Lunar Distortion on Female Hormones, Glands and Consciousness,

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Themes: Magnetic changes shifting lunar distortion on female hormones glands and consciousness, chaotic nodes being misaligned between dimensions, new Merkaba structures, solar feminine in divine union templating, seeing two suns merging as doorway to liquid light, lunar feminine and solar masculine could not merge, seeing new Merkaba allows orb bodies sliding and Transfiguration, the Holy Grail of travel, why the reptilians are abducting and trying to crack the code in order to gain access to this.

Opening: So we are memorializing our session here today. Beloved God please open all channels of light. Again as we consecrate and dedicate our space our session and our container to the purposes of God, we ask that our beloved families of light our God-Self and those that defend the truth, sovereignty and liberation, our Guarding families that serve the one. Beloveds we ask here and now for our being individual and collective, that our template our aura our consciousness be updated and renewed to be perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. We ask for gatekeeping to strengthen and hold our mutual highest God purpose as well as our spiritual missions and our influences within the planet, our families and in our communities, to be in the highest service to the one light source the living light code. We intend to be unified we intend the cosmic Christ principle as a manifested reality here and now. As we open the handshake within our own hub to fortify spiritual links and communication links all the way into the cosmic triad and into the trans-harmonic gate of the cosmic heart of Mother herself. We ask with deep reverence for all life beloved Mother, please breathe the living light into all created form. We set our intention to be that which we are fully, completely and totally, embodied and manifested now. As we state our mutual purpose in oneness please resurrect all levels of our being to the organic pattern the organic living light of God now. And to that we say Beloveds thank you, thank you, thank you.

As we command our space in the return to rightful ownership and the Cosmic Sovereign Law in Oneness, we ask that all direct clarity and that which is needed in order of priority to assist and support our embodiment our presence and that which is our stewardship of divine light on this planet. Beloved God Beloved guides, again we open our container and ask that our communication link be strengthened into all awareness that is needed and necessary now. Thank you.

So the first thing I'm looking at is a change in a Merkabic structure. In looking at the Merkabic structure I'm seeing the directions and this is the male-female energy. So I know that this has to do with the divine union templating so we're working with apparently the manifested the core template of a Merkabic structure. I'm looking at the structure itself as an architecture and I know that it is a sun body a solar body a crystal body. It is very much about the sun body. I'm seeing the solar body, Oh my God. This has to do with the solar feminine and the solar masculine.

Lunar Force manufacturing and reversing Female Principle

One of the issues that has come into our awareness recently is that we have understood principles of gender and the various levels of their distortion through the fields. And one of the levels of distortion that we have been seeing and those that are working with this particular part of the process is that the feminine energy had been captured in lunar forces. When we come down into the splits of polarity and understanding that all of creation was based upon that mechanic, there is nothing wrong with the polarization of forces because the male and female inherently are that. But that some of the damage that has been propagated on this planet has been related to a use of the lunar forces manipulating, redirecting or using feminine principle. Understanding that feminine principle has been for lack of a better word, a false principle. So the feminine principle of energies as it is being manufactured, and that's what I feel like saying, it's not organic it's a manufactured feminine energy.

The Moon as a stellar body we're coming to understand that since June there is a shift in the magnetic field, which is changing relationships of these particular forces and how they come together. So the relationship of planet Earth in terms of its nodes, meaning that there are these nodes that work with the movement of energetic fields, which are the core structure of time. There are these things that are called Clock Shield Templates and they work in the horizontal field. There are these nodes that when they are spinning in a certain ratio or within the interaction of energies, these nodes create a certain relationship of the planet Earth's body with the sun and with the moon. I'm looking at a Trinity and I'm seeing again the three principles, in this case being the Earth the sun and the moon. I'm seeing that principle is the Trinity and everything that is manifested in a form has to have a basis of architecture in this trinity of forces.

Magnetic Compression

It's a funny thing to say but it's like something was jimmy rigged together. There is this really sophisticated level of creation and mechanics, and then in utter amazement looking at the poor quality where someone has been messing with the Blueprint, from such a sophisticated knowledge. You have this type of being that is extremely advanced with what would appear to be a sophisticated knowledge in Ascension mechanics, understanding creational fields and how to project realities and actually create artificial holograms. It takes a lot of intelligence to do that and then at the same time without knowledge they've done some shoddy things that are very poorly built, like bad engineering. And you are almost surprised when you look at it and that's how I feel now. I'm looking at a level of how lunar forces were manipulated in the magnetic field of the planet's body. It's being controlled from the moon so the magnetic forces the magnetic part of planet Earth and some of what feels to be the condensation of matter through magnetic forces, because magnetism is what gives us the condensation of particles that create form.

