Sirian Starseed Awakening, Holding Esoteric Records and DNA Code

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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes : Sirian Starseed Awakening, Holding Esoteric Records and DNA Code, Solomon Shield, 9D clearing, Nephilim Archangel Michael Golden Eagle Grid, mental bodies 3-6-9, false navel. opened an etheric healing session; recollecting monad, clearing psychic attack on 4D and 8D heart, clearing interference scrambling monadic embodiment, repairing 6D horizontal shield, repair of tailbone and fetal cells, shifting heart and breath rhythms to Avatar God-Self, connecting lotus point sets).

Opening: We are memorializing our session today and again before we get started, please know that I am going to be saying a lot of different things and the intention is to truly develop that larger context, so that we can become empowered. And to empower you to really be connected to the sustainable source to build the strength of your bodies, which allow the deepening and strengthening of that connection which is possible. And once there are core issues that are defined, it also helps us to be able to observe that and shift those particular issues.

Sirian Starseed

So please take in only what really resonates with your heart, but I'm feeling a family connection with you, which happens to be Sirian. So it's like saying that the Sirians are a level of consciousness. And we're not saying this Sirian family is our ultimate origin, but that we have primary identities that have become manifested in a 3D timeline, that are more heavily weighted in the Sirian extraterrestrial consciousness.

Like saying the Sirian consciousness and the Sirian constellation from this particular point of view, meaning in this dimension this timeline Sirius looks like a constellation and a star, but it's an actual planet in another dimension. So what we're seeing from this particular point of view at a third dimensional timeline of consciousness is Sirius as a stellar body, but in another dimension that's our planet. We have been on this planet we've have had lifetimes on the planet and that planet has also hosted various root races and cycles of evolution just like planet Earth. So it's like saying planet Earth was the seeding or consciousness experiment that was about creating universal pattern prototypes where various levels of universal genetic material would be synthesized into the DNA template of that being's pattern, which would allow for a greater unification template and a universal pattern. To other beings from other planets or other levels of forms, this would be hard to explain from this level of consciousness. Meaning forms we could barely describe, they are sentient beings but not necessarily in a form like we are here.

So the physical human body is a template which the Guardians refer to as a Christ template, which means that this form has the ability to be in multiple dimensions of consciousness while retaining an individual form. So it's like having access to the 12 dimensions of simultaneous awareness or consciousness while being in a form. And the guardians call that a Christ, which means the Christ has the ability as an intelligence field when it is activated in its potential, to literally be able to shape shift and transfigure itself in and out of form. So consciousness shifting replaces the death process. What's happened to planet earth at this time are all kinds of various dramas and histories where there has been a conflict over that, meaning a conflict over humanity's right to evolve into that potential. And all kinds of strange dynamics that have to do with the genetic discrimination and genetic preferences, which you and I have a history of dealing with, being from the Sirian constellation and the planetary body.

So it's like saying the Sirians were acting as gatekeepers and in a sense it would be like saying Sirius is like the higher self of planet Earth, like our higher soul body is to our individual identity. So we came from the place that is Sirian, and the Sirian constellation accepted the responsibility of being the higher self for planet Earth in its dark age. So it's like the Sirians and then those that came from that emissary base were responsible for seeding the crystal consciousness, were responsible for bringing the Indigo frequencies into this planet.

The lower dimension of the Sirian constellation is sixth dimensional and so the Sirians were in a sense the ones that organized and hosted the Indigo races. Meaning other higher extraterrestrial forms would come into the six dimensional portal and the Sirians were acting as an emissary connection, which allowed a base of multiple levels of extraterrestrial genetics and different forms to come into an Indigo imprint, and then be seeded into the physical planet at this time. So when I feel you I feel that you are a part of that task force along with me, meaning we share that. We were a part of overseeing the Indigo project. And that is working with various configurations of genetic material and bringing it together in different forms to be seeded in a sixth dimensional imprint, which is what the Indigo wave spectrum is.

6D DNA imprints

So when we think of our third eye and our sixth chakra that connects to the sixth dimension it's an indigo wave spectrum. So Indigos were sixth dimensional DNA encoded beings that would come into this timeline, be seeded as a consciousness into a physical human here, with the hope of assisting in the planets direction to remove itself from all of the suffering and the deviations of genetic manipulation that had happened here. Because in essence what has happened to this planet's body and to the timelines, which humanity is involved in and moving forward, is similar to expressing an invasion process. Where beings decided that humans were asleep at the wheel and that they would control it. And we can say maybe humans were a little naïve at this time, because concepts such as wars and this kind of brutality wasn't really something that was an experience until reptilians got down here and really started wrecking havoc with the planet.

So when that invasion occurred it created a lot of genetic damage and it started to unplug human beings out of their soul consciousness bodies, meaning their light bodies were getting disconnected and they were losing the technology of the information of knowing who they were as multidimensional beings. Meaning that if you don't know you have a light body and someone else is using it, you don't even know to call it back, you don't even know it's missing. And that's what has happened to the planet at this time, is you have a bunch of people that have been recycled into the astral plane over and over again and have lost their spirit bodies. They don't know how to connect to them or get them accessible at some level. So beings like us, that was our job to come down here and to hopefully embody as much of the frequency that we could get down here. Whether it was the first levels of getting into the Indigo frequency, which was re-stranding the DNA from 5 or 6 strands and above. Where a lot of the earth seeds down here, meaning the beings that are not star seeded that have been down here on the planet for long time, they have variations in their genetic stranding but most of it is dormant. They are operating with maybe two or two and a half strands semi-active. So a part of the seeding and bringing in higher frequency was hopefully plugging in that DNA and also bringing the higher frequency of that genetic form into the physical prototype of the human being. Because if this DNA pattern, even if it's an imprint and it's not active, because you and I are both imprint holders, meaning you hold an imprint with higher DNA patterning but is not necessarily being fully accessed here because the planet is not able to plug in certain levels of that either.

So it's like we're holding any imprint and we don't know if we're going to be able to activate it or not. But we're keeping that a higher genetic pattern alive in the human species so that the future of humanity will be able to hopefully choose to plug this in. Because what happens is if the reptilians kill this DNA off, which is what they're trying to do and have been systematically doing. That's what the genetic discrimination is there are certain tribes on the planet that acted as host tribes, meaning that they were holding certain levels of higher DNA stranding. So as an example the Jewish Holocaust and certain discrimination with other races on the planet are related to destroying genetics. There's a certain genetic material they want obliterated off the planet, because if that genetic material starts to activate the being the DNA and the genetic plugging in of that DNA is part and parcel of consciousness. Meaning if you're DNA is unplugged you're not accessing the higher intelligence dimensions and when you are plugged in you start having awareness that the majority of the human race is not having at this time.

So we can cultivate and direct our mental focus, which is our consciousness, to develop that genetic preference or that genetic advantage. But as you know this is highly avoided and highly suppressed at every level. So the genetic mutation and the genetic manipulation happens at every level whether it's the poisoning of the food and the water and the air supply, or the pharmaceuticals which are an insult to the nervous system. Because if the nervous system is damaged it's very difficult for that being to be able to conduct higher frequencies through the nervous system to give the impulse to the brain, which acts as a receiver to that intelligence.

