Monadic Family Retrievals

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Themes - Monadic Retrieval, Transduction Sequence, Family Unit Unification, Umbilicus Reset, Core Soul Protection, Metatronic Spiral

Opening: We are memorializing our session today. It is August 3rd of 2011. Beloved God, please open all pure channels of eternal light. We dedicate and consecrate our session and container purposes of Oneness, the purposes of service to the eternally sustained light. We ask for gatekeeping to hold our mutual highest purpose, our missions and our influences on our families, our communities and that which is in service to the eternal light source. We intend unification through the cosmic Krystal principle as an energy reality here and now. We ask this handshake be fortified to our spiritual and communication links into the cosmic Trinity, into the core of the heart of God itself, the zero point God matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. Beloved God, beloved Mother, please breathe the living light into our created form and into all created form. We state our mutual purpose in Oneness. We ask to be resurrected, cleared and removed of any artificial and inorganic pattern to the organic living light of God now. To that we say Beloveds, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ancestral Releases

The first thing that I'm feeling is that, funny that we were just talking just this, in a sense some of us are holding a pillar or a platform of stability for people that I would say are stewarded into our care. A lot of the time that means our family, who we share residence with and this sort of thing. I'm being guided that we need to do a Core Soul Protection, meaning an ancestral release on your husband and it has something to do with today being an amplification.

They are explaining to me that we are going through a period of time on the planet right now where there is a schism that is being created. In a sense it is similar to understanding a frequency split where as we move up the ascension ladder, meaning into these higher octaves of harmonics, if we recognize our universal structure almost like a musical instrument where there is a keyboard with notes and harmonic tones that exist from base tones to higher notes. A part of what is happening and is especially potent now in the cycle that we are in is that we’re starting to penetrate parts of the core of the universal matrix. We are understanding if we understand what the core is, our relevance to our bodies location reference point to that is our higher heart chakra.

So the Thymus Gland area is the area that is actually where the Monad, the oversoul layer of our Lightbody, is embodied and is in contact with us. We have recognized that through understanding some of the cellular memories and the damage and histories with planet Earth and with human beings in this last cycle especially, that there has been, I would say, a schism. I'm seeming almost like almost double schism. I’m seeing a reflection that reminds me similarly as a cracked lens. It's like a cracked lens that is refracting a certain light pattern. I'm seeing that this is a cracked light refracting off the eighth dimension. Meaning the monadic arc is refracting a cracked pattern.

When we understand what that is, and this is actually helping me to understand some things as well, what is happening at this point is a shift and a change that seems to be really impacting the mental bodies and as well the masculine and male principle of those mental bodies. Obviously that is impacting both the female body and the male body but there is different correspondences to how that is on influencing and impacting each of us and really dependent on how psychologically and emotionally balanced we have become in being able to clear ourselves from lower patterns of the mental body, which is called Negative Ego.

So I'm seeing what I would I would describe as a platform of stability and a change. I’m seeing it as a house. Almost like your house, your residence, is being shifted foundationally and the pillar that is supporting that is you. I'm seeing that there are beings in the house, not just family members, that are part of this is foundation and fundamental shift. After this session as a part of reinforcing what is happening I'm getting guided to do the Umbilicus Reset. They are giving me an awareness that we use a meditation called the Umbilicus Reset, which was facilitated from the Guardian Host consciousness, in order to shift what's known as the birth Transduction Sequence, which is the core patterns that get imprinted in the birth process.

When we come through the birth canal we are actually imprinted with what is known as astrological and magnetic imprints that influence our soul, our light and arcing of that light. The transduction sequences is that exact moment where our consciousness light comes into a filter, which would be our Soul blueprint, and that soul blueprint is called our core manifestation body or core manifestation 12 Tree Grid. The Core Soul Protection is working with that particular core manifestation tree which is at that exact moment the transduction of consciousness light comes into the projection through this filter into form.

We are learning and also having clarify that the shifting of the transduction is a part of our spiritual development, initiation and ascension process because our third dimensional imprints are held in place by that transduction sequence at the moment of birth in these bodies we inhabit. So it's an imprint in the genetic material. It is an imprint in the physical being and because of the challenges we have with reptilian consciousness takeover and the polarity games that are still being played at that level, it is something that in most cases on our planet human beings are manipulated and influenced a lot by dark forces. So let say the interception of one's self-determination and free will.

