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Themes: 5D timeline clearing, Vatican City ritual abuse, Caligula's obelisk, what was in Egypt went to Rome? body parts in Canopis Jars, Hatshepsut Temple as 10D override, 10-10 opening for male monads being released from GEG.

Opening: As we open our field, we intend that which is fully connected to God source and through the highest capacity of exchange, we call in that which connects our light fibers to the eternal living light supply. I can feel the moving of energies and that this is going to be a really intense session. So again as we open our container beloved God to be consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of One, we call in our Guardian races serving the One, and our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation. Beloveds as we again command our space in the dominion of God, we ask that all that is in the truth the light and the power and glory of the One eternal light, to be brought into our conscious waking awareness and that which needs to be balanced harmonized integrated, and brought into wholeness.

We commend this space to be intended through unification of the living light code intended through unification of the Cosmic Christ Principal. We command this space is an energetic reality here and now, as our authority is in God's name. As we ask for the handshake to fortify our communication and our spiritual links into the core of God, we ask again beloveds to update our templates our bodies individual and collective. Renew us strengthen us and perpetuate us in that eternally sustained light. As we are ready to go beyond and dissolve all phantom fear or shadow, we state our mutual purpose as One, beloved God please resurrect any and all inorganic or artificial patterns to the organic living light now. And to that we say beloveds, thank you, thank you, thank you.

5D Timelines

So in terms of timelines related to the fifth dimension. Okay, so fifth dimensional energies and timelines that are sourced from one of the core memories of reptilian invasion. As you may or may not know, as this has been discussed a lot, is a part of the Egypt trip was returning to that part of the landmass where reptilian invasion memories are in the planet. Almost like that is the inception memory of it. In the Egyptian culture and timelines there is a segue, even though it's about the astral plane and underworld energies, there is a fifth dimensional access. What I'm feeling is relevant to you and also is relevant to your trip to Rome specifically, and has to do with timelines and energies and I would say memories of this particular fifth dimensional invasion. Which means it is the starting point of where this planet and the bodies upon it came into the reversal systems, the Satanic systems, the Black Magic systems.

These systems are actually architectures that have been placed in the planet by these forces, by means of control fear abuse enslavement etc. So this particular timeline is very important in terms of eradicating and working with overriding those particular memories and experiences that are held in our consciousness.

I'm feeling that today is a process that is a part of the completion or coming full circle. Your trip to Europe however this is going to manifest, but in particular at the moment the fifth dimensional stargate the anti-particle part of it, meaning that there's one part of the fifth dimensional Stargate that is in Machu Picchu and the other side is in Vatican City Rome. In Vatican City we know that there is an obelisk and that obelisk has been represented as a part of distorted male energies that have been using ritual abuse and literally soul bindings. This is based upon that center but also as what is propagated through the histories of Catholic Church, the draconian agendas. The Draconians were really quite brutal. Meaning both humans that are possessed by draconian consciousness and then of course the actual entities and understanding that as force as well.

So today as we're looking at timelines and memories it looks like these are timelines that we are either pulling or we are looking at, in order to bring certain fragments through. What I'm seeing, and I've been feeling nauseous all morning knowing this was going to be an intense session. These are definitely beings that are soul abused, ritually abused, blood abused. What has happened at this particular juncture that has been used both in the grids in Egypt and into Rome, again when we understand the obelisk is of course a part of the extraterrestrial monuments and things they were using. This is an example of the male energy the phallus, they were using to distort the energies of Ra to distort the energies of male principal on this planet. I'm seeing that there are portions of release happening. I'm not entirely sure how these groups of energies or entities are connected to your person.

Blood Sacrifice Rituals

It feels like there have been memories or experiences from those timelines. From an observing point of view we have underworld energies where beings have been sort of trapped in these spaces from these rituals. Okay, so they are telling me that when you go there, there are places meaning landmass places on the grid of our planet that have been used like reverse portal systems. But what these energies were used for is like circulatory systems that feed certain hub networks. I'm seeing that in the circulatory systems there are fragments of consciousness and soul bodies. And a part of these bodies were being used, this is blood ritual.