So when something is in a form and it appears solid even though it's not, it is a magnetic compression that is created with the magnetics or the magnetic force, that compress the particles into a mass. It starts to become, energy becomes mass through the magnetic field or something. So that has been manipulated inorganically, the organic magnetic field of planet Earth, and we understand the magnetosphere is a part of the logos of the planet Earth, we know that she's been invaded. And this makes more sense too, that magnetics, magnetic field, and the magnetosphere of planet Earth have been manipulated in different ways. We have to understand this impacts the Merkabic field when were creating the architecture for the Merkaba, which is counter rotating spinning fields. Depending on the ratio of spin also move something, whatever that thing is, because humans have Merkabas and planet bodies have Merkabas. Everything has a Merkabic body at a certain stage of its light body aura development. That Merkaba is your inter-dimensional travel vehicle it lets you go to different frequencies lets you move in and out of different dimensions and timelines. And that's a part of understanding the Christ body, the crystal body consciousness, the capability of that consciousness and what we are attempting to bring as a potential and keep that architecture alive on this planet for these purposes.

Lunar and Solar Nodes

So when the lunar nodes and solar nodes were adjusted, in very minute degrees but were adjusted nonetheless, it created a change in the magnetic field. This is also part of what's creating what's known as chaotic nodes, meaning that these nodes that used to be in alignment with other nodes in other fields are now not in alignment. And the gap between those two nodes is creating what's known as the chaotic node, because that node is now not in alignment to the node above it. I'm seeing it very similar to understanding the architecture of a skyscraper. If you are looking at time fields and these time fields represent other dimensional spaces in time. Let's say we're talking about a future time and that particular space and existence, a dimensional plane of existence and dimensional space is being governed. There are entities and there are beings and there is consciousness and things living in that space. There are these structures within the morphogenetic field of the core template of that dimension, meaning the instruction set the mechanics of creation. Looking at the mechanics of what is projecting that field at that rate of speed and at that time and space, and these nodes are directly responsible for that.

So it's like saying a node from a higher dimension in another space timeline that used to be connected to one of our nodes down here, which is responsible for this timeline is no longer aligned. And that lack of alignment, it's interesting I'm looking at realities almost stacked on top of each other, even though that's not an the accurate way to describe it from the physics perspective. Because it's all actually existing in the same space at once, but when these nodes are not lined up and the chaotic nodes start, I'm seeing like lightning come out. The energetic force is not being circuited in the same way and when the node is moved, it's now out of alignment.

And now I'm seen sparking and I'm seeing lightning coming out of the nodes, and it creates a sound field that emanates all the way down here to disrupt the magnetic field. So we're seeing planetary chaos from these chaotic nodes not being in the same place that they were previous. And even when you change it to this the smallest degree, the conduit of whatever was holding that particular frequency bridge, energetic bridge electrical bridge electro magnetic bridge, is not there in the same way. So you get sparking off and energies that are moving not in that circuit. And that's happening and at the same time I'm noting that it's something that is inevitable and a part of the process. That we can't stop it meaning that a part of what is happening when the nodes are not aligned like this is that these dimensions are bleeding through ours because everything is coming into a simultaneous time.

The chaotic node and the energy not being conduited it starts to dissolve the membrane that was there that was separating us from that particular timeline. Which we understand is a part of the ascension process even though its chaotic and difficult it's the necessity of what has to happen. Now additionally with the understanding of this happening at the planetary body level, this has changed the lunar and the solar nodes and how these nodes of lunar forces and solar forces interact with these nodes. Because they're adjusting in a certain degree, it's changing the spiral of how those energies in polarity were merging with each other. So in the old model of the manipulated energy we have feminine represented in its principle of lunar force, and we have masculine represented in solar force. And that process of creation and the manifestation into physical matter necessitates this in order to have a creation. Meaning that there's got to be these principles interacting with each other to some degree to project a manifest body, otherwise without the condensation of compression of particles you don't have any physical mass. So it's like we would be conscious but we wouldn't be in forms.

So what we're speaking of is the process through which things come into form manifest. And as we know that is a part of our job, is how to draw this into the physical tangible structure of physical matter. And that there is a certain threshold of dimensional vibration, when we start to bring blueprints and architecture and code and instruction sets into a certain level of dimensionalization. As it descends into the physical matter it's got to come into some kind imprint with the physical substance. Understanding that everything that is in form also has a physical substance, the magnetic field interacts with the physical substance in order to create a condensation. Without this field the particles fly apart and there is no form content, it's like your everywhere. So this is what keeps it condensed magnetized into a compressed form of some state.

Now because of the lunar manipulation what we have on planet Earth is an over compression in the magnetic field. So we need the compression of magnetics in order to have form. What the manipulation did was compact the molecules into a form of compression where no light could exist. In a form that isn't as compressed as we are on this level of density of planet Earth, the compression rate is responsible for how much light, which is consciousness, and how much life force can actually be in the form content. And the reptilian manipulation with the moon and using the moon as an artificial satellite and craft, using lunar forces and monitoring lunar forces for their benefit. This is based upon magnetic field use because they use a magnetic field for the compression of objects. Meaning that bringing in a certain instruction set so that things become physicalized in the compressed way that they want it. Also understanding that the holograms, the false holograms that they have built to project certain realities and project certain software, such as the Armageddon software, have been controlled by the magnetic compression.