What they're basically showing me is the vulnerability of the imprints that we receive in the third dimension incarnational process have all of the artifacts, all of the implants that are designed to keep us in the reincarnation cycle. So when many of us, meaning human beings, human souls, people that incarnate into this particular version reality of planet Earth, this is the densest we go in terms of its vibration and because the reptilian's have had extensive false architecture that they have placed within the third and the fourth, actually the first through the six layers specifically, but for our purposes now what we are looking at is how the particle physical level of the body structure has been influenced with certain birth imprints. It means that once your born here it's there. Meaning you cannot come through the transduction sequence and be born into a physical human body in this timeline without being imprinted with these particular, I don't want to call them implants because that is a lesser word, it's much stronger than implants because it creates karma. Meaning that the being becomes handed a level of energetic weight that is being handed through this imprint by virtue of its birth.

For whatever reason I am being given the opportunity to see this process much more detailed; which really in a simpler term is the enslavement of the human being in the third dimensional grid system. Meaning when the soul comes through the incarnational process there is an overlay that is like a false architecture that latches on to certain energetic signatures of the soul, which are a natural part of the birthing process, and it distorts the essence of the clarity of it. It's like saying archetypes such as zodiac, the mathematical fractal patterns that make up the imprint of soul, these particular levels of how the energy forms are projected into particle then becomes overlaid with a type of architecture that distorts. What that distortion does is it creates more karmic load.

Understanding karma is not judgment, in the sort of propagated old energy of thinking being fearful of God and there is judgment on the soul. It is not that at all. It is understanding that if you're holding a particular burden and that burden has a type of energy that it attracts it will match together that particular architecture with a resonant field. What I'm understanding more and more about and seeing how energies that are misqualified, toxic and imbalanced from the upper dimensions are recycled with the recycling soul. The recycling of the soul is not just the act of recycling, it is also the act of giving a packet, that is not really the literal thing I'm seeing but that being then is receiving waste. It would be like saying waste product from higher dimensions of which is that being's burden becomes having to carry what that is.

Now we are understanding that as we are going through the eye of the needle, no doubt, and coming into the awareness that the portal and access into the universal core is able to be present with us on this dimension now, meaning we now have access into the Galactic core, the Galactic center.

At this point what I'm seeing and understanding is that there are two different processes. There is a crack in the eighth dimensional monadic expression as its arches out. Meaning that parts of monad bodies have been arching out in a reversal pattern that is connected to what I'm saying, connected to this recycling process. Which until this moment I had never understood because up to this point the false architecture that exists in the astral had been a primary understanding of how False Umbilicus, false ascension structure, false Christ light, meaning what appeared to be white light and beings that would go to church or meditate and didn't have discernment or understanding how to go beyond the threshold of these frequency fences and artificial systems would feel a sense of familiarity and presence with it and because we don't know anything else we couldn't discern that it was a manufactured light.

What I'm seeing is that the recycling and reincarnation process between the fourth and the third dimensions more specifically, were being orchestrated particularly with that False Ascension Matrix but additionally there are levels of the Monad body, which is the next level up, that have been distorted by lenses that are cracked, that refract the monadic light into a pattern that I can see doesn't merge particularly in alignment with the lower soul body. It's like saying even if a human being is able to get a part of their soul body connected to them, understand that these light bodies exist in triads in terms of threes, so when we get our soul matrix connected to us, and this has been one of the challenges we have witnessed with the New Age, is that when we get a part of our soul connected it feels so good because we've been without it for so long that we mistake it for a part of our completion like we are connected all the way or whatever it is. When we use the word soul or God self it kind of sounds like one thing. The Lightbody is extremely complex and it's not something that I am feeling we need to worry about. I am not at all attending to put that worry there but to understand that this is how this great deception has been achieved by especially in New Age hijack. Meaning you get a little dribble of your soul, one layer of it, one harmonic layer of it and that makes you feel good. I'm seeing that is how the dark forces use it, they collect lightworkers and beings that don't know the difference. You get large groups of Indigos or lightworkers that are being attracted into certain workshops and programs, whatever those may be, and the goal is to allow the person to experience a little drib and drab of their soul matrix. Someone in the inner dark realms has figured out if you don't feel good you are not going to stay there. They use that structure as a type of bliss on tap. Lets give you a little bit, keep you in the complacent mode and then most people feel their astral heart, that fourth dimensional heart is there connection all the way to Source light.