So because you are of the Sirian background that particular genetic configuration creates a color in your aura that can be discerned by those outside of this dimension. So when beings on the multiple dimensions are looking at humans, they are seeing what I will call a holographic tank. It's similar to viewing a fish tank and seeing a bunch of goldfish in that fish tank, and then there's a couple of really purple silver goldfish in there. And they see it and recognize that's not 3D there is something different here. So when they target us the thing that is bizarre about it, is that it really is impersonal. They don't know us as like Lisa, they just know us for our genetic material. So that group that's down here tends to be either harassed or abducted, or they'll try to take a sample of your genetic material. So a lot of the implants we get are about that, they're trying to figure out what were doing here and what makes us different, because we're emanating a different color spectrum than the majority of the masses that are stuck in the first three chakras. And we aren't really emanating a color that's either red to orange, or a grey orb color. So when you have a purple being with some activated higher light bodies it gets their attention.

So it seems that you came in early and there have been different waves obviously. But let's say you coming in at the time you did allowed me to come in later, meaning we do this systematically so that frequency could be stabilized in a human form and then hopefully get more of us in here. Because honestly it was really hard to do that, meaning that our frequency the Indigo and the higher frequencies were not supported on planet Earth. And most of the planet's brain, which is the grid system had been unplugged or damaged using reversal energies. So it made it very difficult for beings like us to even get into a human body because the reptiles were doing this on purpose. They knew that there would be some kind of intervention at some point, so they do everything they can to thwart that from happening. Because what has happened to the physical human body with all of this genetic mutilation and manipulation is that the body, the physical genetic flesh literally repels the soul light now. This is why it's so difficult for people, for humans on this planet to actually embody their spirit and start to actually connect with their soul light. Because their physical self has been programmed to literally repel it away, and that's a part of what the internal Armageddon process is. Meaning that the spirit light starts fighting with the physical flesh. And what has been explained to me is that it wasn't supposed to be that way.

Genetic Manipulation via Reptilian Invasion

The challenge of embodying your spirit has been amplified by the reptilian invasion and this has to do with the genetic manipulation. So their particular agenda is to create a bunch of sheep. They just want workers to carry out a certain agenda that serves them and they pretty much use the planet's resources and the use human beings as energy resources, and filter this off for different purposes. So the planet and human beings are really not getting prana or chi or the life force that belongs to them. That life force is being stolen and siphoned and misdirected somewhere else. So the reason why Sirians came to this planet, we have a special kind of karmic relationship with planet Earth, because the main faction of controllers on our planet, the Annunaki which are a sort of hybrid reptilian basis of being, came from the root races of the Sirian constellation. So it's like saying we had some errant fanatics break off from the Sirian cycle and decide that they would play bullies, by coming in and controlling a lower dimension. Because moving from that higher dimensional point of view down to a 3D perspective, the Annunaki and these beings that are extraterrestrials set themselves up as false gods. Because from a 3D human point of view an Annunaki looks God like.

So when they came here they had a bunch of humans worshiping and following them around like they were God, and they took on that role and started to set it up that way. Where the fear and the hell fire and the brimstone and the angry God and all of that was basically coming from these false gods. They were basically telling the earthlings, listen you need to sacrifice some of your people, do blood sacrifices and blood rituals. This is how they began the whole process of you have to appease the gods and therefore make offerings, burnt offerings or blood offerings or whatever. This was the whole reptilian scam of being able to basically take over energy bodies and people's soul light and consciousness light and be able to use that. They've been successful at that on this planet pretty much, meaning that they've been able to get away with this for the last 5,000 to 10,000 years.

So your coming here, being that you are a starseeded being what that means is that your soul body has Sirian extraterrestrial histories, and then your higher bodies are something else. You did the same thing I did which is your Sirian self is your soul triad, so your fourth fifth and sixth layer is Syrian in nature meaning your experiences and being in a Sirian body. So that Sirian, your Sirian soul made a sacrifice in a sense, because you didn't have to be here. But you said I will come here I'll try to physically embody and get that in there. Meaning that I'll try to remember who I am, I'll try to embody that frequency while I'm there and lay the groundwork, which allows more Indigo's and Blu-ray beings to come into a physical human self. Because at the time when you were born you had to take on the snapshot of where the planet was at that time. So it's like saying the planetary consciousness field, at the time you were born, had a certain quantic field vibration and that became in a sense your burden. Meaning what you had to deal with by taking on a physical form at that timeline.

Magnetic Imprint for Indigo Spectrum

The imprint, the magnetic imprint and the imprint of your birth is directly connected to the planetary karma of that time, and that's a part of coming into this planet and taking on that imprint. Because once you took on that imprint you had the energetic burden of it, because that is the physics of the laws here. Once you become merged with another planetary body you become merged with the physics of those laws. You were a being that did not have to do that, meaning you didn't come from the recycled astral plane like most of the majority of the beings on this planet. You came from another planetary body but decided to do so, out of your own compassion of attempting to bring this frequency. Because I do feel you have a similar Council relationship that I do, which is the councils that were directly related in seeding the Indigo consciousness on the earth. It's kind of like saying we were a part of the councils that were organizing and extrapolating various levels of genetic material to come into the Indigo portal, which is like a sixth dimensional access into this planet. We agreed to do it too, so here we are and you brought in a certain percentage of Indigo genetics. So through the timeline when you were seeded at the time you were born, let's say that you brought in 25% of the Indigo genetic spectrum. Your job while you were here was to attempt to activate as much of that as you could. But again at this density it is basically extremely difficult and for those of us from the higher densities it feels as slow as snot, being in this dimension is very slow and heavy and lumbering.

So the process of that takes a lifetime, meaning the difficulty of slowly slowly slowly activating your potential. And in your case because you were early there were also challenges in the security of that. Which I think the lid got blown off in 1989 and 1990 when you started to really activate another level and that was when you were seen. Because a lot of us were what I call sleepers, meaning we didn't know who we were. We had to wake up from the fields of the density and the karma in order to come to some kind of clarity about who we are, and once we do the acceleration process of our genetic material starts really coming online. So I also knew something was very different about me but it took me until I was 33, when I actually had the activation. I was a sleeper and you were a sleeper also, and this was a part of protecting us. Because if this would've happened to early we probably wouldn't be talking to each other right now. We would probably have been taken out, because there have been periods where there have been attacks against indigos.

As we have gotten closer to the end of the Ascension cycle there have been attacks, throughout the last 20-30 years specifically as we were getting closer and closer to this. Because everyone has been preparing for this showdown for a long time, all the players have returned everybody knows that the stakes are high. Meaning what direction this going to take, who is going to get the biggest piece of the pie, what is it going to look like. And that's what everybody's fighting for down here. We have a lot of strange agendas, not just a reptilian agendas but all these little sub agendas, where we have beings that are jockeying for position trying to get their piece of the pie or their genetic preference played out on the planet or whatever it is. So it's a strange time that way, but at the same time this has finally afforded us, meaning the indigo and starseeds that came here, we finally have an open portal of connection that was not there. It was not until July 2009 that the portal and the connection all the way out of this universe was made. And when that happened it gave beings like you and I a level of protection that we didn't have before. So if we understood it was there we understood how to connect with it.

So what I'm hoping to impart to you also is how recent this is. Meaning that we've been waiting for the planet to catch up to us, so that we would activate what potentials we need to in the life stream that we have brought here, whether that's the genetic information or the light information or all of the above. But in essence what I feel that you were doing is you were laying the template, because there were different stages of that development that had to happen. Because we were attempting to increase the amount of genetic material of an Indigo on this planet, meaning if you brought in 25% and I brought in 50% than the ones that were born in the 80s started bringing in 70%. Meaning that frequency was able to be held in a physical human elemental body, because that was not the case hundred years ago.