So when the magnetic compression ceases to exist at the same level where the lunar forces have been controlled to manage the operation of that, you have mass bedlam. The chaos that is instigated into the planets field and into the beings on this planet because of the changes that creates, specifically within the mind. So we're coming to understand that the mind principal and the male principle are hand-in-hand, they are the same things. So what's happening now, even though this is long-winded, is the understanding this change in the lunar and the solar force and the nodes of time that are controlled by them. Because what this did is it changed the nature of the time field, it changed the nature of the frequency field and it changed the nature of the magnetic field. At the same time incredible chaos is being created from this excess or unharnessed magnetic energy.

Because this electromagnetic energy is like lightning rods coming out of these nodes and that energy has a ripple effect. I see that electrical split is happening where that conduit is being dismantled. I'm also understanding a part of that conduit was false. Meaning that these were structures that were made that were interfered with, that were made artificial in order to control these forces. So with the lunar force and the lunar node, and the solar force and solar node being adjusted on the planet, it changed and is in the process of changing the direction of the principle of those energies in how those forces interact with each other. And this is of course directly related to the masculine and feminine principle and how those principles can come into a corrected or healed pattern of union, based upon the departure of the false or inorganic lunar forces being represented as the female principle.

So what I'm understanding is that the movement of spiral fields that were being generated in the Merkaba that we had. So it's like saying we have a Merkabic structure that we're building and is something that we tend to embody first, meaning as prototypers we embody that particular Merkabic architecture. And we attempt to try it out and we utilize that architecture. So it seems like understanding that's what you and your twin do, from your respective positions, is utilize Merkabic architecture. The Merkabic architecture is what allows the directional movement, meaning that if he can come down here, if you can go up there, it's dependent on the Merkabic structure. It's dependent on the direction of the spiral and the movement in either direction, because it is the Merkabic structure that is the vehicle. That literally is the vehicle of the consciousness that is attached to it.

Ascension Vehicle Prototyping

So we have a Merkabic structure that is planetary and we have individual Merkabic structures. A lot of us in this ascension prototyping, like yourself, are prototyping the ascension Mekabic structure, the Ascension vehicle. Because it is the Ascension vehicle at an individual level that releases you and therefore humanity, and whomever else is working with this. Because as we know once we bring it into physical we give it to the planet.

But that ascension vehicle then can be utilized on an individual basis, meaning your Monad can use a monadic Merkabic vehicle for inter-dimensional travel, movement to and fro. And that becomes something that is not only about the freedom, because what we are attempting to build here in the physical is the conscious exiting. Meaning that you can be in this form and you can de-manifest yourself into an orb, project yourself in your Merkaba and inter-dimensionally travel, without death without destroying the physical being you are. Right now this is not possible for those reasons. Meaning that Merkabic transmutation as it was originally intended, the organic Merkaba has been interfered with through all of the manipulations and inorganic forces.

So even if we have partially built Merkabas we're able to, in our consciousness project and travel, but what we're actually talking about is the form. We're talking about the desire and the body of work to manifest the Christ blueprint in its silicate matrix DNA potential, which is Transfiguration. Which is actually the ability for the physical, you're in a physical body like we are now, but we can transmute it at will, God's will at this level. But we're able to consciously exit and go wherever once we have that Merkabic vehicle, I think secured or operational or able to work.

Vibration Oscillation Ratio

What I'm understanding is that if the blueprint and architecture are able to be harmoniously symbiotically in sympathetic resonance to this dimension, in this vibration oscillation ratio meaning that the level of density of physical matter and how the particles are here. Once we get that, I can't really say operational as it's sympathetic, meaning that there's a point of connection. It can be connected and then it can be tangibly manifested. Then it allows this resurrection, transfiguration orb structure which is a part of the Merkabic spiral, which allows inter-dimensional travel in and out. And now I'm understanding this other level of the rod and staff and the divine union coupling having to do with this. This is about inter-dimensional travel, this is about conscious exiting, this is about being able to take the physical particles anywhere. Because I'm seeing that it almost doesn't matter what the body looks like or is doing in the physical at the time. Like say right now we're doing this and we can't really fathom how this could be potentially possible. But at the same time understanding that this is bringing the template into the physical and making it harmonically compatible with the physical body structure we're in. Meaning that you and I we're on the ascension path but we are still in a body, we're in the body we were born into in 3-D, and that physical body has all of the memory still of that structure in it.