What we are seeing is of course, that is not true. Our direct Source light, of course, has to be in the heart chakra. When the thymus and the eighth layer start to open up the heart turns from a green light, meaning a fourth dimensional astral heart connected to the astral dimensions, to the blue light which is like a crystal matrix lotus that comes online with a permanent seed atom. The thymus starts to be activated and that light, that permanent seed atom, is your crystal. Every being in a human body is supposed to have that crystal. We are undergoing something that I would say quite my a milestone. I want to say it serious but at the same time we have to breath, be present and ask to assist those around us and to be the emanation of that light. I know through the emanation of embodiment that this can be replaced.

Reclamation of the Monadic Twin

We are coming to a point in the time fields where two main spirals are meeting that have to do with distorted electron fields that are a part of the cracked lenses that I'm seeing connected to the Monad bodies. It is like saying that at the eighth dimensional level we have God spirit bodies. These are being referred to as monad bodies. These monad bodies have twins, meaning they have a masculine and a feminine principle. Many of these monad bodies have been spun off into reversal systems where they have been used.

We understood as a part of the reclamation of monad and the return to rightful owner which began last 10:10 that there were monads being used on the Golden Eagle Grid, which is a horizontal field. Most of them were masculine in principle because the Golden Eagle is a masculine principle. So understanding our horizontal grid network on planet Earth was responsible and created as a part of the rod function, counterpart to the staff. The masculine is the Seraphim basis of the Golden Eagle Grid. It is a part of the 14th Ray beings that projected themselves out. These are the Avian races, the Seraphim, the winged ones and all the sub races that are related back to the Seraphim which come into our understandings of Nephilim reversal, Seraphim like Archangel Michael matrix and Fallen Angelics. These are beings that have become demonic and distorted from their original truth and they stem off of the Seraphim, the original prime creator, as it descended into more dense states and became more and more distorted. Especially as these cracked lenses started to refract light into the wrong patterns. The wrong patterns meaning that it creates waste. It creates massive amounts of toxicity and that toxicity is just sitting there. Because we have not understood through the consciousness level of the human being how to release, transmute or alchemize those particular toxic waste substances. What I'm understanding is that toxic waste is not effectively dealt with by beings in ethereal bodies. Meaning that it is the physical matter and the creation of physical matter that has been utilized in the process of creation in order to do the process of alchemy.

I am really understanding the power of alchemy and the power of utilizing consciousness forces for these purposes is definitely the human being's job and human beings gift. Meaning that when we come into physical presence our power as a God human is the ability to work alchemy and transmutation at these levels.

I'm understanding beings that we think of as these Ascended Masters or these galactic beings and they're so big in their group consciousness, they don't have the power of alchemy like we do. This is a really interesting insight as well that it is the human beings purpose in creating the complete pattern of the synthesis of universal genetic material was also about the transmutation and alchemical balancing of the these particular forces that had become toxic and that power lies within the God human.

So in seeing that and understanding that the eighth dimensional Monad bodies are systematically being rehabilitated and returned. We're just getting another smattering of information that completes another sequence that began last October which was the male/monad, king/ monad bodies being returned or released from the impale of the Golden Eagle grid on planet Earth. It is understanding that in a sense the male king monad bodies have been imprisoned on a horizontal grid network because again male is a horizontal principle, the horizontal is what controls the experience of time and space. Meaning time is controlled by the horizontal, time is controlled by the male principle. So when these monad bodies were released, and again they were not released all at once, they were released and sequences.

So what I am understanding in a sense is these are, this would not be the accurate word but it's the only word I have at this time, soul retrieval or monad retrievals. In a sense, these monads have been retrieved but they have to be healed, they have to be re-patterned. It is like saying you’ve got a crystal that is cracked and you've got to re-assimilated into its original pattern. I am understanding that as we have been reclaiming and re-collecting monad bodies, not always are the monad bodies returning complete. This is explaining a part of what I have been experiencing because all I have been doing in the past few months it seems my whole job is go get bodies. I am getting pieces of bodies and wondering why am only got an arm or leg and not the whole body and wondering what's going on. So this is helping me as well to understand that these pieces are being reclaimed and being brought into organic patterns. This really reminds me a lot of the mythologies, which maybe weren't such a myth, of Isis and Osiris where the female principal Isis of Godhead goes and collects all the pieces of her mate Osiris. I think he's in like 14 pieces and she's got a get all his pieces out from the hell realms and make love to him in order for him to come together again. Honestly, from what I am seeing here, this is not so far from the truth.

