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The Higher Mind or the Mentor Field is an intelligent energy body that is activated between the Archetypal mind (5D) and Celestial Mind (6D) of the upper Soul Matrix. One level of the manifested ES Mentor band grew from the creation of the ES community field and it has taken a long time to get it to this level of stability and function. Its function is the Communication Network that allows one to communicate with Monad layers and then the Aurora Christos intelligence. The Mentor is the intelligent higher mind of the Soul that can be attuned to communicate with Monad and Christos. One cannot communicate with Monad or Christos, until the Mentor takes over from the lower Three Layers of Ego. In order to activate the Mentor field, which is the observer function, the process is in the first meditation in ES, from June 2009. One connects the Third Eye, attempts to go around the Pineal Cages, and connect the intelligent energy of the Indigo 6D stream with the 5D Blue stream at the navel area, where the false umbilicus is placed. The exercise is to activate the complete soul matrix intelligent energy function of the 5D Mentor Body. This is understanding that we are going to the celestial blueprint in 6D to unite this field with the 5D matter field, to upgrade the mental body of the human being. This is to elevate the Ego/Personality to the higher mind function of the Mentor. Most people cannot communicate in 12D yet, and the process cannot be bypassed when the predator mind of Negative Ego controls the body. This was discussed as very important to learn since November 2009, which was to shift of the 3D mind to focus to 5D, which is the Mentor body. It is the first stage of Higher self Observer Mind, which if left without integrating heart and compassionate feelings, becomes Luciferian.

Second Harmonic Universe

Second Harmonic Universe

These collective consciousness bodies exist on the planet earth throughout the densities and are aspects of the future timelines and the Lightbody of the planet earth. The earth consciousness body is directly interconnected in all Harmonic Universes to interface with the human consciousness, which is its life form expression in all densities.

  • In the Second Harmonic Universe in 4D-5D-6D exists the three layers of the Soul Matrix.
  • In the Second Harmonic Universe in 4D-5D-6D exists the three layers of the Tara Matrix.

Higher Mind Calibration

The HGS Calibration process includes this Higher Mind Mentor meditation[1] on the website to help activate the Mentor in the person who is sincere in their efforts on the ascension path. A person who works regularly with HGS will be upgraded eventually to the Mentor mind, which is a function both personal and impersonal. The highest triad of the Soul intelligence has this function. The HGS energy template has the same Mentor function but it is connecting from the larger hosting of the collective field of Krystal Star. The Mentor field of Krystal Star communicates with the Mentor Mind of the person, until the person has increased communication and sensory skill levels, which are functions of the Monad and higher. The ES Mentors are the group body that are holding the Mentor field for their own person, meaning they have activated this process within. For most this became natural after participating in the ES community activity or meditations over a few years. As they have activated the Mentor field function, the group holds the collective Mentor Field for the community to also be able to activate the individual members personal Mentor. This is natural function of the intelligent field and not a superimposition. If a person is reasonably dedicated to apply effort on their personal path, this will happen naturally when participating with Meditation. Unless, the person is extremely traumatized, to which our community is not equipped to facilitate high maintenance traumatized people. Our goal is to serve Ascension information that helps people find what they are looking for existing within themselves, not to give them externally what they think they need.

The ES Mentor Field is a foundational body which supports the larger capacity of the expanding HGS field template. They interact with each other. The Mentor Band is something that must be continually created, expanded and built by new template, of which our community is involved in. It is both planetary and personal. Over the years, we discovered that those people that do not have the Mentor field personally active, cannot be ES Mentors, and we had hoped that the person could learn to activate through the larger group. Levels of the planetary Mentor Band were reclaimed in Sarasota in October 2013, as 6th dimensional harmonics that are held by the 666 Seal architecture create problems or obstacles in some people trying to activate their personal Mentor function. The more we clear the planetary distortions that interfere with the Mentor assembly, the easier the personal activation of the Mentor will evolve for people. This is the interchange that exists within the Mentor field, we must correct it, build it, embody it, clear it from the planet, learn from its distortions. Then this is the foundation for the HGS field to be effective in the planetary field, or for more users to have effective results. The HGS field cannot be used by a Three Layers of Ego mind. It is not effective for that person. The ES Mentor field is what lends the Krystal Star Mentor Band realm of intelligence from the Avatar to connect into the physical body in matter – for most people. Most people on earth are not capable to discern or communicate directly with their liquid light Avatar mind, because of serious soul matrix damage. The community function is to hold that capacity and allow the Mentor function to be rebuilt and corrected, both personally and planetary.

Healing and Clearing

Energetic Healing and Clearing is nonverbal and nonlinear from the ego’s mental body perspective. If we think too much or have bias, we block sensory feeling and also block potential healing and clearing pathways. The physical body is a manifestation of the inner spiritual and energetic life force. All that outwardly manifests in your life experience has a Blueprint at the energetic levels of the body controlling those functions. Therefore it makes sense to restore balance to the energies of the body in order to restore the balanced function of the whole body system.

Mentor Meditation

The 5D Higher Mind Integration Meditation. Activate the Higher Mind functions within your 5D lightbody. Expand your mental field intelligence by upgrading the harmonic tone of your 3D mental body to be upgraded to the 5D Soul intelligence level. This will serve to translate information from other levels of your Consciousness and support the 2009 5D planetary upgrade.[1]


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