So if this body we are in is able to tangibly manifest or embody this architectural structure, we bring the Transfiguration, Translocation and the freedom of that Merkabic movement. The Merkaba also represents divine union, but at another level it represents inter-dimensional travel. It's the freedom to move in and out of other dimensions and to be anywhere at any time. So this is another way of comprehending the difficulty of the twin energy coming into the physical, because there is no compatible inter-dimensional vehicle at that level that doesn't create some kind of harm, to the form in some way how ever form can be defined. Because obviously his form having passed the body, and your form are not in the same kind of form manifest, but it is a form. So there is some kind of form that has content of consciousness and in every dimension that form has a different law. Meaning whatever form you are inhabiting whether it's a monadic body or soul body or in the physical down here, there's a certain kind of physics that governs that form.

Orb Slider Body

What they're trying to do or what we're trying to do, is to align all of the forms into one streamlined portal. The physical body has a portal through a Merkabic structure that spins. The Merkaba spins in perfect balance of it's masculine and feminine energies and it creates an opening. That opening is like a slide, it slides you in and out, I see it slides you in and out. It's like a circle and in the center of the circle just like our universe, there is a like a spinning black-hole. And that black-hole actually has a structure that looks like a slide and I see you slide, you can slide in and out. And that slide is when you become an orb, you slide into an orb body. And it's like your whole content of form has just now gone into the projected... I don't want to say reversal of itself. Because it's not a negative reversal, I don't know how to describe it. But it's like it's on the other side of its form manifestation.

It's like all of the particles go into the center of the spinning black-hole and into the slide, and those particles represent your physical body. It's the particle mass that is able to transform itself and the transformation is dependent on the magnetic compression of it. Meaning that how the magnetic field works with the other forces or the level of compression of the substance into matter. Because there's something about when the particles are particles, then there is an alchemical process when the particles turned into a substance. And that substance is our body it is our elemental body. So the elemental portion of the body whatever the elemental portion is in relationship to the particles, which I don't understand the physics of this enough to really speak about. But there is some level when it becomes mass and that mass is shifting, and it's going in a spin counterclockwise into the center of this. It's so weird it's like the body is there and the body collapses from particle mass, or collapses from an elemental mass of substance.

It comes into the particle mass and then goes into the particle waveform. And then in that state it's like the whole... it's like if I see the physical body the physical form, a human being like you and I standing there, the physical form collapses into the center. It's literally like seeing the body the form of the body start to reconstitute itself into the heart, like in the center of the heart almost in the still point area. And that's where the black hole is. It comes into that area, the body collapses itself from substance, into particle into light, it goes into the core of you. And then the core of you becomes an orb, it's like you're a spinning orb now. And in the spinning orb is a slide, because you're now in the spin of like a black-hole, that comes in and out of dimensions. And in and out of dimensions is something that looks like a slide, it's something that you slide in. And it's like your movement is almost sliding in and out.

And as I'm doing this and I'm looking at this, I think we've done this before somewhere else. Meaning this is probably what we were, wherever we were before we were here. Because I can see the freedom in this, you are in a form and you are yourself whatever that self is. And you can literally collapse yourself, your form into a ball in the center of you, it all collapses into the center and you are all there. But you're not in form like you just were, you are all in this ball and in this orb. And in the center of the orb, it's still spinning and there's your access point. The spinning black-hole in the center is where you direct yourself, and it's all in your consciousness.

It's natural like you go here and it almost looks like a monorail or something. It's like a slide and it takes you where your consciousness puts you, or where you want to go. And it's apparently in the higher realms with proper Merkabic bodies and orb bodies that we were moving around and we were able to do that. What I'm understanding is down here on planet Earth we don't have that capability manifested here yet, but apparently were working on that. And upstairs or in the various other realms monadic and above we are dealing with, I see like some beings that can do this and some people that can't do this. Meaning that there is also variation of Merkabic damage, saying there is damage that exists even beyond this plane.

Rod and Staff

So I'm understanding that there is something now being exercised in our process with the architecture building of not only Rod and Staff unions and this process within the core manifestation bodies, but the understanding that the male and female union energetically at the physics level at every level. Which also includes our physical relationships and what we experience in the masculine and feminine at every single level, is dependent on this, is interdependent with this in some way. So what I'm understanding now is that the divine unions, these spiritual marriages in no time have come together to build Merkabas also. And the Merkabas that we are building are to address a series of issues it's not just one thing.

I'm also seeing for some reason, because the basis of our planet the basis of creation is always in trinities that everything is also in Trinity's. Meaning that right now the Merkabic structure that we are building with our spiritual marriage in no time or twin energies, there are projects that come in trinities based upon these unions. Meaning that there are different means that define the union and these are also being built in Trinities. There is something important about the Trinity basis of all things being created. So I'm seeing that there are Trinity fields coming off the rod and staff unions, meaning that there are some of us working on this kind of divine union, there are some of this working on this kind of divine union and there are some of us working on this kind of divine union. And each one of these unions in their particular niche has a larger purpose with the planet's body and beyond. Meaning what we're doing is we're healing these structures.

