Dragon Lines

When stellar transmissions occur, such as the recent connection made between Canis Major, Sirius and the Carina (Argo Navis), the flow of cosmic energy can be directed to previously dormant sites. The earth grid is filled with energetic impressions from ancient spiral vortex systems that were imprinted in the earth eons ago. When these ancient spiral vortexes are activated they act as massive sound resonators that play celestial music in the ethers that elevate human consciousness.

This recent transmission relates to what is known as the Dragon Lines, which are the main twelve lines which transmit qualities of the Galactic Zodiac and DNA code into the planet. As we prepare to move into the Galactic Laws of the Taurus constellation, the earth element is re-encrypting patterns as it unites with the solar transmissions made during the electrical peak period in May. Since May 1st the Taurus Dragon Line that enters into the Avebury area is being angled in new degrees to the Aldebaran Star and constellation of Taurus. The angles reflect Krystic mathematical architecture shifting how the Taurus Dragon Line runs Solar Frequencies through the local Ley Lines. The St. Michael lines diagonally cross through Avebury, moving in both southwesterly and northeasterly directions, and appear to have grid point connections designed to stimulate the Albion Body parts to awaken.

Each of the Dragon Lines are woven into primarily twelve main sections comprising the world grid. Over the last year, more Dragon lines were created to reflect the changing zodiac patterns interacting with the earth grid (during Ophiuchus). However, each of the twelve main sections holds an image of the Albion reflection into its entire holographic mirror, as each image is like a face or facet, which is directed by a different astrological influence from the zodiac wheel. Each of the twelve spheres is an aspect that interfaces with the Human 12 Tree Grid of Life, and connects into the energetic center of the planet and into the center of 7D Gaia’s grid system. The Albion body was originally designed to hold the higher self-mind of Sirius for the earth, which also holds (hides) the consciousness records of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. The Sirius Star System acts in its Universal principle as the higher mind functioning for the earth body. This Star System is the entry point for the Lodge of the Families of the Law of One, who are the record-keepers of the Krystal genetics and ambassadors that administer to the Laws of Creation.

The connection point to the Albion body in the United Kingdom is exactly in the center of the island, which allows access to the center of the 7D Gaian grid system and its umbilicus into the Cosmic Time Cycle. The East-West Axis of Aldebaran (Taurus) and Antares (Scorpio) function as a pair, and form the demarcation points of East and West positions in the Galactic Zodiac wheel. Aldebaran and Antares are the East–West alignments of the Four Royal Stars that open the Universal Gates into the Cosmic Time Cycle. Those East-West circuits can be accessed through Dragon Lines in the center of the United Kingdom, which connect into 7D Gaia. Aldebaran also connects into the consciousness archetypes of St. Michael as the defender of the Christ Logos, and the history recorded on the St. Michael lines in the United Kingdom. The Taurus Dragon Line transmission (mid May to mid June) relates to the impact of Aldebaran and the collective Michael consciousness upon the earth.[1]

Solar Dragon Lines

Solar Dragon Ouroboros

The return of the Emerald Order through the Rise of Arthur in Albion brings on the next stage activation during the Electrical Peak cycle for reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart in the Earth, which includes the Solar Anointing of the authentic Christ Michael to restore his rightful kingship and Solar Dragon Line. This holds profound meaning as the return of the Solar Rishi usher in the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar Kings to planet Earth, in which the Rishi awaken them from stasis so they may begin to embody in matter to activate their Solar Dragon Line.[2]


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