So there explaining to me that blood ritual can be used when you kill somebody. Like the person that's being killed doesn't always necessarily know they're being sacrificed. I'm looking at Rome I'm in Italy when I am looking at this. I don't know if this is the Roman Empire? Because I'm seeing a weird scenario where Egyptian culture is influencing the Romans. I don't know if that's the time period? But there is something to do with Pharonic energy connected to the Rome energy. I'm looking at the memory and where you're going to be, meaning that when you set foot and you are physically there, there is a completion and an ending of this. Because I saw like you're actually going there to close vortices, I don't know if these were vortices that are being opened now for this release or for this awareness. But understanding that these beings are trapped on a grid, these souls are bound on a grid. Meaning that they are like stuck in this thing. It's weird it's connected to the planet, it's a planetary ley-line and there are intersections of various circulatory systems of these ley-line networks. Again I'm looking at Rome, I'm looking at something called the circus. I think there was something called a circus, where some of the more brutal of Roman Emporers would sacrifice Christians. The whole put them in with the lions kind of thing, and the gladiators and all of this. Somewhere on your trip you're going to go to a place that has circus in its name. There's some kind of pathway I'm looking at a long dirt road and I'm looking at the time this was being used. I see that there were walls there there was a long corridor. In that corridor there were obelisks, wow.

Okay so what happened is that at some point the Roman Emperor or whoever this being is? And this may have to do with like the Caligulas these are the beings that were extremely brutal. There was a particular Emperor during the time of Christian crusades where they would just barbarically disemboweling and sacrifice Christians. I'm seeing that in this corridor it's like a long corridor and at the end of each corridor is an obelisk. Oh my God, Okay. So the obelisk that used to be in this area called the circus, they are telling me that somehow you are going to be there. Are you going on a tour or anything? Okay. It's not in the Coliseum is outside of the Coliseum.

It's something like Circus Maximus, Circus something where the parade and procession went. I'm looking at a corridor and I am seeing this procession. What they're showing me is that that corridor was used almost like a phantom hole. The grid system on the planet in that area has a bunch of souls trapped on it and they're showing me that that area was used for that purpose. It's like a pit, okay. The only thing I can equate this to is an underworld pit energy, like if you thought about Hades and the pits of hell and fire and brimstone and all of that, that's what I'm seeing. It's a corridor and they are showing me where it is it does not have walls anymore but originally it did. They're showing me that this area was used as a repository for the power of souls to be sacrificed and used for purposes. Okay I see. They are saying that at this particular time, okay this was brought over because I'm feeling the Egyptian influence. I guess towards the end in Egypt and then it was brought over into Roman culture.

It would be really interesting to look at the time period on this. I'm seeing that there was some kind of intersect, maybe at the end of the Egyptian dynasties something happened. It's going into Rome and we understand the 5th dimensional gate is there and this is all the draconian influence. This is when they really started working the Catholic Church this is when they started putting the Pope in there. Their working it, starting to build the Empire of the Catholic Church and Vatican City and all of this is starting to get put into play here. I'm seeing that somehow they, meaning either dark forces or entities were manipulated and humans were manipulated to create these spaces without even knowing they were ritualized. Meaning here is this corridor and then they have these big obelisks brought over. It raises the same question, why is Caligula's obelisk in St. Peter's Square? The obelisk in St. Peter's belongs to Caligula, so what is going on here? Obviously somebody is orchestrating this. It should happen naturally, I don't want you to worry about it. But obviously they want us to realize that you're returning there and your closing a portal. It's like a corridor that looks like a half a mile long it has a beginning and an end. It's a walkway it was used as a walkway. Because somebody created this I don't know who it was. They are showing me that this is like a deep black dark pocket on the earth, meaning it's been used to trap souls. It has a lot of in pain souls there.