From what I am seeing here, we are understanding that what has happened to soul bodies and light bodies and a part of our healing and reclamation and freeing of the human race into liberation is also understanding the healing of these bodies. So this long winded description is actually very relevant to your path. What we are understanding is what is happening in the spiritual development of your own person is directly related to the global and the macrocosm view of what's happening in the universal cycle and that this is being represented in a myriad of ways as it's being projected as above so below in physical matter.

Metatronic Spiral

Now that we have entered a cycle where the spiral of destruction, I guess we could call this the Metatronic Spiral, this particular spiral is like understanding the machine. This is like understanding the inorganic and the false. It is a false technology that has been usurped and replicated. As we know what has happened with planet Earth and how this is been accomplished, the primary method of how it's been accomplished is you have beings with no empathy and with no compassion but they have a type of intelligence where they are able to like a machine, like a computer, replicate code. It is like saying you have a consciousness and entity that is not human and is able to replicate, see and perceive instructional code in the matrices and is able to replicate and duplicate that. One way of the replication as we know is creating these particular patterns, now we’ve got a replicated technology. This replicated technology is not organic of the Eternal Light of creation. Meaning somebody has decided to replicate and try to become a “God Creator” and through that process becomes enamored or in some kind of awareness of identity of self that it is God like because it can create beings that actually appear to exist but are not eternal beings. Again, they are artificial so they have to be fed something. This is where vampirism comes in, parasitic, vampirism.

So this Metatronic technology, this false technology, when I see it now in my minds eye, I see it as a spiral that has replicated on fractal patterns of the Christ light. It's like saying the Christ Light, that which is the organic expression of the frequency that comes from the Source is projected into an intelligence field that is liquid. I’m seeing the liquid field of the Christ and this hard glass shattered looking thing connecting into the liquid light. It is interesting because liquid light can shape shift and it also moves. As it moves through time or it moves through space it moves in spiral function as well because the movement of the universe is spiral. The movement of energies moves in spirals. So I see these spirals, you've got the liquid light spiral of the eternal living light of God that is represented as as the Krystal River, it has all the patterns within it, its shape shifting, it’s liquid, it can move through anything. Then you have this Metatronic spiral. These particular constructs, the Christ is not a construct, but I'm looking at these patterns of conscious light are coming to meet each other and their meeting each other in this playing field on planet Earth. Two things that will result in the impact and influence of this light. This comes back to the monad Permanent Seed Atom crystal inside our heart.

The crystal inside our heart can only be animated by the liquid light of of the Krystal River. Meaning that which is the liquid light of Source. The liquid light of Source is coming, it is here. I would say we've been aware as a part of the Guardian body of work, which is the Christ body of work, that we needed to create a body here in physical density in order to create a container. Now I am understand more why because the container is to hold this liquid, this liquid that's coming, this liquid crystal light that is emanating and it almost like saying it's descending into levels but still maintaining its pattern. It's fascinating to me because when I understand consciousness as a force and it projects out into density to have its experiences at these multiple levels of identity, reality and dimension, usually when I perceive that I perceive it as forms that become hard, they are forms. What I'm seeing with this is different. It is something I’ve never seen before and that is a liquid crystal light that doesn't harden, it's like it's formless, it shapeless, it can be anything it wants. Meaning that it's not subject, this is fascinating, it is not subject to the rules of physics. Wow. So when it comes down I see the Metatronic spiral getting harder, harder, harder. It is like where this artificial system is projecting down into density, this Metatronic technology, this artificial replication of God code, as it hits each of these dimensions of time and space, even though more of this is collapsing, I see it's subject to the energy of that dimension. Meaning that here in physical 3D we have carbon based biology. We move into higher frequency dimensions you have silicon bodies or silicate bodies. Then you get semi-etheric but the composition of form starts to change, elemental structure of the actual form that that being has starts to change. What I'm seeing with this is it doesn't change. The Christ is the Christ and it's always the Christ and that’s it. This is so cool to be able to see that as it is actually moving into, the best way I could describe it and it is not accurate, it’s becoming closer to the octave of this reality that we exist here and that we have been preparing containers and bodies to be resonant with this liquid Christ. In a sense this is like in the soma of everything. I don’t know how else to describe it.

