Nadis Capsule

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The Nadis Capsule is the tissue body, the membrane that holds the webbing and layers of the Nadial Body together. The Nadis Capsule can be ripped, teared or damaged, impacting the Nadial functions.

Note: also referred to as Nadial Capsule.

Nadial Capsule

The Chakras send their processed energy as intelligent spirals into the Nadial Capsule which forms around the manifest biological form. The nadial capsule is comprised of the three-dimensional layers of the harmonic universe, in which the consciousness is stationed as an identity. The Nadial Capsule instructs how the consciousness must organize itself into the manifested DNA and RNA cellular biology. The DNA-RNA in matter sends its intelligent design to the Nadial Structure, which acts as the blueprint for energetic transmission and energetic receivers that form into the blueprint for the physical Brain and nervous system. The central nervous system transmits into the molecular structure and then into the nuclear core in the 1D atomic body, which informs the Dark Matter Template. [1]


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Term first found: Page 193, HGS Manual