So the complexity of this is, again forgive me it's just so hard to bring words to. And that is that the lunar force change in June, the lunar solar force change in June, has given us the time and the opportunity. Meaning that the opening in the time field and the change in the magnetic field, are also changing the magnetosphere but also magnetic compression in how the particles are compressed into their form content. Which again describes everything in form manifest how everything appears in form, it's got to be magnetically compressed. The magnetic compression, we have more leeway to deal with the magnetic compression.

Armageddon Software

Obviously we have to be careful because if there isn't enough magnetic compression particles fly apart. So the compression has to be maintained at a certain level. What the reptiles did is smash it down though, it's almost like a press like a like a garlic press or something. Where they took the form, they were messing with the magnetic field and mostly from their my control structures because there mind control structures, Armageddon Software all of the software that is artificially programmed into the planet's brain, is operational and maintained through the magnetic field. So when there are changes in the magnetic field it changes the mind control structures. And this gets them all in a tizzy because the structures don't operate at the same level or they have certain anomalies that cannot be tested. Like we don't really know what it's going to do.

We address them when we need to address them. Meaning that we become aware of a problem if it's going to create a massive distortion a cataclysmic or some kind of a problem within the surface of the earth crust, then its monitored and adjusted at a level that hopefully supports the planet. But at the same time we also have a lot of manipulation going on with the use of scalar fields to create the chaos. So a lot of the cataclysm earthquakes and things that are going on are definitely not organic to planet Earth. They are being used.

So with this window of time that is showing us that the magnetic compression rates are changing, it allows now a change. Understanding that the old field on this planet in its Trinitized form, was using female-lunar male-solar energy, and then saying the earth is the child of that. So now what's happening is the lunar nodes and the beings that have been of those chains, these are called the Moon Chain beings that have been either entities of consciousness or intelligence that have been holding these lunar nodes and lunar forces in place. Many of these entities and energies have been moved out into another space, meaning that their intermediary function of what they were holding in place has been, believe it or not, confiscated. It's not there anymore.

Because it's not there anymore it allows us now to move on to another level, which is understanding that the feminine solar is being built. So the principal of the lunar also seems to have something to do with the principle of shadow. When we understand what the lunar is, we also understand deep unconscious dark watery mass. We know that the reptilian force in its lack of light has capitalized and used dark forces for its control. And it feels like the lunar force was another level of understanding how dark forces were also used to skirt in on the lunar energies. It's been something that has been serving that group, the beings that are in that reality or whatever we want to call it. And it feels like there was purpose to that, but at the same time that purpose is coming to an end. And also the levels of destruction have to stop.

Female Body and Lunar Force Distortions

So the female energy was sort of tethered and tied to that lunar principal. And we have physical bodies with our menstrual cycles that are also tied into that moon-chain moon structure. This moon structure seems to be changing and those entanglements and architectural tracks that were feeding those lunar nodes and lines, seem to be being taken out of our female bodies. Because what's happening is the female body is now being released of the lunar principal, in order to embody the solar feminine. So the solar seems to be creating male and female equals. So the children of the sun returning through the principle of the light, the feminine and the masculine light, the sun, which is a part of the this solar consciousness and a part of the solar bodies. Because what's interesting about this is it seems like there is a merging of suns. Because at the same time we have understood that the sun that we see with our physical eyes is a phantom sun. So how did that phantom sun get there? The phantom sun had been stolen or usurped of its light code or a part of itself had been absconded. Because if we're understanding the female is merging with the solar and becoming a part of the solar feminine, I think this helps to understand the part of the feminine that has been taken from the earth. Meaning we've been thinking of the feminine as lunar, which has been a manufactured energy, to be in the place of true female energy.

Because those that manipulate this reality understand that nothing can be manifested without all principles present. So this is what is so bizarre about it, is you have these beings with extremely advanced intelligence that can manifest worlds, but they do it in this very jimmy rigged way. So the lunar artificial satellite was brought in here to take the place of the female energy. Because the planet would not be stable creation and could not move on, could not evolve cannot continue without it. Nothing can be in existence without these principles manifesting into some kind of form. So the moon was brought in to control the planet and to control the magnetic field, which is the female principle of the planet's brain, and to do various projects and things that I think we're just beginning to get a little tiny understanding of.

So the lunar force was utilized as an overlay of the feminine energy, the false sub-lunar force that has been manipulating the magnetic fields, whatever the change is in the nodes allows more space. And that space is in the rate of magnetic compression. So the lunar forces were responsible for part of the operation of compacting molecules and compressing magnetics. The compression of the magnetic rate was dependent on whatever their agenda is, which is of course mind control and control of the magnetic field, control of the planets brain, control of the human brain and so forth. So with the lunar force being shifted it feels like there is an opportunity like we're laying the groundwork for something that I can't even bring real words to, in terms of what this is.