So we really started just coming in in masses in the last maybe 100 or 200 years where this part of us was able to be actualized down here. So in feeling that with you, I also feel a couple of histories on the planet in this last cycle. So it's like saying the planet and the movement of the consciousness fields, moves in cycles. And the last cycle where we got in here, you could get in but you couldn't get out. So this planet's system was a one-way closed system, meaning that if you decided to jump in, in the last 25,000 years you were stuck here. There was no way out, you could not get out of this particular situation. So you have also had some recycling lifetimes, but not nearly as many as the beings that have been I would say stuck here for a long time. So in a sense another reason why were here is to assist in the freeing of the beings that have been recycling for just beyond description, in terms of eons of time. They have just been down here in a 3D body going to the 4D astral plane, and then coming back into 3D and repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

If you do that, meaning that if the being makes a consistent choice, because it doesn't know anything else and pretty much is being enslaved by somebody else that's controlling it, the DNA of the genetic material of that person that beings soul body also starts breaking down. And that being then starts losing higher consciousness ability the ability to move into other fields, the ability to choose other realities, the ability to evolve somewhere. So what we have down here in essence is a bunch of beings that have been stuck in the astral. And the astral has been so damaged and so packed and so covered with density and astral debris, that it's creating damage, not only in the soul bodies but in the planet body and in other beings that are also impacted by this evolution.

Esoteric Wisdom Keeper

So all of these reasons have been, and I can only express this as a truth from my own direct experience, and I'm hoping that gives a deeper context as to why you would come in at the time that you did, and why you would be in agreement to even deal with some of these things that you have dealt with. Because it's clear that what had been probably very difficult for you, is that you were plugged in at the time you were born. Meaning that you have histories on this planet where you have been I would say like an esoteric wisdom keeper, meaning somebody that is holding and hiding information. So when we understand the dark ages and the Crusades and the Inquisition and all of this stuff, there were some of us that were attempting to hide different Gnostic information and different books of truth. Because a part of the Sirian role is to make sure that the information of the human beings histories on this planet is not destroyed. So a part of the soul lineage and responsibility that you have taken on is to protect that information and make sure that it's not decimated and it doesn't die with you. Meaning that you're not destroyed and this doesn't die, it's keeping the information and the technology and the conscious awareness alive for the planet and for the human race. So when they do finally wake up that information is there, because again what the reptiles and these beings have done is they have tried to destroy all of the memory.

They just wanted to take all of the memory away so that nobody remembers who they are or what they are, because clearly in the last 5,000 years they've been going to town down here controlling the place. And even now at this time we have all kinds of extraterrestrial interaction with this planet, and the mind control is so strong that people are terrorized. They don't even want to say anything about this publicly for fear that they're going to be put away, which is something all of us have experienced on this path. And that is the sad part of this is that the reptilians have built in a self-enforcing system, so that other human beings enforce the craziness. And that's really the sadness of it because for beings like us that are down here, we're being attacked by humans and we're being attacked by negative aliens, we're being attacked by everybody. Because nobody understands what were doing here and that has been very difficult in terms of a burden, or that part of us that has felt very isolated.

So given that family connection, I hope it is helpful in understanding who the Sirians are and what they're doing here. And this is the lifetime that is a completion lifetime for you, and it's a completion of the revelation of truth that you are. In the few lifetimes that you have been down here, you have been a wisdom holder, an esoteric wisdom holder. I even see you at certain times writing it down like if we understand what tarot is and certain archetypes of language you were holding certain archetypes of language. These were either oral traditions that were handed through hierophants or people were petitioning that particular knowledge, which of course has all been pretty much lost down here. Except in what is now called the occult information and a lot of that has been hijacked and is now black magic.

So that information is coming through and what it feels like to me is when you started to bring that into embodiment, because again understanding energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy. So when that was starting to come through and embody, that information was attacked because they don't want that here. And this is something that is part and parcel of your body, you can't stop it from occurring because it's like saying that is how we got it here. One of my biggest questions always was, can't we just stand on the outside and beam the information in? And the answer to that question of course was no, because we had to be human, we had to embody in the human flesh we had to come to this density and timeline. It was the only way to bring it here given the events of what had happened here.

Indigo Wars

So as we're coming into the end of the cycle the good news is that now, and hopefully this gives context for why it's been very difficult for you to find physical and psychic relief from this attacking until more recently, is that there had been stages of all out, I'm just going to say it wars. There was an indigo war that began in 2001 that had to do with the 9/11 events. These were when the conflict really started escalating, because they knew that this is the end of the cycle and somebody's going to have to leave here. And they are fighting of course, they are digging in and they are fighting. So this consciousness has been given every opportunity to rehabilitate itself and to move somewhere else. And here we are at the end of this situation and it's still fighting, very much like a feral animal.

It just doesn't want to be rehabilitated and the point of view of these last fanatical diehards is that they are genetically superior to humans. They believe that this planet belongs to them. There really is no rationalizing or attempting to negotiate, it's basically between life and death to them. They have other alternatives but they refuse to take them and they seem to want to take this to the end. So understanding this level of consciousness is an anti-life force, but it also has been possessed by humans that have been possessed by this thought form, and by this consciousness, and nonhuman entities that are also possessed by the thought form.

So when we look at the planet today we're looking at human beings that have lost their humanity and have no idea who they are anymore, and have become possessed by an anti-life consciousness that has been propagated by something that is generally referred to as a reptilian force. So understanding that this is an extraterrestrial phenomena and it is also a force, and that choice obviously is left to us. But what we're looking at and what we're dealing with in humanity and on the planet, which is so difficult, is basically the planet has been infected with something that most human beings are not aware of. They are not aware they are being controlled by that particular infection, so it has been very difficult to bring the genetic and the higher consciousness information here and have beings accept us. Meaning from the human realm, to understand what we're doing here, because obviously the nature of reality that is described to people is completely the opposite.

So I'm feeling like thank God, and I'm very grateful that you have come to this piece with ES and the body of work that we facilitate, because at this point for some reason there are not that many of us here. And I honestly don't know why that is, beings that are doing this level of the work it seems to be still very small in numbers. So just letting know that too, that it really has been difficult to bring this body of work more into the public. And why there aren't more of us able to penetrate the mind control and the attacking, so that we can actually share this with our family is a question I ask every day. But I still get up every day and just do my job and an attempt to do the best I can with what limited resources I have to work with. But in understanding that we do represent a small minority at this time and since 2009 and now more recently since April 2011, the body of the architecture that allows us to operate within a container that supports what were doing is finally here. So I'm feeling that and I'm really starting to see that the architecture of the planets body that has now been placed there since April, is allowing those of us that understand how to work with the exchange of flow.

So remember before this last year we had been in a one-way system, so what that meant is the more frequency and the more of your spirit soul body that you were bringing in, you hit up against the frequency fence. And when you did you hit up against the ceiling and then the ceiling started throwing karmic crap on you. And you were like wait a minute I thought being of service and being of the light and doing healing work was actually doing God's work, or Christ's work or whatever. But what was happening is your were hitting up against the fence and that is when I think the proverbial you know what hit the fan. Because you started to extend beyond the frequency fence and they were like wait a minute, you can't go beyond there, get back in there. And that's when they start flinging crap at you, when your light body and your conscious awareness, or the realm in which are operating is starting to go beyond the frequency fence.

