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Hieros Gamos System

The HGS system is designed as a roadmap to reclaim the Christos Body (The Risen Christ through Sacred Marriage with the Trinity or Hieros Gamos) through the removal of artificial machinery, dead, inorganic, refracted light holograms that have been used to enslave and torment the human race for thousands of years. This is entirely possible however most of us will need mental discipline, the reeducation to remember our original language and a context to apply frequency alterations with the Krystal Star or Christ Consciousness intent.

Hieros Gamos is defined as the unification between the inner masculine and feminine polarity or the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with their Divinity (the Inner Spirit). The Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a Guardian Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered in the ES community for the first time to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment to reclaim their Krystic identity. To reclaim the Christos body is by means of developing the inner spiritual foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and to claim Personal Sovereignty and responsibility over the direction of one’s personal energies. The same principles apply when dedicating HGS sessions to heal the planet, in order to help reclaim the planetary body and collective race consciousness through setting intention for gridwork sessions.

The Guardian spiritual healing template, the AoA Hieros Gamos System and its network, is the response to support personal human freedom and energetic empowerment through embodying the “Return to Balance” via the Hieros Gamos Alchemy based upon the Law of One principles. It is suggested to become familiar with the Law of One practices and the ES community classwork to align your core self to represent the core values of Unity consciousness. The HGS system will be rendered ineffective by those attempting its use its technology as perceived through lower mental body intelligences, such as 1D 2D unconscious mind and 3D personal mental body will or Spiritual Ego. For those new to the process of identifying and clearing negative ego, it is greatly suggested Negative Ego clearing be ardently applied to self-discipline one’s mental body judgements, clear fear programs and emotional conflicts before any attempt is made to utilize this system. The HGS responds to consciousness intelligence principles aligned to the Law of One, and to Unity intelligence, and to the spiritually uninitiated, this system will prove to appear flat, one dimensional words that are misunderstood and useless from that point of personality perception.

It is suggested as a new user to begin the 12D Shield process, to apply the ES Core Triad Practices in daily life to discipline and clear the mental body from fear programming and Negative Ego] thoughtforms. A basic skill set of the Three Step practice and following the mental body discipline daily guidelines are the first required step of the HGS Calibration process. The ES Core practices ultimately are designed to connect one to their inner spiritual core.


March 2013 Newsletter

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