It feels like this is the beginning of something, of understanding that the female feminine principle we were born into in these bodies, they have been coded into this third dimension and therefore under the control of lunar forces without our awareness. Meaning our body our menstrual cycle our biorhythms all of the metabolic structures that are hormonal have been suppressed by the moon. So these lunar nodes and these structures which are our physical person or our being here, has been falsely manipulated by or working under those metabolic changes.

Hormonal and Glandular Suppression from Lunar

Because the magnetic field is related to the hormonal suppression, meaning the suppression the pineal, suppression of the master gland suppression of hypothalamus. Each of these glands suppress hormones in the bloodstream that are required for our physical body to work in the way it's supposed to, which is the perception of subtle fields of energy and reading energy signatures. When our hormones and our glands are working as they are supposed to, we become conscious beings, because we are conscious beings. So we are seeing that the structure of suppressing our consciousness is also a physical suppression of the glandular system and the hormonal system. And that because of the female body with her reproductive organs and the additional levels of the hormonal overlay the moon has been very much a part of the suppression of these levels of the body becoming free.

So what we're understanding is that this is changing now, you and I are being released of constructs of lunar force manipulation or however these lunar energies had been suppressing our reproductive organs or sexual organs and our hormones. And it's at every level it's the reproductive to the pineal, to the thyroid put out for the heart to be able to beat at a certain biorhythm. So these hormonal changes are happening apparently gradually, but are also part of the change of the Merkaba structure we're building. We had to build a Merkaba structure, which allowed the male and female forces to co-mingle in a proper ratio on the planet Earth, which meant we were dealing with lunar forces. We were dealing with that aspect of feminine, when we hit up against that aspect of feminine we knew that there was a harness there. So we're understanding that the lunar forces are also a part of creating the harness, which is that Vesica Pisces harness, which creates the bi-wave, meaning you can't get to the Trinity field you can create that Trinity form. Because the masculine and feminine are banging up against each other and creating this abrasion of magnetic repulsion, instead of being sympathetic and harmonizing in male and female come together and harmonized into a balanced energy.

Solar Feminine Embodiment

So now we are moving into a solar Merkabic function and as women in the female principal working with the divine union templates, we are also now learning how to be the solar feminine. So the lunar force that controlled our bodies is now being superseded with solar force, which is coming from the Christ sun. Understanding that the Christ energy the crystal energy is a sun that sun is merging with the sun of the earth, the Phantom sun. The two suns together are being brought into some kind of male-female union and so the solar feminine solar masculine merge, and create the Trinity at the solar level. And this third field apparently is the God field, but I'm also feeling there is something that I'm not seeing there for whatever reason. Meaning that the solar feminine is merging with the solar masculine.

But I don't know what this means in terms of what is the lunar energy going to continue to do down here? Because it almost feels like at some point the moon can't be there, whatever that means. But right now the prototyping work and the architecture work that is being created for the new Merkaba structure is solar. What I'm seeing is that the spinning fields and ratios that have been tainted and overlaid with lunar force from the feminine principle, are now being re-encoded or redirected through a solar feminine templates. There was not a female Merkabic template structure that was solar. When people were going through consciousness down here, we we're looking to the moon and lunar forces. What we're understanding is that somehow this is shifting, the lunar force is shifting to solar and the solar union.

It almost seems that the lunar as the feminine and the sun as the masculine, is also responsible for why it has been so difficult to merge. I don't know how to say it, I guess because it's not organic? That it wasn't meant to be? I am not sure what it is. But when I feel the solar and lunar force represented in male and female, there's a part of the me that goes oh, that's why it has also been so incredibly impossible for the Tantric true heart-merge union to occur. There is something that is so opposing in terms of what the moon is and what the sun is, that makes it really difficult to merge those two. I'm not sure how to describe that, if bringing the moon in here was a total manipulation, or was a consciousness experiment gone awry or what happened there. But what it feels like to me is that we are at the end of the cycle, we are at the end of a dark age.

Dark Age is related to Moon

And that dark-age was put in place by the Moon. And the moon now is lessening or not having the same impact or power it had on our body as it did, because we are being outfitted with solar Merkabic structures. And our feminine energy is being united with the solar masculine and this seems to be part of our architectural work, our consciousness work, however this is happening. I can say that consciously working on the solar template, I cannot say that I have been consciously in my mind aware of that. What I have noticed is that the force of energy generated in the divine union is different in my experience with it now. That there is definitely something that is like liquid coming through, which I understand is a liquid light of the Crystal Aurora energy. And what I'm understanding is that it may be that the solar is the pathway to that, meaning that the lunar was in the way of that.