So that frequency fence has meant existing in a system that has not allowed us to exchange directly with the source, to bring what is known as the third field. Which allows us to exchange direct into the God core, which is now possible. The new architecture also allows us to do this. Your pathway has been environmentally influenced meaning what has been happening in your life has also been a direct parallel with what's been happening on the earth. Because your body and who you are as a being, that works with the planet's brain and interfaces with the planetary consciousness at the logo's level, because that's what the Sirian background is about. It's like you're here to recode the planets brain into what the Sirians have been holding as a part of the higher brain for planet Earth. It is like saying the Sirians are attempting to return the information to this planet and give it to the planet, but the planet has to be able to hold that frequency. So we hold it in our body and we act as an acupuncture point and we relay informational code genetically and in frequency, to the planets brain and into the planet's logos.

Ascension Plan B Upgrades

So the fact that you also are coming into awareness with ES since January makes perfect sense to me. This year 2011 is the year we have systematically been working with the Guardian architectural repair of the planets gridwork. Since 2005 every year we've been working with one layer of the chakra system and this was a part of the accelerated Ascension plan B. Meaning that at least from my knowledge, since 2005 I became aware that I was reassigned. So back then I was aware that I was working with the Sirian Council but they came to me and said your job in this counsel is over we are reassigning you. So what does that mean? It took me a long time to figure out what they were talking about, but it was in 2005 that they shifted over and said now we are on this Plan B.

So in 2011 this whole year is all about the seventh dimension, the crown chakra and the logos. So for you to connect with us now makes perfect sense because that is your job that's who you are that is what you hold that is what you carry. And this is now finally going to start to be able to, once you have stabilized yourself with clarity and understanding and tools, to be able to access and transfer this whether it's code information or knowledge. However that comes through you don't really have to worry about it, your higher God Spirit is going to be doing this, is already doing this.

But also understanding that getting you here has been so flipping difficult because A; you were hitting that frequency fence and you got passed it, and B; I think they were able to probably read some of your energy signatures and did not want you to deposit that information into the planetary logos. Because the planet's logos is where all of the crucifixion implants and the false holograms around the Christ energy are. The salvationistic modeling all of that stuff has been put as a group mind control implant in the human race. So this is the year where the breaking down of those systems is starting in the planet's logos and in the planet architecture.

It is hard to even imagine what that will look like in the years to come, around organized religion and all of that. Because all of those systems have been hidden behind this manipulating veil of corruption. So once the Logos is really shifted and the majority of these mind control programs and false holograms such as the crucifixion implants start to collapse and cannot be used by them, because they have been using those implants, using those false holograms and false realities. If they cannot use those anymore it is going to be very difficult to keep them operational in the planet, which will pose some really interesting dilemmas and changes with what happens in the years after 2011, because this will be ongoing. But as we understand the religious control of this planet, this is a big deal.

At one level as your Galactic sister and in understanding this whole process, it's very hard for me to know how much difficulty you have undergone attempting to do this, but I must say I understand why. They do not want you to become actualized in understanding what you're here to do. Because this is the piece that if you actualize this and observe it and become aware of it happening, then they don't have control over it and that makes them very uncomfortable. Because once you recognize that is your role they really can't stop it. So however this is going to manifest in the year to come as it feels relatively close, it feels like you were brought to ES to get briefed and to get another level of context, to start to remember who you are and then start to get in and transmit.

I'm not sure if you are feeling that already started to happen because what it feels like to me is you had to be stabilized in your core first. That what you're holding is a high frequency and high level of knowledge and that without absolute clarity and faith and trust, and knowing that you are part and parcel and protected and supported by God as your ultimate authority. You are not coming back here, this is it. You came here to do this, it is the completion of the cycle and that's it. The last part of what you're here to do is to get this anchored into planetary logos.

7th Ray Magnetosphere Upgrades

You are holding something that is specific around seventh ray violet recoding and magnetosphere changes. Meaning the magnetic field of planet Earth is where they invaded and this is also controlled through the lunar forces. So it makes a lot of sense to me that your body is very sensitive to the lunar cycles, because there are certain cycles within the lunar movement where that relationship changes, where the lunar forces change or have a direct relationship to the magnetic field. And the magnetic field of planet Earth is where they have control of the planetary brain.

When they invade planet they go into the magnetosphere, which is the ultraviolet light spectrum of the planet's body. For our esoteric purposes in understanding the layers and tones of the planet, that is the seventh layer. It comes into the crown chakra it is the ultraviolet plane and it is female in nature, the principle of this is female. This is an embodiment process for you this is a part of your highest heroic probability in the actualization of your God spirit. Meaning that part of you coming into actualization within your physical being, bringing that here into physicalization and having this awareness of who you are simultaneously. And then learning to observe, you just want to observe with that clarity and then it starts to reorganize the system.

Because you have a similar set up like me and that is that our system is self-organizing, meaning that when you learn to just hold observation into certain fields, that field it aligns it. Because the sentience of the genetic material that is a part of your God consciousness starts to organize the field into harmonic tone patterns, which is the process of aligning it back into its original design. Because what they did is they went into the original design of planet Earth, they went into the planet's brain and creational blueprint area and they overrode what was there. They just started writing, like you have this beautiful piece of art and these beings came in and just took crayons and feces and wrote all over it. It is like graffiti on top of the original blueprint of what that is. When we go in to the logos and this again happens organically as your sleeping or meditating, you start connecting into that consciousness sphere. The observation of that sphere allows the God consciousness portion of us to go into that space and re-organize the patterns of that space.

And in a sense I can feel that you have that self-organizing sentient consciousness within you that allows the self-organization of the original Logos pattern to be restored in the planet's brain. And this is something you bring back from Sirius that is a part of holding the information for planet Earth you have access to. So from what I've understood in my own experience, even though at certain levels of development every human being obviously has the potential of their Christ, their inner Christ light and developing that potential, this is a different configuration. You have a key this is more than Akashic record this is a key to where the holographic disk of the Law of One pattern is held within the races. These houses were called royal houses and what they were about were beings that committed to protect certain levels of information as a part of these houses. So you have a key to that house you are a part of that house. The time is going to come shortly, through this end cycle where you are going to get the key and your going to open the door to that house and the records are going to be returned here as you open the door.

There is obviously a great resistance to you achieving that in your highest expression of who you are. That is what you're here to do that is what your fulfillment is and that is why you came here to do this. So my feeling is that you and I are now connecting which has been a process of integration and understanding more deeply who you are. That you are part of a family that in essence is a part of the family of architects and that ultimately your role has been to assist in the rehabilitation of DNA, to replace the genetic damage that has disconnected people from their spiritual bodies. Because what we do whether we are in the process of healing fields or working with the technologies that you are working with, you are reconnecting people to their spirit bodies. You've been doing this all along however you have been doing it you have been connecting people soul to them.

When they are not connected or they have got damage or something, you have the ability to do that you have been doing that. Now the next level I think of participating with this piece, is knowing who you are and what you're doing. So it feels like the awareness is the beginning and the natural orientation that allows this to occur, because again I'm not trying put any pressure or expectation on you at all. But to understand that this part of you is attempting to come into embodiment to direct this part of your consciousness to the planet, and that this is going to happen shortly. You've been in an acclamation period you've been in a stabilization period, and this next awareness feels good. Honestly it feels that this is something that you've been waiting your whole life to do. So in essence it will feel supportive and good for you as a being, to be able to experience and express this. But I can't really tell you what that looks like I can't know what that is in this moment. I just know that's what you're here to do.