What they were doing during these times, because again when the reptilian invasion came in, what they tried to do was set forth their agenda, which would be patriarchal domination through the false king of tyranny. So you would get a human that was an egomaniac you'd give them a lot of power and you'd corrupt them. The corruption was happening through power more money and more territory or whatever. So what these draconian beings, these reptilian invasion beings were doing is they either gave it to them, I don't know how if it was physical or just through manipulation. But they started the belief system and it's actually more than a belief system it works, that if you go kill a bunch of people and you sacrifice them in your name, you can use that power of persuasion to do the things you want to do.

Say you're Atilla the Hun or your a dictator or a corrupt Roman Emperor and you could care less about people, your just power hungry. Whenever they wanted to win a war whenever they wanted to invade a country or go kill their enemy, they were using the power of beings that they had a ritualized through blood to do this. These beings, Okay one of the guides is telling me that this was also going on in the Mayan cultures. He is saying remember? Yes, so just like in the Mayan cultures, they would go and they would sacrifice to "appease the God". So the king or whoever the ruler was, he would build a house or he would build a temple or he would build a place to live for his family. In order to make that a power spot on the planet he would tell the priest we need 150 bodies, 150 souls to be sacrificed for my house. Meaning that the power of that was to be dedicated to the house and to this King to give him power.

This is again Satanic Ritual, Blood Ritual. When you kill someone in the name of another I guess this is a type of karmic superimposition. I guess what they're trying to tell us too, is that we must be beginning some kind of phase where these pieces have to be returned or something, because I feel like this is kind of a walkabout for you in a way. Like you're going to go there, and I'm going to be honest, it was a really horrific history that you had there. But I feel that the returning to that place is completing all of this crap that has been a part of the physical challenges that you've undergone, because I'm feeling the black magic. The black magic and how it's being used again is this Circus Maximus area this is what it was used as, it's like a pit. There is a grid there and it's like saying it's somehow etheric and I don't understand how this is done I have not ever seen anything like this before. It's like seeing soul bodies being thrown into the pit and they are stuck. If we had a surface earth demographic area they are stuck there, that's where it is. Meaning that on the surface of the earth that's where it is stuck, the beings are in there and they are stuck on this grid.

It's been part of some kind of way that when they were killing people they were doing it in a ritualized way. I can't tell and maybe it's not important, whether they were consciously doing that from their humanness. Like meaning were they actually as a human going through blood ritual and doing it that way. Or were they just brutalizing and killing people, or were beings of the dark forces using it that way. That's what it feels like you get someone who's just an egomaniacal bloodthirsty power monger and he's just killing people at whim because somebody looked at him sideways, because he doesn't have reverence for life. What I'm seeing is that as these people are being killed they are being sacrificed it's not like just random killing. They are being dedicated to something and that's what's weird, and I don't know how the dedication is happening. But I do know that that place that has circus in its name is the area. And this area has specific relevance to you meaning that either you were there or experienced it or saw it.

And when you walk this it's like you're going to be retracing some kind of steps. If and when this comes about or you feel this, what I'm understanding for us to share today is that you understand that there was a portal there or a reversal grid where beings are stuck. And somehow the release of this is the release from you. It feels like a burden that you've carried is released through this, so even though this sounds sordid it's actually very good. Because in returning to this place there is freedom involved, freedom for you and freedom from whatever has been trapped there.

So there seems to be pieces and it's very interesting it's coming from Egypt. I don't understand that one. The thing that's interesting is that the location for you to return to isn't Egypt it's Rome? That is so interesting because there's got to be some kind of phase in time where Egyptian civilization was ending or there was something that went into Rome. What it's feeling like to me is weather we call it magic or consciousness technology that was brought in by extraterrestrial intervention. So like for me the Egypt connection was really understanding at one point there was a lot of benevolent extraterrestrial activity and technologies that were being used for positive purposes. Because what I feel is an extreme regret as I'm talking about this. It feels to me almost like benevolent extraterrestrial involvement with humanity backfired, because as they were giving this planet support with certain levels of technology. And when this reptilian invasion occurred it was used against the humans. It feels like something was given and then abused. This timeline that I'm feeling feels like that's when it happened. Meaning that something that came in from Egypt that was sacred and was about your connection to God and the universe, actually became misused. It's like knowledge was misused it was given to corrupt people like these Roman emperors, these beings that could be corrupted.

