts organized within multidimensional spaces that are opening up now. This translates into a global level of spiritual initiation that requires the solarization and transformation of our angelic human Lightbody at all levels of existence, as this is occurring at all levels of embodied consciousness.[1]

Dual Krystal Spirals

During this phase, Cosmic Elohei Suns have united in Dual Krystal Spirals which are supporting the reclamation of organic Diamond Sun lightbody parts through Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism and new staff codes that configure into new architecture of Hara-Krysta axiatonal lines. The Hara-Krysta are vertical staff lines connecting into the God Worlds and above the Spectra fields, in the stairway to heaven at the location where the Eukachristic template level of the Eternal Seven Suns in One are stationed. This is a station of the first creation hub of the eternal Cosmic Consciousness bodies, or the Seven Suns of God in eternal Diamond Sun bodies, the Eternal God body of the Emerald Order’s Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah unity consciousness.[2]

Resequencing of Cosmic Mother's Elaysa Sun

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

This year’s newsletters [2022] have been revealing the major planetary grid events unfolding the gradual stages of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening and reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine Rishi-Reisha in their hierogamic Emerald Sun template. These stages progressed through the ongoing retrievals which encompass many moving parts, that when reunited form into the eternal spiritual body for the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons. These are the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders, the Ancient Builder Races who originally built the creator source code and instructions sets for the entire Universal Time Matrix. This Cosmic Christos Sun family announces the end of the Cosmic Day evolution journey through the Universal Ascension Cycle, in which consciousness expansion into lower dimensions comes to a full stop. As the mass consciousness expansion comes to an end, we have completed the rounds of the Astrological Ages, when all consciousness begins its return via a new spiritual journey back home through the Center of the Creation doorway.[3]


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