I did want to mention it here because I see this pattern in you, which is something that always amazes me. I did do a quantum scan on you before we started and this is what is fascinating. I have the same pattern as you which is always fascinating, and that is that across the board your energetic resources are very high. And I know that sounds funny because you're not feeling that. So what I notice with people like us is that our bodies are very different, our nervous system is very different. In the past as I have had this for 12 years now, when I would scan somebody that's 3D and they had some kind of imbalance or disease, it was very clear on the scan it was right there. I could see cancer patterns, I could see the immune system was really low and the measurements would be very low.

Higher Spirit Self in Control of Body

Now what I notice with starseeds and Indigos is it's almost like our body is here with a purpose and it's different. So it's very strange because a lot of us feel crappy, we don't really feel like we have vital energy we don't feel good. But every time I scan somebody with our mission or something similar, there's all this energy resource in the body. So as an example what your scan tells me is that your spirit is in control. In Asian medicine they call this the Shen, it's not your personality that's doing this your spirit is in control of your body. And I can see you have all of these energy resources even though your body's being reorganized and you don't feel good. I just want you to know that your life force is at 95%. Now I'm sure you probably don't feel that way, but I wanted to just give that to you because it really is enlightening when you understand the power of the body. I don't see 20-year-olds with these kinds of readings. I mean honestly it's beautiful, so I just wanted to share that with you. As funny as that may sound that your energetic quantification is amazing, which tells me somebody's working it if you get my meaning, the spirit some body is in there. This tells me is that you have everything you need to heal the body. (question...)

So what I'd like to do is to open up a session together and addresses those issues. Let's bring that into witness and see if there's anything that is revealed to us further about this, or if anything else needs to be exchanged between the two of us. Because certainly whatever coding I have I want you to have you know. I notice that sometimes what happens with family members is a download, like a file sharing. I'm really thrilled with how far you have come just in these last months, honestly because it's a lot of information and awareness to try to reintegrate back into. It's very strange but what were speaking of seems really obvious, but it is something that is completely missing from these psychic communities, consciousness communities and healing communities. I'm flabbergasted at times. So we are completing the first part of our session.

HGS session

Beloved God please open all channels of light, again as we set the intention of our alchemical container we ask our session to be fully consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God, purposes of one. We ask the defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation, our Guardian families as well as our Sirian families that serve the oneness beloveds please update our templates our bodies both individually and collectively. We ask to be perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. We ask for gatekeeping please hold our mutual highest purpose our spiritual missions and our influences within our communities and the planet, in service to the one light God source, the living light code. We intend to be unified we intend the cosmic crystal principal as an energy and manifested reality here and now. As we connect into the cosmic trinity into the core of God and the heart of God itself, please fortify spiritual links fortify communication links. With deep reverence beloved Mother please breath the living light into our created form. We state our mutual purpose in oneness to be resurrected from any artificial inorganic field to the organic living light of God now, and to that we say, beloveds thank you thank you thank you.

Again as we open the field, so preparing the groundwork for a system-to-system integration. Please correct any in between influences which need to be integrated in the here and now. Okay, what I feel is it's moving from inner to outer to in between. It is almost like a ceiling of portals or weaknesses in the field, this is what it feels like I'm doing, is I'm going in between the fields. So correction within inner in between and outer influences, we ask to psychically remove replace and integrate into full alignment of the higher source connections. And opening all communication links between each of the layers of the bodies into the core of the being. Please create direct God and core source connection and terminate and remove any extra dimensional frequencies, mismatching or merging body parts that need to be removed from the quantum or any other layers and levels.

I'm feeling some kind of fragment, so it's like fragments and connections and disconnections that need to be... there is something displaced in mismatching body parts. Okay so in the return to rightful owner I'm going to ask that any piece of light body or body that has been misdirected or usurped to be returned now, specifically mismatching frequencies or mismatching body parts. So this is a returning of a body that has been placed there that needs to be returned to what it truly is.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at this is a reintegration of merging bodies and removing mismatching bodies and mismatched frequencies. Okay so go into the inner influences and past, present and future reorganization into the core in this moment fully present. Create the empty space and remove memories residuals and resistances, which have been used, hijacked or interfered with. So correction of energy disturbance, correction of frequency interference, which allows any coexisting dimension or coexisting energy field within the space of the body to be sealed at the inner level, in between level and at the outer influence level. Okay so in the core of the body and in the tailbone itself, correction of any psychic or spiritual trauma within the tailbone and within the central nervous system or the spinal nerves of the system. So the balance center and stabilization of the spine through the back of the neck.

Cranial Sacral Seals in Spine

Okay so the interference that I'm seeing happened in this sacral and tailbone seal. So there are these seals when kundalini starts being released in the inner part of the aura and then within the physical physiological function of how the spirit light works in the body. There are these seals, they are cranial and sacral, and this is the thing that I'm seeing in the tailbone here. So in the correction and assistance, I'm going to ask for assistance from the Aurora Guardians and our Galactic surgeons for assistance and support in redirecting first of all the correction of frequency interference, energy disturbance within the cranial and sacral seals within the spine.

Specific to tensor, in the frequency interference within the back of the cranium in the cranial area, Medulla Oblongata area at the base of the foreman magnum, we ask any implant, static field or that creating a scramble or interference in that area to be deactivated. We ask to source the tensor, which is connected to the spine through which that energy has been either interfered with or misdirected at some level. So the source of this, it's like something that is throwing an instruction somewhere else. I'm following it and I see it at the back of your neck and into the medulla oblongata. And again this is for me a common one because our atomic doorway is there. When our monad really starts to come into the embodiment of our physical, the spirit light of our Monad projects out of our ascension chakra or atomic doorway, and that is literally at the base of the skull right where the skull and the neck meet at that level.

So I just want to check the cervical vertebra areas for any nerve damage, wiring damage, or hooking damage from any kind of implant or structure that has been used in that area. (question...) Well you know it makes sense to me though that there are layers of the structure and that if they take something out too early it can create more harm. So in essence on the right side that makes a lot of sense to me, because the opening behind the right ear is a ninth dimensional opening. And that ninth dimensional opening has another counterpart at the back of the head. So it's like saying we have these chakras that work in these pathways together. So the one that is behind the right year is actually ninth dimensional, so there's something probably sourcing from that level. Because what's interesting about ninth dimension connecting into that is I always feel a Nephilim signature around that. So it has that kind of feel around it genetically.

Masculine 3-6-9 Resonance Pattern Correction

So again in looking at this area and moving up through the tailbone, we're going to ask for the clarity in any genetic mutation, which has created a vulnerability which allows this connection or this implant or this wiring to be placed there. This is a healing of any genetic mutation of the body that is ninth dimensional and we ask that any layer of the mental body which has been corrupted, to assign a value to that particular area of the body behind the right ear to also be cleared and removed. I feel like the place I'm going for now are parts of the mental body where there are spheres. I want to say 3-6-9 I'm looking at the third the sixth and the ninth dimensional layer. I'm looking at the mental body and again this has to do again with some masculine patterns, when we understand masculine and feminine principles, we're dealing with mental bodies on the right side. Okay so on the mental body we are going to ask for assistance and support in releasing any chains of command in false instruction sets. This is a resetting of the nervous system patterns from receiving inorganic or artificial overrides into the natural and organic nadial system structure.