Like somehow they gave this power this knowledge to these "Kings of Tyranny" and they just went wild with it. And honestly I feel it today. They're showing me this is what we're dealing with today. It's the same where beings have been given power and control over this planet and the money and resources of this planet because they have been given it. I'm really seeing that this was the beginning of the interference where those that were handpicked and cultivated to play that role of enforcer and tyrannical King archetypes that would be the rulers. This is when they started putting those people in power. And they did so with these technologies. Meaning the technology of understanding force, energies and forces of the planet etc. So what we would've considered I guess magic is not actually magic it's actually technology, like consciousness technology of the planet. And they were giving it to these beings. So I feel like when you go to Rome, there is some kind of a completion, this is a completion of that for you.

There is a timeline that is relevant in your experience to completing and healing this piece. It feels like the completion moment is in Rome. Because you have been spending so much time investing in clearing yourself, it feels like this will be celebratory. Because it's like finally setting down a burden that has been carried for so long. This is big it's been a very big burden.

Okay so I'm going ask the guardians and those that support you in the here and now. Okay there are some artifacts and etheric weapons and things that need to be taken off. I am looking at wiring around your heart, like someone took a barbed wire or put a wire around the heart area. Can you show me what that is? Okay so in connecting to the center of the heart, and again we command all that is in rightful ownership to be returned to this beloved being, that which is full actualization full realization of God purposes. Okay so I'm trying to follow this because I'm looking at a literally like a wire in your center heart area there. Okay so what body is that in? Now I'm in Canopic Jars. You know how they take body parts out and put them in jars or something. Okay so please remove any external influences outer influences from any demonic entity, human or nonhuman spells hexes curses on organ systems through any of the burial chambers or burial rituals or processes from any time and space. We are now again collecting any fragmentation of soul or pieces of body. We ask that any body parts be returned again to their appropriate time space and merge with the spirit and light body.


Okay I'm looking at the jar what do you want me to do with it? Wow. Okay I am, we are just going to flow with this. Again just feel in your heart and whatever we need to be witnessing to actually bring this to the surface of awareness. Okay this canopis jar belongs to females that were part of the Hatshepsut line in Egypt. This is not Hatshepsut's canopis jar but someone really close to Hatshepsut and was a female. So it's a blood relative it is a relationship to Hatshpesut and has a curse on the female line. Okay so in removing releasing and bringing into surface awareness remove any and all psychic curse ritual or influences, which have created a split of soul occupancies in the body. This is a breaking down of parts of spirit body.

Hatshepsut had power in a big way around Arc tools, she understood that the Mother the God Mother principal, meaning the female God principle in the body of the mother herself, had the creation God-Seed and codes related to what's known as Arc Codes, Ark of the Covenant arc codes. These were represented in some kind of ritual that she had. I don't know meaning in this time of Hatshpesut and being one of the periods of time where the female matriarchy, I see, she was trying, oh my God Okay. She was trying to return the Pharonic line to the matriarchy. Okay so what had happened in Egypt through again the shifting of the reptilian invasion, during that point about 5000 years ago with the reptile invasion came all of the emphasis on patriarchal domination. And they're showing me that the Egyptian cultures used to be matriarchal and they turned patriarchal from this influence. And somehow Hatshepsut knew this or was trying to change it. So when she became a Pharaoh this created a massive conflict in the bloodline.