The solar alignment is what allows the liquid light to come. Like the lunar was almost like the frequency fence that prevented it from happening, at multiple levels, meaning that there is a frequency fence there being used to control the magnetic field. But we're also now understanding how the female was usurped by the lunar and how our hormones and our reproduction and our cycles and all of that was being controlled by something that was actually not organic to our Crystal body. So the sun seems to be organic to the Crystal body and that when these suns merge the liquid light is either created or facilitated. Because what we're trying to do is we don't want the lunar solar force in the spiral of our Merkaba, we want the liquid light in the spiral of our Merkaba and that is created from the solar feminine alignment.

So our bodies now are apparently going through big changes to facilitate this, to embodying this however this looks. I feel like I'm integrating something and waiting for instructions, but not sure what that is. So this at least is helpful in understanding the point in the process of the union, which seems to have been initiated into a new cycle since June. Meaning that got kicked off in June, because the planet's body adjusted through the lunar and solar nodes and some opportunity was given, where we could get to something we couldn't get to before and it has to do with a magnetic compression.

The magnetic compression is also what prevents the liquid light from embodying, you've got something so compressed, so dense there's no room. The deadlight is really compressed it's just hard as a rock. So I'm seeing this liquid light comes up against this vitrified rock and it can't. It's like we have to be open and there has to be more room, the magnetic part of us cannot be as compressed, the molecules can't be compacted like they were in order to be light filled. So this is allowing us to embody more light, it's allowing us to connect the liquid light of Christ. It's allowing us to merge apparently in the corrected pattern of the female energy, which also seems to have to do with the correction of the mental fields.

Sun is a Portal or Doorway

As the solar feminine comes into the merge of the solar masculine, we're understanding the solar masculine was also a part of understanding the phantom sun. We have this lunar force, which has been controlled magnetically we have the sun which is a part of the masculine force, which has been connected to dead light. So the solar feminine merging with the masculine, the portal opens with the liquid light and allows the phantom sun or something to be unified somehow through the merging of this. But more importantly the sun is the doorway the light the sun, this solar is the doorway to the liquid light. And the lunar influence had to be moved or changed, in order for this alignment to occur. And that feels like what is happening now in the physical embodiment and in the architectural level, however we are guided to interact with this work in our consciousness. The architecture of the spinning Merkaba fields of the male and female, because it is the orb bodies that are created from this.

We are apparently now with the solar feminine layer, able to move into the creation of orbs and the creation of the Merkabic system. Because the Merkabic spin and it's proper ratio turns you into an orb. The form of the body, like a body physically standing there, and it's like in a split-second the body form collapses right into the center of the heart. It's like the particles transform and collapse and are pulled like a vacuum like a black-hole into the center. But it's not a black-hole in a negative way, it's like an opening, it's actually the core of the universe, it's the core of the universe in us. It goes in and collapses into the core and it's like now you're fully conscious and you're in this orb. The closest thing I could describe honestly, it's very Harry Potter. The movement in between dimensions where you still have the sense of yourself and your body, but I'm seeing what it looks like in that dimension as you leave. A person in 3D that saw you do this would not see you there anymore. You'd be there and all of the sudden you're not there, but you are. But you are still there, you just have transmuted and projected your particles into the center of yourself, which when you're there is like a slide. And you literally follow it like a monorail with your consciousness, you're fully present your fully there. It's like nothing happened to you.

You're just able to be in your form in your physical and you're able to fold yourself up like this, and you go into this thing that looks almost like a monorail and it slides back and forth, and it's very easy to move around. You literally use your mind you use your consciousness where you want to go and your there. And the slide takes you there, you're on the slide thing and it's a very easy fluid movement. Like a super lubricated slide, it's very flowing very watery very easy very comfortable, it's really interesting. So that thing that I'm looking at apparently is the function, the ultimate function of the Merkaba, which is like understanding our wings. This is our inter-dimensional travel vessel and vehicle, it is our vessel and vehicle and it's biological.

So sometimes when we're looking at UFO ships, we're looking at a biological ship, so this is like understanding the same thing. This is a part of the biology it's not an artificial structure it's not a metal thing, it is a part of your consciousness where you can do this. And you are a biological vessel and it is your Merkaba body, your own personal car and that takes you where you want to go. You can move in and out of dimensional spaces and what we're looking at I think is the Holy Grail. This is what the negative aliens and all of these beings have been genetically looking for, because they don't understand I think how the system works. They want to understand how it works. A part of the invasion of planet Earth is understanding that the planet is like a portal into multiple dimensions of time all over the universe.

Earth is Heart of Universe

Because planet Earth is the heart of the universe, it is like the heart of this universe, this planet. So our heart can go anywhere when our heart is open, the earth is the same thing. In the core of the planet there are Stargates that take you all over the universe, this is why this planet is so coveted and wanted. Because if they can figure out how to get this planet to work at that level, their concept is that they will have access all over the universe very quickly. They know how to do wormholes and they know how to access certain things, but they still have travel and fuel and they have to do things. In the human realm it would be like you have to drive across the country instead of bi-locate yourself. If you could bi-locate yourself to the East Coast right now, that would be pretty nice in terms of efficiency and your ability to get places.

