Psychic Distortions

Transcript: "Through astral body healing and physical corrections, there is a continuing need to clear any Psychic Distortions we may absorb from the collective race field and memory. And so again, our goal is to upgrade the astral layers of our Soul body with the sympathetic resonance of the higher divine spirit Christ. As we know, when our body is overrun with heavy dense energies or reversal energies, it can impact the resonance of how we feel and perceive things. When we are extremely dense in our thoughts and hold a lot of pain we absorb the lower vibrations from the collective consciousness of Soul Fragmentation which may repel the Soul-spirit from actually embodying. This is correction of sympathetic resonance made through psychic distortion through sympathetic resonance issues. This means that when we are not aware of the state of our personal resonance, in the quality of our thoughts, behaviors, actions and consent, we are subject to the collective Law of Resonance which will match our bodies vibration and influence to match our perceptions into a collective consciousness. The more closed down our heart is from the unhealed Pain Body the more a person is subjected to Psychic Distortions and astral delusions.

We intend to make corrections and upgrades to our heart center through our intent and consent to not absorb any psychic distortions through the environment and the collective consciousness. It appears we have had some more astral manipulation through some of the false Holographic Insert overlays which are designed to create psychic distortions on the absorption of those distortions through certain sympathetic resonance, with the meaning to distort feelings of empathy. So, thank you for bringing that to our attention. We make intent to correct Lack of Empathy in the feeling body of the collective trauma. We are once again in the group environment of the collective consciousness. And the intention is to make correction of any psychic sponging of these collective psychic distortions. We do not want to absorb the negative energies through any NAA or dark manipulation used through those Mind Control programs in the collective. With the original trauma causation of the timeline of the Lack of Empathy which destroyed our feeling heart and soul, we intend to collapse and replace with the organic matrix."[1]


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