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The Christos individual Morphogenetic Field has been multiplying templates from our own DNA genetic material to help host rehabilitation and repair programs. Christos genetic material and memory is held in our personal Blueprints (i.e. morphogenetic fields) and is being utilized for larger use as the creational templates for other life forms, such as on other planets. Some of these templates we are working to design involve greater divergence in allowing less evolved life forms (fragments of consciousness or those damaged genetically) to use these body templates to manifest into forms they can evolve rapidly into. This is a feature of the polarity integrator Indigos, such as the Indigo 3 Contract's many times were/are working on new matrices and templates that can be used for Host Matrix Transplant for a digressed race with damaged genetics.

The digressed races then may hold the greater levels of frequency needed to activate certain DNA, so they too can attach to the higher reality fields and ascend beyond third dimensional consciousness. This process is being called a "Host Matrix Transplant" or Template Replication. This term refers to getting those that need to be imprinted with certain genetic material (that they are missing or that have been damaged) to have the ability to biologically ascend or move to another time continuum. This allows them to be exposed to extremely high frequencies and passage through dimensional portals without being damaged or short circuited.

There are also constructs of new matrices that are being put into place for new layers of planetary grid work. These new matrices will contain original patterns of perfection that are devoid of all cellular memory of the past transgressions of human suffering or imbalance. As we reach a critical mass as a group on this planet, Christos light workers may become confident in the safety of their environment and with a new ability to speak their truth. This is a large part as to why we now have the ability to access and anchor these new morphogenetic fields that are being created.[1]



Referred to in HGS Manual as: Replace Organic Matrix (Page 57) and Host Matrix Repair (Page 49).

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