Okay this is why you feel a connection to another ES member, whom we know was Thutmose. He was Hatshepsut's stepson. Okay so what was going on is she becomes Pharaoh but she's married to her husband's brother maybe? She was his stepmother I don't know how though. This Thutmose line what overtook it there was a total war over this. Meaning the personal agenda was completely defacing completely desecrating completely making sure any of the Hatshepsut bloodline or lineage. Meaning she would be cursed and eradicated from record as having anything to do with Egyptian Pharonic lineages. So she was the last female Pharaoh that was attempting to use Arc coding. Somehow she understood this and I don't know how much she understood.

It's like saying the reptiles come in and they take the mother energy off the planet, and when they did that they scrambled our DNA. The way the guardians have shown it to me is they started to manipulate the electron and the way the frequencies of electron proton the way the particles were running in our planet. What it did was it literally blew off the female proton frequency so the female consciousness could not connect to the planet. They created like this reversal grid and it was a mind control frequency type of fence. But again it was done in masculine principle. That masculine principle is the mentalization keeping people in the mental body. Then they started to move into the time of patriarchy and patriarchal domination and this was manipulated by hand and ushered in by these draconian and reptilian forces that were working it from this angle.

They wanted to desecrate the female. Whether they knew the female was the spiritual connection or not, what they started to do was use the female in reversal. Enslave the female strip her of her power yet steal what was hers, meaning her blood this menstrual blood, the power of the spirit. They took this and they started replicating the Arc Codes. They understood somehow through processes of alchemy, the law of alchemy and white and black magic. Meaning that which is used for life force promotion and that which is used for death and destruction. They understood that you cannot manifest anything unless you have both masculine and feminine principle. So the aggression towards enslaving feminine energy started. Somehow Hatshepsut was aware of this at some level and I don't know how deep it was.

What she was trying to do was return Egypt back to the heart of the mother. She did not necessarily know how to do that. Somehow she knew that that part of the planet was important, I don't know if she knew it was the heart chakra of the earth or not. But she understood that the patriarchy has come in I've got to change that. What she wanted to do was to create successions of female pharaohs and this was her desire to attempt to heal what had happened in Egypt. By bringing in from her perspective anyway the female matriarchal influence to continue to be the "Ruler of Egypt". Something went down that was really horrific, and I don't know what it was. I know in Egypt one thing we do know is that they definitely tried to erase her from the records as if she never existed. I'm seeing that they took everything that had to do with her, her best friend her confidants her ladies in waiting, whatever you call them.

She had female confidants that were giving her advice, she actually had a lot of women around her. There is some blood relationship that I'm feeling that you have with Hatshepsut. When I'm looking at the Canopis Jar and it's got your heart organ in it, I know that it's related to Hatshepsut through blood. That barbed wire thing is a curse on her bloodline. What it was doing was making sure that no one from Hatshepsut's bloodline would receive the throne or power in any way. Actually what they wanted to do but apparently they were unsuccessful, is they wanted to make sure that her line did not reincarnate here. Meaning they were trying to destroy the soul so that the soul couldn't reincarnate. They did not want that on the planet.

So what we're dealing with here is a desecration of female energy. This is why I am feeling so nauseous too, because you know it has so much relevance to all of us, this piece. This was about a direct defacement on female power, on not allowing that to propagate. Here was this being who attempted and got pretty close, as she ruled Egypt for a while. And she was able to I think create a real prosperous country. What I'm seeing is that her objects of desecration are being discovered now in Egypt. Meaning that at the same time this is happening with you, again I don't have any proof on this. But what I'm understanding is that there are artifacts and objects that still exist that were in her kingdom or her temple or wherever she was living, they belonged to her. And all of that was attempted to either be destroyed or was buried in the earth under things. They tried to destroy it or bury it or hide it, because what I'm seeing is some of the things they couldn't destroy. How do you destroy a 50 foot monument you know? I am seeing these big pieces they couldn't just shatter them so they actually buried them somewhere to just get them off the surface. Then they built on top of it so that it wouldn't be found. Like seeing they put the old statues of hers that were sacred to her, they put them in the ground and built temples on them. So who knows if it will ever be found, but I am seeing they used it as foundation structure. I'm seeing that there was something more than just recycling material it was like saying your you're going to be buried and kept down.