You've got these two substances that are meeting now and this meeting is beginning within the next week or so. There's something about again, we have cycles on our planet and we have an electrical peak cycle in the planetary rotation that happens in May and we have a magnetic peak cycle that reaches in August. We are about on that threshold of you this magnetic peak. Something is happening in this time cycle of that is bringing these two to meet each other. Meaning this false replicate spiral and the Christ liquid light as it spirals down or is descending into matter is the best way could describe it.

So as this is a occurring I'm seeing that as well that this has relevances to the healing and the completion and the assistance in bringing in the complete patterns of these monad bodies. So a lot of our focus, a lot of our planetary work, a lot of what we are doing as a part of our physical experience is at whatever level we are participating with it, healing the mind, healing the mental bodies. We can see the schisms happen on planet Earth at this time. The Metatronic spiral is purely mental. It has distorted the electron fields from its false inorganic technology and in a sense it is responsible for the last 5,000 to 10,000 years specifically of changing the movement of electron on our planet and therefore as the electron was changed it distorted our mental bodies. This was what created a lot of disease in the brain. Meaning the planetary brain became infected. The planetary neurology became damaged because of that infection and then us as human beings, as the physical genetic material, as the nerve cell of planet Earth, also became brain disease and damaged in our nervous system. This isn't meant to be something that is insulting to the human being but understanding that the extreme schism between the brain hemispheres is a result of the patterns that are being impulsed through the Metatronic distorted electron so our processes of thought are very much impacted this way. This is something that has been brutal for the masses because things like schizophrenia, bipolar, mania and things that we have clinical names for, are actually a result of this. In a sense, many times it is not the person's fault because the more that the person is engaging in destructive behavior with the self with living in opposition to core essence, the brain pattern and the neurological pattern start to deteriorate. We have that problem on the planet in mass quite largely right now.

So as these spirals are coming to meet. It is in a sense the sequence to reach certain opportunities within that particular window. So as these spirals have been projected outward, I don’t know how else to describe this, from the core of the universal structure, the thing that seems to be most prevalent for me right now in this awareness is the eighth dimensional open portal because when the monad is able to be retrieved and aligned to the human body that it belongs to becomes sort of integrated and assimilated into the physical presence of the human being, which is a part of our ascension, a part of the divine destiny of all of us is to become merged into that monadic level of being and then into the avatar Christ level being.

We are at a cycle with the planet at this time that the monad connects to the Permanent Seed Atom, the crystal in the higher heart. If that Crystal is not there, if that Crystal is broken, if it is shattered the human being is not able to embody or connect with that part of self. So I am understanding that a lot of the grid work and things that we have been doing, meaning the Starseeded and Indigo family of consciousness through whatever means we do it, we have been working on this as a group project because we want to the monadic refraction to line up with as many bodies as we can. This event or this possibility apparently is something that is coming in the next 30 to 60 days. What I'm really feeling is that men, males mental bodies, will also be very much impacted by this. It’s like saying this part of the person that was not there, it was missing, but the person doesn't know it was missing and it is going to start returning. That sense of your experience and your identity is going to change you as a result of that.

What I am understanding is that the monad and the eighth dimensional core of which the monad is a part has had histories of damage. When we know what Orion is, Orion is an eight dimensional constellation, it's connected into that portal. We can only imagine the degree of schisms and fighting and Orion Wars and genetic anomalies and all kinds of weirdness that went on from that galactic history. It means pieces of that galactic history come up in memory within ourselves to become killed or resolved with his particular issues. Again, any obstacle that is in the way of the seed crystal permanent seed atom in the thymus eighth chakra, this is the issue. God forces, Guardian force are trying to move out as much debris in that alignment as possible so as many physical human bodies can embody their monad and connect to that monadic light.

Again, the benefits of that are a thousandfold. Not only is it extremely beneficial for planet Earth and for the human beings down here, it is extremely beneficial all the way up into the universal core. It's literally something that helps everybody. I don’t know how else to say it.