We ask to reset the nervous system and levels of the particular either damage or the rerouting of that system in responding to false impulses or artificially generated impulses. We are going to ask for all assistance in removing the instruction sets within the circuitry of the nervous system, which are receiving, conducting or transducing informational language exchanges with artificial or inorganic structures of wiring, this is on the right side in the 3-6-9 pattern. Okay, so this is a connection into something called the Shield of Solomon or the Solomon Seal and releasing the inorganic structures of the masculine. Okay so what is the source of this? So this comes into, this is interesting Archangel Michael is showing up for this. And this is understanding that Archangel Michael is a partner for Nephilim and Archangel Michael has been uses a lot of different ways within the New Age structure. But to me what he represents is a part of him part of his body as a group body, is the masculine identity through which beings on planet Earth have been influenced by this Nephilim structure. So it's like saying Michael has been used as a figure to sort of equate to a Jesus Twin. So what I'm looking at is like a false male Jesus, or Jesus twin Michael energy that is in control of the masculine instruction sets.

False Michael Broadcast

It's like saying planet Earth and the planets body have a false Michael broadcast. That false Michael broadcast comes out of something called a Golden Eagle Grid and what it's responsible for is creating something called the rod function in the body. When we become whole in our body and light body is built the Crystal body is connected, we have an internal rod and internal staff. The staff is vertical in its principle and is feminine and the rod is masculine. So this is a part of building your rod, this is a part of building the true masculine balanced Christ potential in the body. We build this within us and then it becomes manifested, as within so without. So this also makes sense to me because so much of the work we have been doing specifically in the last two years, is about healing the rod. Because it's like saying heaven can't come to earth until the male principle is healed. So we heal that principle in ourselves energetically and also as a part of that, it now means that as you walk around with this healed male template it is shared. And this seems to be the process that you're in right now is moving the correct pattern... I see, Okay. It's the false electrical pattern.

It is like saying the male pattern on planet Earth has been controlled and this is how we understand patriarchal domination and the control of the male. It's the control of all of us, but they have used patriarchal domination and distorted mental bodies to control everybody. So the way that has been controlled is through the ninth dimension, which is where the Michael Matrix is. So when I'm looking at the body on the right side and I'm looking at the third dimension, sixth dimension and ninth dimension, I'm seeing how from the ninth dimension there is something descending itself into corrupting the sixth dimension and into corrupting the third. And this is a structure that's actually in all of us pretty much. But it becomes more apparent for those of us that are awake, because we can feel something is off where most people are not aware of that.

So I'm feeling this is a correction within ninth dimensional timelines related to Nephilim hybridization or genetic instruction sets, which are corrupted within the physical body flesh. I'm going to ask for the Aurora Guardian assistance in the re-encryption of the elemental vessels which have been receiving instructions from that corrupted Nephilim program. We ask to correct the Nephilim program and to correct the instruction sets of that particular program within the nervous system, the brain and the wiring, and the histories, which are recorded as either false embeds or holographic inserts or particular memories that are stemming within the monadic self. Okay so correction of false memory inserts, correction of holographic inserts and correction of Michael masculine overlay inserts.

Monadic Attunement and Alignment

Oh, okay so something just ejected from the base of your skull. Almost like a confetti pattern, it was a stringy thing that just got ejected out at that point. Okay so in the releasing and removal of all timelines and identity structures, we ask for the core soul protection to also be applied, and the return to rightful owner to be applied on the entire monad body 7-8-9. So this is a merging and a configuration, which allows a trinity form and a trinity wave to connect the monad body completely. What I'm looking at here is like saying when the spirit body at the seventh, eighth and ninth level start to merge for me that is the monad. The monad body has three layers. So what I'm seeing is that part of the monad was split, so this is like a reuniting of the monad in its lower two layers with its third layer, making a triad. So part of the monad was integrated and another part was not.

So that part of the monad was impaled or trapped in a certain area. There are pieces of our monad that have been split off, these are called karmic monads, it's a part of our monad that has been split off into Phantom space. There are places in this reality that are dead spaces and parts of our selves, and in this case a piece of your monad had been dragged into a dark space or a phantom space. And it's being used and in a sense what it feels like to me is it's also being hidden from you, meaning that it's a part of your power. Not wanting you to be brought back into your full awareness because this also is a completion piece with the sacred union in you. Meaning that when your monad is complete your monadic twin becomes merged and this is a part of your liberation and freedom. It's interesting a lot of the, I want to say other frequency work, has been done this feels like it's big because it's a part of the monadic twin re-uniting. What is interesting is as I'm experiencing this where I am in the body to achieve this, even though it was at the monad level, is the third dimensional level which is kind of interesting.

Because I'm in the solar plexus and I go through the solar plexus and I'm looking at spheres, that again are hard to describe, but I know that this is an access into the right side. It like moves into the entire right side of your body and it's like the third, the sixth and the ninth layer are all connected in this layer. I'm looking at where the mutation occurred, meaning however this happened it happened through the third dimensional mental bodies. (question...)

What I'm hoping we are achieving through both of our participation and awareness, is to share all processes that are fully transferable. Because in a sense what I feel like I'm doing is that my eyes are being utilized by your teams eyes. So everybody's looking at the same thing. What I have found is that they can't see what we can see down here. So it's almost like through us they can see and it gives them that next level of detail. So I have a feeling that's probably why this is also being accomplished at this time. So in the structure of the mental body on the right side in resetting and reclaiming the spheres that connect to those particular consciousness bodies, we ask to be cleared attuned and aligned. As we're working with the blueprint that relieves this... what is that? That is the false navel phase lock.

False Navel and Umbilical Reset

Okay so in the center of the solar plexus where the lock of the unnatural navel or the false navel is. This is also the resetting of where that particular navel needs to be placed in alignment, which allows the direct connection of spirit source flow of Christ light to return to the body and reset the pattern. I'm looking at your mental body and I want to move it up, it's weird, it's like it's down and I want to push it up. And it keeps coming down and I want to push it up. Like it's not aligned appropriately in your body where it should be or something. So this takes us into the high heart. For me when we're looking at high heart, I would call this the eighth dimensional opening and that's where the permanent seed crystal the Christ atom and all of that is in there. So what it feels like to me is this piece of the monad that was in the phantom space, we're trying to re-piece the monad to get it complete. And the light of the monad reflects out of the permanent seed atom of your eighth chakra, which is your higher heart. When it does that it animates the crystal seed, the permanent seed in you.

It's literally like your crystal seed permanent atom in your higher heart is activating and that is when the body starts literally being breathed by the zero point. Your physical self is not connected to the planetary kundalini anymore you're connected direct now. And this is a part of what's happening with our bodies we are being disconnected from the planet's energy field, like the planetary kundalini down here and going direct, where the body is being animated directly. Okay so beloveds in looking at the thymus area where the crystal star pattern is that connects into the crystal seed atom. Okay they are asking me to look at something so hold on a second I have to get a book out.