The Egyptians also understood that images that were brought into the physical to them were alive. They were objects that represented spirit coming into physical matter, like they had that whole understanding. So there's something about that. It feels like something is happening, like the revelation of Hatshepsut is returning. This thing that's happening in Rome is a completion to this too. I don't understand exactly how and why. It's like saying that whatever Hatshepsut had a knowledge or an awareness of, it was stopped from propagating on the planet in a bloodline in a human female bloodline. But there is some information that she had that was taken and abused. Meaning they stole something from her in death and they used it. When they used it they also brought it to Rome.

Stolen Cathar Coding

Because again it's like saying the Draconian energy the Reptilian energy took this knowledge information and Arc codes. They are showing me an example of the fleur-de-lis. When I went to Calgary they were showing me the fleur-de-lis is actually an arc code but it's been distorted. It means that somebody took this from the Cathar body. From the Guardian perspective the Cathar body is the body of the Divine Mother and it's a collective consciousness. So this is like saying they went into the womb of the Mother and the seed of the Mother. It's like going into a female and taking her ovum out. They take her seed out and they replicate the coding in it. Almost like they are looking at chromosomes and they are able to read the chromosomal pattern and they start duplicating it. And they are thinking okay this is how we are going to use the female energy. Because it is enslaved and it can't be present, so we need to replicate the female energy in order to create manifestation and alchemy on this plane. Because you can't manifest anything without both masculine and feminine principle, so they stole female energy this way, they stole her coding.

They started replicating it and using it and like one of the systems I understood, was they took the fleur-de-lis and imprinted it and branded it as an implant in female wombs and uteruses. It was like saying your uterus isn't yours I am taking your creative energy out of your womb. And this is something that is still going on. That system is attempting to be dismantled, and this is one of the reasons I am not doing session in the UK because of how serious this is. Almost every female that had come to me from the United Kingdom territories was covered with the fleur-de-lis implants. They are like rape implants. I saw false penises and all kinds of weird crap and it was coming from that line. So now we are starting to see more of how this female energy was manipulated. (question...)

Hatshepsut's temple as 10D override

When they closed the 10th dimensional, they closed the inner stargates right, so what that meant is our organic stargates on the planet are closed. But the entities that are using them are still using them for whatever they can get out of them. They can't penetrate through they are not usable in between dimensions, but they use them as power sources and manipulation sources.

So the Arc Angel Michael matrix was in the 10th dimensional stargate in Iraq Iran. When they went and they were invading and creating war over there, one of the purposes of that was to continually create death destruction and blood ritual, by soldiers or military. Who ever is there is getting stuck in those grids. If you die on the Iraq Iran soil and you are not an enlightened being and you don't know how to free yourself you are probably still stuck on that thing. That is why they are killing people over there. They want the blood on the soil in that land mass. Because that landmass is just like this thing they are showing us with the Circus Maximus, except it is much larger. It is a much larger land radius so that if a being is killed on that land, they are then subject to be stuck on that grid, unless they are conscious enough to know how to get out of it.

So this tenth dimensional gate because it's closed, the Guardians are working with ancient systems, we're creating hubs and going into a different level of the ascension plan in order to create access in and out of here. When the Mother Arc got activated in Uluru she's activating Hatshepsut's temple. Hatshepsut's temple is the ancient gateway so that means that woman went there or was told to go there to build that temple in an area where this vortex would be. And that vortex has not been active until recently when Mother Arc energy returned to the planet. There is also something if you noted Hatshepsut built this temple in the side of a mountain away from everyone else. She went off into this remote area and built her temple in the side of the wall, in the side of a mountain. That's another thing that's curious she wasn't in the main area, she went off to this other area and built a temple in the side of a mountain. Now we are understanding that was a part of what she was guided to do. Somebody was telling her go over there and create a monument. These temples all mark power spot on the planet that's what they do. Her temple is now a 10th dimensional override. Meaning because the 10th dimensional gate has been taken over and it can't be used for Ascension, meaning the dark forces are using it in Iraq Iran. The 10th dimensional override is in Hatshepsut's temple. I did know that when I was there but I didn't get all the pieces. When I was there on the solstice itself, which was not planned by me it was just orchestrated I knew that there was something unfinished.