It's very interesting seeing this played out at all of the levels of the human plane. Because here we are where we have this ultimate potential and we're in a timeline where we're driving cars and wasting fuel and killing the planet all for oil. All for this thing that we have inside of us, that if we learn to do it we wouldn't need any of it. I am seeing that this is the Holy Grail. It is understanding that the reptilians and extraterrestrials that are negative, and are based upon the absence of consciousness and light and whatever, that is what the genetic splicing and genetics experimentation is about. They're trying to find the key for this, because if they get the genetic capacity in theory they're thinking they'll able to do it.

War Over God

And this is the whole bizarre power conflict, the war over God. You can't replicate organic creation. And they're looking at the code and they think they can, and that's what the whole thing is about. If they can suppress the planet and they can suppress human beings and they can abduct human beings and use them as genetic lab rats, maybe they're going to find a way to access the universe and sections that they can access. They have access to certain levels but they don't bi-locate, where they can just show up anywhere. Clearly I guess if you're a species that is war mongering, concerned with dominion and you want to take over the universe I guess you'd want that. So that's what this thing is.

What's really cool about it is once again I can see that is the strange conflict between entities that are still dealing with ego diseased mental bodies and consciousness. It's like saying there's no shortcut to consciousness, you either are it or you're not, you're either with God or not. I mean there is no pretending with the source light. It seems so obvious that it's strange to see this behavior in beings that understand advanced Merkaba mechanics, but they still haven't figured out that you can't replicate it. So they are just killing themselves trying, because they are hell-bent on maintaining whatever they want to maintain as a status quo of their own superior genetic material. What they think of themselves as being.

So this is very cool because what this is telling me is that the divine unions are a part of the project of creating the Merkaba that allows us to orb in and out of this place. Which we're understanding is what you and I are doing. I did not understand that, I understood the union and the opening of portals and stuff, but I never really saw the complexity until today. About this the sliding in and out, how the body turns into an orb and then slides in and out, from a spiraling center. Like I saw that visual today. (question...)

What's really interesting about this is it also gives us insight into like this core part of ourselves, like this core essence part of ourselves that has known that there's something missing or something that needs to be done about divine union. There's so much complexity to it, outside of wanting to be in a balanced conscious relationship, which is a desire of most people on this planet. Everybody wants to be loved and connected to a partner. It's just interesting to look at this core essence, like how incredible that is that the lower density has so distorted the true meaning of all of this. And what it means with the male and female and all of the processes that are possible.

This is very cool too, because I know that I have known for a long time since I was assigned that the divine union project, that there was something else. You're just knowing that you're not getting all the information, there's all this hush-hush kind of feeling like there are certain things that are not really known, and not ready yet. In understanding the bringing back of Union to the planet, is incredible in itself just seeing how much pain most people are in in their relationships. So this added little number is really, wow, but also I'm having that moment of clarity. Like okay I get it, because even in June when they first introduced the information about the lunar, there was this feeling like this it will make more sense later. Like okay well, why is this necessary to understand now? Like why now about the whole lunar thing?

Because whatever happened in June was the kickoff of some massive lunar eclipses, we had like a series of eclipses during that time. So understanding those eclipses were directly related to the to the changing nodes, and these node things, it looks like a clock. It's like if you look at a clock on the wall where the numbers are, I see nodes. Instead of a clock I see the nodes in a perfect circle, I don't know if this makes sense. There are maybe 12 nodes on the circle and the 12 nodes crisscross in energetic patterns to each other. And those nodes have to be operating, they are running some kind of sequence, they are running a sequence of energy. And that sequence of energy is responsible for time, meaning how the biology were in these physical beings here how we perceive what timeline were in. So it's a function in our body and it's like a larger function is connected to the planet and it's connected to us individually.

Because our sense of time is controlled by this. Like right now it is ____ at 1:44 pm, and there is a sense you and I are sharing a time and space right now. It is the nodes that control that through our perception of what time and space is. And then of course we see other people in a different time and space, we could see each other but it's very clear we're operating in a different time and space. So those nodes control that. So those nodes at a planetary level, something big happened with the eclipses that changed those nodes, and that was what spun off this change in the magnetic field. Then apparently leading us up into this information today. (question...)

It has something to do with the forms. There's a certain parameter that you have to work in and without it it's lost. We know as a universal truth, especially in understanding the mechanics at some point this will happen because it has to. Meaning the union with the male and female and at the monadic level, this merging has to happen. How and when is the big question, because it's about how much work is being put in too.

Closing: Well thank you sweetie. I want to again think our guardians and guides for their assistance and support with us here today. Again in bringing forth all that's needed and necessary in order of priority, to fully perform and participate with our mission and our God work. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Again as we seal the field, we seal the communication. Coming into presence fully and completely here and now, Beloved God, our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 2011]

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