So this Metatronic Spiral, what its results will do and this may or may not happen to human beings down here, again at this point we don't know what any future potential is, all we know is in this now moment what is being presented because there are so many wildcards in terms of probabilities. I know as I have said often, “God always has something up her sleeve”. We’re not given all the clarity in terms of what that information will be because we have to approach it in the need to know basis, in the now moment, and that is; when the Metatronic spiral reaches a human being that is severely negative and severely in ego because that's the vibration that the distorted electron creates, when people are rageful, angry, out-of-control, psychotic, whatever it is, if they have not figured out how to shift that within themselves the Metatronic spiral connects to that person and basically breaks down the their permanent seed atom, meaning that part of their heart. What I'm looking at, what I see is if is the Metatronic energy, if that being that is not aware of the negativity that they're holding a Metatronic spiral, that sort of inorganic technology, will be attracted to that being and that person, it is literally like a lightning bolt.

Black Hearts

What I'm understanding is that whatever this thing is it has relevance to the Orion Wars because I have seen the same technology in Orion. Meaning that when planets were being exploded and there was a massive electrical war in the Orion timelines there were technologies being used that are like lightning bolts. Down here when we think of weapons we think of bullets and things like that. Up there they are actual things that look like, this isn’t a laser, it's like a lightning bolt. It's something that literally looks like a lightning bolt. This Metatronic spiral has that. It's like saying that lightning bolt literally connects with that person and all I see is their heart is black. The whole of upper thymus looks like if you took a lightning rod and you executed somebody and you saw the ashen black char of that particular result. Whatever this thing does is it almost blackens the heart. That's what I'm looking at.

So you have the liquid crystal light that's heals the heart, purifies the crystal and makes it whole. Literally what it feels like to me is the liquid penetrates the higher heart and fills any cracks. It is almost like if you saw diamonds, diamonds with cracks in it or carbon deposits, the liquid crystal light, when it comes in contact with the permanent seed atom, the crystal in the higher heart, it just basically fills in all of those cracks. It's able to completely reconstitute the heart. This other thing is opposite. It's really bizarre in seeing these two massive polarity of forces coming through right now. We understand that's going to amplify things in terms of chaos on the surface of planet. That obviously is a part of what's happening here.

Further, in understanding that this is happening at this time what our Guardian guides are requesting or suggesting of you, if this feels in alignment to your guidance, is that when we are moved from our transduction sequence the Metatroinc spiral cannot find us. So it's saying when you are born into the reversal system of the 55 grid in the 3D system that is completely controlled by this false artificial technology that this technology, that is also a replicated false technology, will match that frequency. So if you're on the 3D grid and you haven't figured out how to get out of extreme ego negative patterns or whatever is going on, because obviously I understand many of us, such as myself, the reason why we are doing this is because not only are we doing this for families or whatever, we hold it in the radius.

What I have been told and understand that each one of us that does this work and has committed to our ascension process and to be of service to God in this way, we can be a harmonizing field that holds a radius. They've given me numbers. They have said your body can hold “X” amount of a people in the radius. This doesn't mean that people that are completely unaware, it’s not again from the God-fearing perspective it's understanding that obviously, if you participate directly with your consciousness development is a lot more positive for you than not. However, there are lots of contingencies of support that are coming through all kinds of different avenues. Some of them are through our own bodies because once we have developed a certain stability and platform where we can hold Christ architecture the Guardian God forces and the Christ forces, we can work in tandem, in partnership with them collectively to expand the radius fields that support beings in the near vicinity. So I'm understanding a lot of us are also a part of that at whatever level. We may have had an agreement to do that.

Now your agreement is to do this for your family. What I'm understanding is this; for all family members in your residence and in the household we are going to request the presence within our container here today to all beloveds, to their God presence and those that are stewarded into your care, within the residence or that which is in the agreement and are in true divine alignment to her heart and the heart of that connection to God to be fully supported and supplied through the Core Soul Protection, the release of improper or artificial or Metatronic transduction sequence imprints, miasms and that which would subject them to these particular spirals.

We also ask that as of this dispensation is fully granted and given physicalization on this plane that all human beings and beings that are aware or unaware but wish this particular dispensation to be granted and supported through those words of which are expressed in the light and love of God here and now and the authority of God and in love of Christ.

