Ending the Death Culture

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This stage of planetary shifting signifies the end of the belief systems that formed into the anti-human Death Culture by systematically removing those alien hybrid bloodlines in power who have been enforcing human slavery and refuse to further adapt, evolve or change. This means that humanity must expand consciousness in order to accept the fundamental truth of the Law of One through the acceptance of the principles of Unity Consciousness, which begins through genuinely focusing upon and gathering resources that truly serve humanitarian objectives. Simply put, the Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One which acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spiritual consciousness energy that animates all things.

Thus, a significant part of what is required during this phase of global awakening is the necessity to align personal thoughts, beliefs and consciousness with the fundamental energetic principles of the ascending Earth, moving beyond the 3D Paradigm. This will require that each individual release an incredible amount of psycho-emotional energy that the three layers of ego have attached to the 3D way of life, including the belief systems of the 3D culture, by releasing the emotional attachments that have been connected to the beliefs formed around material possessions and the false histories that we have learned.

During the Dark Aeon, humanity has endured extensive levels of mind control to condition the collective consciousness to accept anti-human belief systems that formed into the death culture, which were designed by the invading races that wanted to enslave the planet. During this phase, we will be heavily tested against our personal belief systems and our cultural identity, in order for us to perceive that they are illusions that have been formed by non-physical energy attachments. Belief systems are made of our personal consciousness energy that have formed psycho-emotional attachments within the learned culture and social order that are believed to be the accurate nature of reality, thus they are considered to be real. Every culture has a way of life which has been formed on behalf of that societies organized belief systems, thus it includes a learned language, religion, rituals, art, dress, institutions and a set of moral codes.

Thus, those from different learned cultures will have vastly different meanings assigned to the belief systems that are connected to their specific ancestral memories and personal value systems, learned through their cultural system. What is considered important in your value system can have an entirely different meaning or even be nonexistent to someone else, that came from another culture. The belief systems that form into a specific learned culture only exist because the collective consciousness energy continues to support and accept them, as true and accurate beliefs within that particular culture.

Belief Systems and Cultural Energy Transference

Every individual human being transfers their consciousness energy to a given set of belief systems that have been formed from a learned part of their culture. Therefore, this means that each individual has assigned levels of significance and importance to those particular belief systems formed in the culture that they have been exposed to. Humanity has been groomed to accept the 3D controlled narratives being enforced by nonhuman entities, thus these negative beliefs have accumulated energetic distortions within the three levels of ego, with emphasis on dead energy blockages formed within the solar plexus area. Blockages in the consciousness layers are formed through negative energy transference and dark force manipulation, this means the individual is unaware of the damaging impacts that 3D beliefs and 3D attachments have upon the consciousness and lightbody functions. Cords and energy attachments form in the consciousness layers and physical body which are generated from the negative ego belief systems that have been groomed by any particular 3D culture, which has an assortment of anti-human or anti-soul belief systems.

Individuals are often manipulated by dark forces in the reality in order to constantly feed their consciousness energy into the controlled narrative 3D belief systems, which are the mind control programs running in the collective consciousness. The sum total of the collective consciousness energy that is being manipulated to power up those 3D belief systems is what keeps it active and working within that culture. When people refuse to assign importance or significance to a particular belief system, they withdraw their consciousness energy from the social conditions that feed into that particular belief system, then the belief system begins to wither and die out in that culture. The more that humanity begins to detach their consciousness energy from supporting harmful or negative belief systems, the less that belief system will remain rooted in that culture.

The 3D world structures hold a lower vibration that is energetically associated with the preoccupation and quest for all experiences related to maintaining power and control over others, including the perpetuation of consciousness enslavement. Assorted methods of Mind Control have been used against humanity to manipulate the Collective Consciousness towards Service to Self orientation, by driving unconscious desires and consciousness energy towards maintaining the 3D Death Culture and through implanting negative beliefs, emotions, and attitudes in order to form physical attachments. The Solar Plexus is the conscious mind, and so the personality ego’s unresolved fears and negative beliefs will form corded attachments to material things, as well as form into energy blockages within the Lightbody. These energy blockages and egoic 3D attachments are used to manipulate the individual’s shadow body and energy signature, so the uncleared negative ego parts along with attachments formed to 3D belief systems continue to manipulate our outer perceptions through subconscious blind spots and ego defense mechanisms.

The ego personality is preoccupied with selfishness and making decisions for personal gain, with the 3D belief system that money, status or self-interests are the main priority in life, while disregarding the genuine social and ethical concerns for the welfare of others. The 3D personality ego is the survival consciousness energy stream of humanity that has invested in the belief systems perpetuated by the 3D Controller structures that have formed into energetic exchanges of physical attachments. These attachments formed by 3D beliefs keep the consciousness and lightbody bound and enmeshed with an assortment of material and physical things, which hold significance or symbolism for that individual, such as the meaning of one’s personal security or warding off perceived threats. Attachments are energy cords that are vibrational in nature, and in order to awaken beyond the 3D reality each person must free themselves from these strong emotional attachments, which bind and block access from experiencing higher spiritual consciousness.

Attachments and bindings are generally formed from previous uncleared trauma or fear, which generally forms a strong energetic resistance to change or a refusal to adapt to a new lifestyle or thought process. The negative ego entraps the emotional body with the sensation that the individual cannot survive in the world without conditional attachments to those things that are found in the 3D landscape, material or otherwise, which ultimately stunt emotional and spiritual growth. During the spiritual ascension and awakening growth phases, every individual will be pushed to transform beyond attachments and fear-based belief systems, to remove and clear the attachments formed that keep that person bound to the 3D timelines and its low frequency lifestyle.

Thus, all Controller Pillars of Society that are pre-occupied with 3D egoic concepts of power and control over others driven by Materialism, domination and greed, will begin to dismantle throughout the societal systems and cease to exist in the same way. It is helpful to prepare yourself now to know what it means to examine belief systems and clear out energy attachments to the 3D reality, as this preparation will make the transition to the Disclosure timeline much easier to handle.[1]


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