So now this is another piece that is being revealed in understanding more about what Hatshepsut was. More than just a female Pharaoh and how it feels to me men of power and greed were used to obliterate that lineage. I don't think because they knew exactly what was going on I think just because they wanted it back to the patriarchy. So they basically obliterated her from history tried to hide as much about her reign and then cursed and defiled all of her objects. Because what I'm understanding as I am feeling you through this, is that very similar to like the Cathars, she had women counselors, she was surrounded by women like priestesses, women that knew they were either her advisors or counselors. There were a lot whether these are ladies in waiting I don't know what to call them. But they were all there with her and I think you were one of those women, that you have a blood line. I don't know what part of the family that is but I feel the female energy and I feel the bloodline energy.

So in becoming aware of the 10th dimensional gate, we also know that it's control has been taken over by the Michael Matrix which represents patriarchal domination. The whole thing this whole year has been about dismantling the Michael Matrix out of the 10th dimensional gate and bringing in the Shield of Solomon to replace it. Like saying the horizontal grid of our planet is called the Golden Eagle grid. The Golden Eagle was supposed to hold the rod function for the planet, which is the masculine function. When the Golden Eagle was infiltrated and again the eye of the Eagle and the heart of the Eagle is Iran. That means that Iran Iraq that Stargate is in the center of the Golden Eagle grid, so it is a very important position I guess of power. That's another reason why they have overtaken it and also Iraq Iran is not that far away from Egypt in terms of access points.

10-10 opening Monad Reclamation

They obviously want to be there. When I went to Egypt I was aware of bringing in encodements for the Solomon Shield, which is like an override for the Golden Eagle grid. What I'm understanding at this time is that the Golden Eagle grid and the Michael Matrix were used to impale male oversouls on to the planet. And those oversouls are starting to be returned to the men. I've been seeing this since 10-10, on 10-10-10 this started to happen. So yesterday I started to understand, they started to show me the Golden Eagle grid literally was being fed. Like saying the oversoul of male consciousness the monads of the male consciousness on this planet were literally stapled and inverted on themselves, and trapped on this Golden Eagle grid. And we're using the Solomon Shield which is the House of David, this this is the bloodline of David and the Solomon Shield. They have said to me it began with Solomon and it's going to end with Solomon. Solomon Shield is also a part of the function to stabilize the Golden Eagle grid. Because the controllers were going to use their control of the Golden Eagle grid because it gave them total domination over the fourth dimensional gate in Egypt and the 10th dimensional gate in Iraq Iran. They are completely in control of those gates.

So what they wanted to do was to create cataclysm, that's the whole pole shift cataclysm on the surface of the earth. Because again the fourth gate astral gate, Giza Egypt controls the relationship of the sun to our planet. So they were threatening that's what they would do, they would screw with the trajectory of the sun and they would mess with the rod function of the earth and tilt us on our axis and they didn't care if they would kill us all. That was their leverage. So the reason why the Guardians from the other side completely shut off and sealed all of those gates into universal galactic areas is so they couldn't get beyond the solar gate with it. It looks like now the Solomon Shield is the replacement of the Golden Eagle grid per se. It's from the house of David and it has the Christ bloodline on it and I'm understanding that the Michael energy was 11-11 and the Solomon shields Christ energy is 12-12. So the masculine is going from 11-11 to 12-12, and on 10-10 was the beginning of this process as far as I can tell.

