Land of Canaan

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Land of Canaan [1]

Canaan is considered to be the coast and interior of the eastern Mediterranean, the Canaanites were a people lived in what is now Lebanon and Israel, and parts of Syria and Jordan. According to the Bible, the ancient Canaanites, were idol worshipers who practiced human sacrifice and engaged in deviant sexual activity. They reportedly conducted human sacrifices in which children were immolated in front of their parents on stone altars, known as Tophets, dedicated to the mysterious dark god Moloch. [2]

As the planetary consciousness is ending an evolutionary Root Race cycle, many of the issues of humanity are being repeated or being surfaced as schisms at this time from our past cycles of history in war. This currently brings up the ancient conflicts in the Land of Canaan. These patterns repeat because humanity is in amnesia of the past historical events and have forgotten who they really are as spiritual-energetic beings. As a result, many of these historical destructive patterns and wars happen, again and again, without being noticed as repeating patterns by the masses. As an example, the covert levels of the Israeli-USA based conflict involvement in the Middle East is heightened again at this time. The Melchizedek lines influenced by the World Zionists attempt to jockey for position on power and dominion, in the middle of the negative alien manipulation and mind control. Because of the nature of the history of extraterrestrial hybridization and hosting of DNA rehabilitation in this last root race cycle, the Melchizedek genetics that were exploited by those Zionists are still pushing their Armageddon Agenda. This creates a type of civil war happening in our midst that the masses are unable to see, as these greedy Power Elite try to manipulate for their next move. While we are busy with consumer based holidays and family obligations, the power elite cook up their next "don't look here, look over there" military move.

Melchizedek Priest-King

The Melchizedek Priest-King lines, including the House of David/Solomon have been manipulated by the negative alien influences to distort the planetary religious system, enforce crucifixion implants and planetary enslavement through the greed of those men corrupted on the earth. The higher dimensional Melchizedek’s are working to repair timelines and the mental bodies that suffered the memory damage propagated from the holocaust histories and the many crusades of wars waged over the False Father Alien God. Re-patterning and rehabilitation of Melchizedek and Hibiru Tribes consciousness and its collective architecture is required to restore the correct alignments to the shifting magnetics and planetary grid. The Melchizedek’s collective mental body also had memories of electron distortion damage that split and reversed the collective monad bodies, many which are impaled on the Iran-Iraq gate. The NAA wants to keep that control in the Middle East as the wars over God propaganda maintain divide and conquer strategy on the earth.

This time requires deeper inventories of the Middle East grid and its relationship to the Patriarchal Dominated Melchizedek lineages through the multiple recorded histories of memory imbeds that are based on war and enemy patterning. As each human being has a “life review”, the same process happens at a macrocosm levels, with the root races and the specific genetic arrangement of the twelve tribes. Currently the focus has been on the Melchizedek Priest-King lines, Hibiru Tribes that are related to those human males and their bloodlines that wrote the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible. What has happened to the histories of the Canaanites? Canaan was, during the late 2nd millennium BC, a region in the Ancient Near East, which as described in the Bible roughly corresponds to the Levant. This is modern day Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, the western part of Jordan and southwestern Syria. Canaan is used commonly in the Hebrew Bible, with particular definition in references Genesis 10 and Numbers 34, where the "Land of Canaan" extends from Lebanon southward to the "Brook of Egypt" and eastward to the Jordan River Valley. References to Canaan in the Bible are usually backward looking, referring to a region that had become something else (e.g. the Land of Israel), and references to Canaanites commonly describe them as a people who had been annihilated.

False King of Tyranny

This is a sequence of the review and rehabilitation of the masculine principled bodies that have been genetically compromised and the Fallen Angelic hierarchies used through the activities promoted of the False King of Tyranny on the earth. This resulted in the decimation of the original bloodlines in these areas (Canaan) through intentional genocide. The monadic exploitation of the fallen Melchizedek’s has specific issues related to electron distortion, and mental body damage from severe holocaust trauma and war experiences. The Melchizedek’s were the genetic hosting race of the earth’s ascension cycle for the previous 35,000 years and this area of invasion was a key area where these bloodlines were either annihilated or controlled. The Melchizedek tour of duty with earth in this capacity has ended and some of these imposter groups power is waning as their access to grids is gone and coming to completion.

As a result of the changing of the guard and the institution of genetic healing for the histories involving the Melchizedek and Hibiru lines in Canaan, many of us may experience the individual effects of this clearing and shift with an emphasis on the Hebrew Bible and Mystical Judaism. Because the Melchizedek line suffered electron distortions which manifested the False King of Tyranny archetypes through the root Mind Control history of Patriarchal Domination and NAA invasion, this in effect is another level of planetary masculine body reconstruction. For some of us, it will be experienced as an increase of harmony in our personal body with the male principle that will feel very positive. However, if we are overly attached to something leaving, when we realize that it is not what it appears to be, it can be painful. Many times planetary shifts such as these bring the truth in the hidden circumstance to the surface awareness. This is why learning greater acceptance and forgiveness is so critical for all of us now. We may feel a sense of grieving personal and planetary losses.

Many different levels of delusions or belief systems are slowly being shattered as many beings begin to realize that their reality is not what they thought it is and not what they have been told. This is happening on the earth and many other co-existing realities, simultaneously. There are many other advanced civilizations in simultaneous time that are based on higher mind concepts and not based on higher unity consciousness existing as the Cosmic Sovereign Law. These extradimensional civilizations, including humanity, do not take into account the power of divine consciousness that selflessly exists within the field of pure love, but is not of a hive mind mentality. The exploration and struggle continues to know conceptually what the vastness of God Source is from the mind, while those that embody pure love are capable to experience the source of Love directly. This is the self-realization and spiritual exploration that is being grasped throughout many different dimensional spectrums of existence at this time. The meek shall inherit the earth through the heart of God and the pathway is to Love thy Mother.

Cosmic Rage

When we realize that something we held sacred as a belief system is an illusion or deception, or that we have been purposely manipulated and deceived through mind control, the vast Cosmic Rage is released. Cosmic Rage is the result of the many histories of fragmentation of which our Eternal Spirit fragmented into the pieces of the Immortal Spirit. As with each fragmentation into density we plunged, we experienced deeper and deeper schisms of separation from the Eternal God Source. This consecutively deeper fragmentation and separation from our Eternal Spirit was traumatizing to the collective Monadic and Soul Bodies. As we lost our Eternal source memory some learned immortality was possible by trapping others, then consuming their collective spiritual light source. This is the plight of humanity on this planet.

It is mistaken to believe that Immortality achieved through enslaving others (in order to consume their light source), is in equal partnership with the Eternal Sovereign Light of the God Source. This is the manifestation of False Immortal Gods in our Universal system, those that genetically modify and control others to serve them as slaves. This is a part of the forced reincarnation and false ascension grids used to enslave and trap souls for many cycles in the astral planes, to feed others in higher dimensions to keep their rank as an immortal spirit. And as a False God. This universe has been playing a game of False Gods, imposing roles of master and slave. As this Universal Game comes to an end, and this game is revealed, the Cosmic Rage is released throughout many, many dimensions of existence.

This Cosmic Rage can be sympathetically felt in one’s body, and is especially heightened if there is unresolved anger in your body. As this ripples through the planetary fields, it can be experienced as, feeling trapped, suffocating, wanting to flee, getting out of here, death thoughts and feeling angry and irritable. [3]


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