Soul Star in Thymus Complex

Beloved guardians and guides please look at the soul star that's associated with the thymus complex at the top of the breastbone that is associated with any kind of seal that opens. Okay so this is correction in the sixth dimensional star, crystal star that opens into the thymus complex. Okay so in the soul star is there a space or a shift in the soul star, in the thymus complex function that needs to be repaired? Okay in the thymus complex, we need to repair the soul star in its control mechanism within the shields of the body. I see okay. At this level there is something in the light body at the thymus level. It is horizontal it's like saying our aura is like a building. When we are building something we have a foundation on which we have the 12D and then you have your vertical, which is like your pillar that stabilizes, and then you have horizontal shield. That's where I am I'm looking at a horizontal shield that is supposed to be stabilizing your thymus. And it moves out to your shoulders and it's not there, there is something that broke it apart.

That part is trying to stabilize. What I also know this thing is, what it does as a part of the body is the rod function. A lot of what we're dealing with is the rod functioned that stabilizes the body horizontally. So in this soul star each of the eighth dimensional interface and the sixth dimensional interface that work together to create the body and the shield that move horizontally. Okay it's a body that moves horizontally. We're asking for assistance in repair of the horizontal function of the shield that should be there at the sixth dimensional level. Okay, I see, there we go. So the opening of some Blue Ray energy just came into the thymus area. So where does that need be refracted to? Use the instruction set in the center and project that out from front to back. There is something now in the back of your spine like on the other side. We we're on the front now I'm in the back of your body. (question...)

Nervous System Blueprint Support

Again please scan and remove any devices or structures, which are interfering with the process. I'm not sure what I'm looking at like a black box thing that does not look like it needs to be there. Again please remove any obstruction or device within the reset of the central nervous system through the back, which is connected to the front of that thymus area. We are now in the nadial complex, so in the nadial complex loooking at the electrical impulse and that chemical level where the nadial complex is connecting to the thymus. Okay so the nadial complex needs to be reconnected through its electrical impulses that regulate the thymus. What it feels like to me in this case is similar to taking scissors and cutting it off. So what I'm seeing is that the control complex known as the nadial complex, which is where the whole interface with the central nervous system is, the nadial complex is like your nervous system blueprint.

So I go in there and it looks like somebody literally took scissors and cut the connection between the fourth heart and the eighth heart. What this does is it doesn't allow the astral heart to move completely into the higher heart. Because what happens in the lower levels of development when we open the heart, it's the fourth dimension, like your soul heart and this is needing to move into the higher heart function. Again I am going to ask in repairing and assistance in opening the nadial complex and reconnection in each of the operations. Oh okay so this was from an attack. So please clear the psychic attack, please clear damage on heart breathing rhythms and heart rhythms.

What it feels like to me is something was attacking, but what's interesting to me is I see damage but they didn't even know they we're doing this. What this had to do with, to be honest with you was to give you a heart attack. That's what this was. Not that they would be successful in doing that, but that's what this was. It was a nadial complex thing. (question...) The part of the nadial complex that is governing the operation of heart and breathing is the area I'm in right now. So this is actually in the nadial complex and the nervous system, but the specific repair and clarity is correction and alignment into the metabolic systems, into the chemical systems that control the thyroid. Which allow the heart and breathing rhythm to be aligned into the key function, which allows the proper breathing rhythm. Do I need to know what that is? So this is the heart and breathing rhythm that is supported into the highest spiritual, I would say this is Avatar consciousness rhythm. Which allows the body to be fully in congruent alignment with the heart, breathing and metabolic rhythm of the body into the universal kundalini functions. So this is the flow of consciousness energy and prana into the higher dimensional anatomy, which allows the physical embodiment to regulate this function, into the higher source frequency, home soul frequency, and that, which supports this transition in the body.

In looking at the nadial complex I'm not done there. So correction of the functions that create the horizontal body and shield for the soul and levels that come out of the thymus area. So in that interface system the adjustment, which allows the connection between the nadial complex and the core of the body at the solar plexus level. But this is more of the still point area, which allows the override of the lower mental bodies to raise the frequency of the third dimensional crystal seal that governs the function of the nadial complex. Oh, okay. So they're rerouting, so I'm going into the third area, it's taking me into the nadial complex and I'm going back up into the ninth area. Which is interesting that area on the right side, so all of this is somehow connected no doubt. These are core structures, which need to be overridden with a nadial complex upgrade and repair for these areas which allow these connections to activate the thymus complex into its proper patterns.

We ask that each of the patterns that need to be translated from that thymus complex area, which allow the higher heart to activate and override these lower systems, each of the layers of the thymus complex that govern that cyclic rhythm. We're coming back to that rhythm of the heart, rhythm of the breathing. It's like the rhythms of your body have been messed with. I don't know how else to describe it, it's like metabolic functions of some sort which control these rhythms. It's weird because I feel like it's doing something with the lunar relationship that you were talking about. I see, so when the rhythms are being interfered with there is some kind of electrical impulse that is coming from those false systems. So in the distribution of the systems we are fully asking for the reset and the repair through the central nervous system and the brain and through each of the systems that fully convert, translate and distribute the instruction sets. Only allowing the monadic bio-computer to control the functions of intelligence through the layers of the body.

Instruction sets for Krystal body

So again we are scanning the body for artificial, inorganic and usurped control of the various centers of the nadial complex, which have interrupted the translation of the frequencies and energies that need to be redirected into their proper spaces and times. So again in the primary axiatonal lines and in the seals of the body, again the correction primarily at this time appears to be on the right side. In looking at the area beneath the feet and realigning the earth star, which allows a reset and pattern of axiatonal lines on the right side of the body. To be re-patterned into the organic instruction set and flow, which are now going to start to come online within the metabolic functions that are governed by that soul star, at the higher heart level. So this is an activation which allows this, actually it was activated, but it's operating it into its proper pattern. It's like wires, it's really weird because it looks sloppy to me. Like somebody put in rerouting in an area, like an impulse that comes through the nervous system is rewired to go somewhere else. That's what it feels like I'm looking at there is something that has been rewired. But it's interesting as it's actually pretty crudely done. So again it's really about looking at the organic crystal body and utilizing the instruction sets of the crystal body.

So what I'm feeling is that there are points I feel like we need to redirect and connect, like the piece of this monad that was not connected is being reconnected in a communication link. And I'm showing the monad or that part of the intelligence system, because it's like a rerouting and descending into various dimensions. There are parts that we're being corrected coming up and there were parts being corrected coming down, and we've got to meet them in the middle. And what this actually ultimately seems to be about is the embodiment of rod and staff, this is like the vertical and horizontal meeting situation. That's what's happening in the development of your light body in your consciousness body. So at the monadic level monad triad level, looking at the correction of any mutations. Okay so first of all check and correct any base shield, this would be any genetic hijack that created transposition filters. Okay so this is a scanning and correction and removal of transposition filters in any of the base DNA instruction sets in the body.

Organic Base Pulse Rhythm, Heart beat

This is resetting the base pulse rhythm of the body back into the organic base pulse rhythm. Again we are going to use the 12 dimensional organic crystal body to reset all levels of that DNA template instruction set, to reestablish the organic electromagnetic bond to the body. So each of the energy conduits are reset into the organic system of the base pulse rhythms that are organic as per the instruction sets of the crystal body. In the crystal body again moving down and resetting those patterns of the base pulse rhythm, disconnect magnetic axiom lines that are running transposition filters and miasma programs. Correction of miasma programs and transposition filters through each of the magnetic axiom lines and resetting each of the grid structures into the proper magnetic field and electromagnetic, this is phase pulsing or something it's the way the energy pulses through the rhythms of the body. And that is in the reset of the etheric physical seals where the monad can control the body.

