Twilight Mastery

Here are a few guidelines to be aware of when discerning corrupted systems or Twilight Mastery.

God Source can be discovered from within everything and IS everywhere. So even in this realm of dark, false or corrupted systems, while facing it can be an unpleasant experience, many of us undergo our initiations into higher wisdom by facing the “dark” forces present within these systems. We all will undergo spiritual initiations of developing inner knowledge by comprehending the difference between the dark and light without judging either side.

These circumstances can provide a level of service leading us to energetic Self Mastery in order to fully comprehend the illusory nature of the 3D reality, and the various agendas at work down here in the globalscape. Once we understand how the Negative Ego works and how the Pain Body controls us until we learn personal self awareness, then we start to observe the vibrational and energetic nature of reality. We then may understand these hidden agendas at work and stop them from manipulating us into lower desires, Addictions and destructive and painful behaviors. When we start to be responsible and accountable for ourselves and for our behaviors, then we are given a choice on how we wish to participate. This is the road to personal freedom and Sovereignty or GSF.

A common denominator that seems to be observed in the Spiritual Leader’s blind spot leading them to participate in Twilight Mastery is the lack of Negative Ego training or awareness of the multidimensional bodies (the spiritual-energetic anatomy). The biggest spiritual test is one of personal character and will, when given fame or power over others. When an ego is given a perception of power, money or influence over others, such as in a Group Consciousness who does s/he become? A Spiritual Leader is a humble servant. Any person who is a leader is a servant to the people, and if they forget this they easily digress into a Tyrant.

If a Spiritual Leader does forget that he/she has been employed by God Forces and has been entrusted with stewardship of Divine Will as a humble servant, they are then led down a karmic laden path. There is no root downfall worse for any Soul than the deliberate abuse or misuse of spiritual energies or consciousness technologies. When a Spiritual Leader/Organization has tread into this dark water of the pride and Negative Ego, the False Ascension Matrix is most easily inserted into the curriculum or into the nature of the spiritual work that has been propagated. And then it is like a viral infection. It spreads its corrupt Energy Signature throughout everything and the people become portals of the predator realm, the Houses of Ego.. It is matrix of complacency, deception, judgments and puffed up illusions about the nature of a fantasy reality.

The high risk in these types of dynamics (Guru-Disciple relationships, or Corrupted Spiritual Leadership) is if the person is extremely weak willed and gullible, or the emotional body is severely damaged from trauma, or the mind is inordinately controlled by implants/ programming. People without a solid sense of core self, nor training to recognize and heal Negative Ego and Pain Body distortions become swallowed in the sea of the manipulations or deceptions of the corrupted Leader's personal ego desires or personal will to control others for his/her own needs.

The patterns to recognize in these inappropriate Negative Ego behaviors are very, very clear. You will notice in all of these types of corrupted relationships, there is a Dominating Negative Ego or controlling Tyrant King run amok. Such as with a deeply charismatic character claiming some elitism or rhetoric over their special and exclusive connections to God/Angels/Masters/Guardians and yet seducing or emotionally manipulating the people involved.

Remember white magic and Black Magic are the same consciousness technology; the deciding factor is how it is used with intention. (See the Law of Intent). If one manipulates spiritual energies in order to show a certain image of misperception for personal gain, or service primarily to oneself, or to superimpose one’s will or manipulate beliefs upon another – It is considered Black Magic and “Satanic” in nature. This is because the honoring of Universal Laws and practicing the Christos Law of One, no being can superimpose and force another being into belief systems, activities or identities that the person does not want to believe. The Spirits of Christ are Truth Spirits, while the Imposter Spirits are deceiving spirits.

Consequently without clarity over these many issues, the Leader and the spiritual work may become easily corruptible to spread more Negative Ego behaviors in their Group.

Spiritual Leadership Pitfalls

A Spiritual leader (or Guru-Wise One archetype) who is working with Light forces and being manipulated by dark forces from the blind sight of mishandling their own Negative Ego. Usually what this means is the person in the leadership position of Group Consciousness may start to abuse power, acts from hidden or unseen motivations, starts wanting to control other people, manipulates group resources or people to achieve a desired goal. For more clarity to discern these Negative Ego behaviors, see Emotional Manipulation and Leadership Vs. Tyranny. Leadership should never be confused with tyrannical behavior.

Motivation of Manipulators

What are possible motivations of a Manipulator?

  • The need to advance their own purposes and personal gain at virtually any cost to others
  • a strong need to attain feelings of acceptance, power and superiority in relationships with others
  • a want and need to feel in control of surroundings and people (aka. control freak)a desire to gain a feeling of power over others in order to raise their perception of self-esteem and value in the world they create
  • A childlike need to get whatever they want from self-entitlement and no impulse control* To release inner anxiety and fear through projecting obligations on others to meet personal needs
  • boredom, or growing tired of his/her surroundings, wanting to be entertained or pre-occupied in drama

For more see Emotional Manipulation.

5 Warning Signs of a Cult

1. If your spiritual/religious group tells you this is the only way to reach any level of spiritual truth- or is the 'only way' to go 'all the way'

2. If you are told that donating money, grants you favorable circumstances in your life- or that you will have good karma if you donate lots of finances to their wishes, or will get more good karma by serving the particular groups wants/needs

3. If your group says that leaving the group or 'guru' will make bad things happen to you or grant you horrible amounts of karma

4. If your group says that the guru controls of all your future lives

5. If your group says that it is necessary to have a guru in order to reach any level of complete realization[1]


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