I started to understand that oversouls that were trapped on the Golden Eagle grid and the Michael matrix, again what was done to the men on our planet is they basically ripped their oversoul from their body which makes it almost impossible for them to connect to the emotional self. When we look at males on the planet its so hard for them to connect to their female or their spiritual selves, it's more difficult for them. So with this I want to again ask our guides, again in clearing releasing structures devices architectures of black magic from Thothian grids, from curses and hexes, from all of the Hatshepsut bloodline. I would like to ask the Hatshepsut bloodline and all of the beloveds of the female and God principle, as we call in the Mother Arc to ignite the power of God within our heart our minds our souls our being, so that all pores all cells of our energy matrix and consciousness are fully aligned in the truth the light and the glory of God itself. I ask through the Divine Mother and the Mother Arc herself to ignite the cosmic seed within us, that again holds the perfection of the projection of the Solomon Shield into the perfect masculine balance. We ask that all structures and devices which are impeding obfuscating or interfering with our ability to hold the highest expression of God's will and plan within through the Law of One. We ask the Guardians for assistance and support in clearing terminating and removing all interference from these structures artifacts through any curse spell or hex or any entity or demonic which is been holding this during any past, present future timeline. Again in the now moment as we ask for the termination and release of all artifacts and structures. Please terminate all negative forms of artificial realities and entrapment devices, soul bindings and any souls or entities, which have been deceived into entrapment or servitude to false God artifacts. We ask that these artifacts be dissolved terminated and removed from their influence upon us. We ask that all black magicians both collectively and as entities be shown to be revealed into the truth of their own falsehood and to be terminated and removed from their impact and influence upon our consciousness, our spirit our light bodies and that which is fully deemed consecrated and dedicated to the purpose of God into the purposes of the Law of One which we serve.

We command dominion in this space we commend dominion of our flesh to be resurrected and that, which is the glory of the eternal light alone and that which serves God's purposes and plan. We terminate all that which is false artificial or inorganic to be again only revealed into the truth of the light. Please remove all redemption redeemer theologies sacrifice theologies and crucifixion theologies as well as their implants and artifacts upon our bodies, systems, layers and levels of the bio-computers. I ask that the monadic consciousness merge with the Lotus Point Arc instruction sets within the body, to reset the distribution of the Christ and eternal perpetual supply of God source, through each of the Lotus arcing sets of the body to be reset as per the divine monadic alignment to God.

Beloved God beloved Christ we ask all those which serve the silicate matrix of the crystal consciousness of the united ones to fully align the bodies into their streams of perfection and that which is returned to the rightful ownership of this being, to be consecrated and protected in the word and Law of God. And through the natural balance and through the law of balance which we state and claim to divine sovereignty and right as God-given here and now. Please release and return all entities energies or fragments to the rightful owner, and return all that which has been stolen misdirected or misused to be reintegrated and brought whole into the completion that is the truth that we recognize here and now. Please bring perfection and alignment to the truth into full sovereignty through that which is again our authority in the name of God, in the voice of God we speak the truth now and that which is fully sovereign through I am God, I'm Sovereign, I'm free.

Please anchor lock and seal throughout the bodies and that, which is in full alignment to the truth to be revealed. Release all enslavement release all suppression terminate interference terminate obfuscation. All that is in divine truth to be remained within the integrated being harmonized being vitalize the body and bring balance harmony and truth into the core. Thank you.

Again beloveds please anchor lock and seal our work through all timelines, as we send our unconditional love and forgiveness to all bloodlines of our feminine counterparts, to that which is the Hatshepsut lineage. With deep love and gratitude we ask to be revealed into the truth of the light and to be restore into the perfection that is oneness. As we hold the oneness within ourselves please strengthen and fortify our bodies. We ask to transcend again any lower energies into that which ignites the vitality the power the wisdom of the light source within us. May the perpetually ignited Christ spark override all lower patterns here and now. As we seal our field, please seal all portals that are open. Bring us into the still point fortify the core. And through the trans-harmonic gateways of Mother Arc beloved Mother please ignite your power within us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As we seal our bodies, we seal our session and we end our communication now. Beloveds thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-28-2010]

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