So please correct each of the lotus points where the monad can govern the physical anatomy processes and functions of the brain. I feel like what we're doing is we are plugging in a pathway of communication that allows the monad body to literally regain the function of the nervous system and some of the autonomic processes. It's like saying what's happened with the reptilian tail hijack and moving through the wiring of the system, is like saying that at this level the higher spirit body could not control some of the autonomic functions of your body. So those autonomic involuntary responses, if you go into the levels that control the electromagnetic battery body where your breath and your heart rhythm are, it's not a conscious process it's an autonomic process. So it's like they went into autonomic processes and they tried to plugin, I can't even call it an override it's very sloppy, they went in and just re-routed something to go somewhere else. (question...)

Lotus Point Activation, Etheric Access Points

In the activation of lotus points, we are going to go through each of the lotus points. We ask that each of the lotus points are reset at the control center, which allows the monad to govern each of the layers of the autonomic processes of the physical body the brain and the nervous system. Okay so at what layer of these points in the ethereal physical location? Okay so this is in the upper point, or middle and upper actually. Okay so in the middle points there are two centers around the solar plexus, about an inch above the navel. So this is a reset of the middle point lotus point set. Now on the higher middle point, this is on the axis of the area of the ribs on each side from left to right. And so now this is in the upper area this is around breast location that area, on both sides left and right, upper point lotus point reset. Okay now up on the top of the arm in the shoulder socket on the left and the right hand side, upper point lotus point reset.

Now we are moving, we just keep moving up these are the transcendent higher points. This is where the neck joins the shoulder just above the clavicle and the collarbone on the left and right hand side. This is a reset in the etheric physical body location and connection. Okay that's the big one. Okay, open all connections we are going to really focus in that area. I feel like I have to really focus hard to put a lot of power in that. And basically what I'm doing is I am there and I'm giving it to the monad, I have to grab it and then send it up. I'm grabbing it and I'm sending it up. So this is a movement of that frequency and it is like an area that has been stuck or something. It is a big block right there and it is interesting, it feels like you're holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. While I'm in there, that's what it feels like. So push it up above the collarbone and above your head and send it up, and then I can feel somebody's up there. It's like saying we put our hand up and they put their hand down, and go ok I got it.

It's interesting, there's only so far in this density some of them can go. Because the being working on this feels really far away or really high up, I don't know how to describe it. Meaning that there's only a certain point where this being can go. And this is a part of your monad but I'm also feeling that there is a part of a consciousness that's here to repair this. Because it looks like what we're dealing with is a part of the specialty set. It's like what you were saying and I noticed this happened too, where some of the guides go this is beyond our area. They can't go that far wherever it is, wherever far is. But there is a being there that is doing it, so I'm seeing that is a part of the monad family or something.

So this has got to move into the cheekbone area and then into the center of the forehead. This is literally like your entire neck, shoulder and head area. So again these are opening points which allow energetic flow. What it feels like to me is a reconstruction of these channels that have been scrambled. There are channels that have been there but they've been scrambled in the wrong direction. But it's interesting I feel like we're going from down to up, I'm down and I'm pushing it up and then I feel somebody up pushing down. We're meeting at a middle point or something, but it's an opening of channels, which is allowing the monad to be in control of this area. The monad or your spirit body couldn't use them because the channels were scrambled, so the monad could not conduct through. That's the best way I could describe it. So now... (got disconnected). Right when the call was disconnected was when the push, like I felt a push of manual energy pushing it and activating the energy. Like pushing it right through like we made it and it kind of opened up like a fountain and right then the call dropped.

I am seeing there is a recirculation of energy currents, which are allowing an organic rhythm to be restored to the autonomic process. That's what I'm understanding, which feels like a strengthening of the body and a strengthening of all the frequency sparking through the body. Then to recirculate that back into the higher heart, which allows the activation of the horizontal basis of the light body to stabilize around the heart and the shoulders. Seeing the crystal seed atom activation of the monad in the higher heart, which allows the monadic atomic body to fully anchor all the way to the tailbone. I see, okay so it's like the monad has not been able to embody and its proper alignment. And I'm seeing that whatever the interference of that scrambling was doing, is like saying that the monad becomes embodied and it literally lines up on top of us. It's interesting to me when I look at the monad it's exactly like our body but much bigger, it's huge. Our body is over laid directly on it and when it's aligned properly our spine is aligned perfectly with it.

Atomic Body Monadic Pillar

So what I'm looking at now is at the tailbone area to again ask for assistance in allowing the merge of the monad at the atomic body level at the tailbone, to now be fully anchored physically to create the pathway, which allows the monad to sit in the base of your body where it needs to be. So this is a correction of the atomic body monadic pillar and the strengthening of the core pillar, which allows it to strengthen the vertical and horizontal action that the monad needs to fully embody, through the tailbone, lower spine and the back of the neck. Looking at the physical body atomic regulator, correcting that, there is something really sore and really raw down there. So in the base of the physical flesh, I ask the Aurora for their assistance in wrapping the tailbone and repairing the entire fetal cell atomic body level. This is at the atomic body monad level in the tailbone, the tip of the tailbone, coccyx and the correction of the coccyx to the coccyx brain, which allows the spine to be strengthened.

It just feels like when I go into that tailbone area it feels like a release of a lot of pain and I'm not sure where that's coming from. Physically if I'm looking at the tailbone itself, looking at the skeleton, I'm feeling a lot of pain in the tip of the tailbone. It's almost like something happened there, where something has been held there. I just want to assist in the clearing and removal of pain and trauma and wounding to this area of the skeletal body and energies, which are holding that in place. Through unconditional love and forgiveness we ask that the light of God and the light of Christ, to restore rejuvenate and heal this area of the tailbone and coccyx. Begin moving it all the way back up into its connection to the coccyx brain at the base of the skull. There is something underneath this being pulled out. It is like a deadlight filter down there is being taken out. And it's interesting it's around the perineum area, it looks like a black ball or gray orb. It's got a shape to it, it's not perfectly round and it looks glasslike and it's gray looking and it was like underneath your perennial, like right there.

As I've been going to this process I have been feeling a sharing with your teams, there feels to be some kind of exchange, like some kind of information is also being taken and to be continued. I'm not sure what that looks like, but I feel that whatever that was that just happened was what we came here to do.

Closing: So I want to thank you and thank our Guardians. Again as we close down our communications field, we ask to seal any portals and openings within the sphere. We ask the Aurora Guardians to again command and set the personal space to that which is, I am God I am Sovereign I'm Free. Again as we fully dedicate and consecrate every cell and pore of our being, our body, our container and our session exchange today, we fully dedicate this to the purposes of God and we ask as God would have it be. We command in this space the sovereign freedom of oneness that we know is the truth and the real. Beloved God thank you. Beloved Christ thank you.

Again as we seal the field, we ask to seal the bodies and reconnection of all channels in the organic pulsation and rhythm of the eternal and perpetual supply of God source and Christ Light, the liquid living light. Beloveds thank you, thank you thank you. Anchor lock and seal through the hologram through all levels of time space field and into the moment of self and now fully, completely and totally. In deep love and gratitude we seal and end our session. Thank you so much.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - 8-19-2011]

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