Beloved God, we ask to apply Core Soul Protection and release of birth transaction sequence with the Metatronic spiral or Metatronic implantation in all human beings, beings, ancestors, multidimensional personalities that we have permission to represent.

We ask that from the inner planes and within the physical planes, again those are incarnate and discarnate, Beloved God, we request now Core Soul Protection and the assistance in the Umbilicus Reset to assist in the birth transduction sequence of those reversal systems within the record, within the memory and within the wiring of all levels of the auric or consciousness field bodies. We ask to terminate any imbalanced Metatronic matrices, any imbalance or reversal structures or devices used through those Metatronic spirals of this particular false technology.

Again, we ask to be removed and terminated of any negative entity, negative attachment and negative elementals which are used within the Metatronic technology.

We ask that any negative manipulation interference or destruction of the permanent seed atom or the crystal seed bodies to be terminated and released.

We ask this to be applied to all of the human race on this planet as God would have it be.

In this particular instance and through our mutual benefit in that which serves our highest expression in service to God and Oneness through the liquid liberation of the liquid silver Christ light and the Christic liquid spiral is applied to all of our beloveds, our loved ones and our family members as it that is supported within our our body of work, our families and our service.

Beloveds we ask here and now for the husband, the partner, the household and the children and all beings within the her stewardship care and dispensation through the God selves to be recognized through a perfect Ma-ha-ra 12D Shield that is granted to the family and through the ancestors of origin.

We ask the family of origin of her husband to be assisted, cleared and released from any transaction or miasma sequences which would impact these particular imprints artifacts from any point in the timeline.

Please check and scan the bodies for any false mind control architecture, booby-traps, thought forms which are using phase disrupting within the Christic or Christ energies.

We ask for the termination and removal of any alien implant, alien influence or their pain traps, karmic traps with negative manipulation on all family members and those that are included within the sphere here today.

Please clear any rituals, spells, curses, patterns or symbols that have been used, past life artifacts that have been use through all timelines.

Please cut any vampirism cording or leakages connected to collective consciousness, collective human programs within the third dimensional enslavement grids and their fields.

We ask that each and every being be fully connected and activated as God would have it be in divine timing to their permanent seed atom and eternal Christ Crystal as God would have it be in perfect alignment to that which is in service.

We ask to be terminated and removed from any involvement in the Metatronic matrix.

We ask to be fully terminated and removed from the checkerboard matrix.

We ask to be fully terminated and removed from the Christ crucifixion matrix.

We ask to be fully terminated and removed from all redemption and reincarnation memory contracts in any time and space to those that are applied through this Core Soul protection here today.

As a group we fully commanded this space sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of God itself, we terminate resolve and resign from this Metatronic and enslavement game fully and completely, now and forever.

Our authority is taken in and as the Christ through God's sovereign law made manifest here in now in this reality.

Fully deactivate, disassemble and terminate any directional beacon, scanner, tracker, monitor, remote viewer and that which is within this field her field or with our particular session container.

Please seal and assist in the removal of any harmful or imbalanced reversal portal systems from being used or misused within this particular a session.

We ask for the protection of God and in the full command of I am God I am sovereign I am free. We hold this for all of humanity, for all of this planet and we ask that which is guided and supported in God's eternal divine plan to support all human beings to be free as well as the beloveds that have been stewarded into our care here today.

Beloved God thank you, thank you, thank you. We ask to take this through the mind grids, inner, outer and in between all levels.

Please correct through DNA and through any my miasmatic record or karmic contract that has been used and abused in the past nullified here and now through Core Soul Protection through core soul level and beyond in direct alignment of God's eternal sovereign light and law.

We harmonize and hold the space in the name of one self God self and as witnessed to Oneness we seal this and the light of union and wholeness in service to God itself.

Beloved God thank you, thank you, thank you. Closing: Please seal and end or communication into the full presence, into the full embodiment, may we be the beacon of light and that which animates the liquids silver and liquid Christic river of the Eternal Living Light, through the Aurora families.

Thank you, thank you and so it is.

We seal the field into this moment itself fully contained fully supported fully protected and fully consecrated to God source. [1] Transcript by Kim.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 8-3-2011]

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