Hatshepsut Temple

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Hatshepsut Temple

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, also known as the Djeser-Djeseru (Ancient Egyptian: ḏsr ḏsrw "Holy of Holies"), is a mortuary temple of Ancient Egypt located in Upper Egypt. Built for the Eighteenth Dynasty pharaoh Hatshepsut, it is located beneath the cliffs at Deir el-Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings. This mortuary temple is dedicated to Amun and Hatshepsut and is situated next to the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II, which served both as an inspiration and later, a quarry. It is considered one of the "incomparable monuments of ancient Egypt."

The Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw is responsible for the study and restoration of the three levels of the temple. As of early 1995, the first two levels were almost complete, and the top level was still under reconstruction. [1]

Astronomical alignment

The main and axis of the temple is set to an azimuth of about 116½° and is aligned to the winter solstice sunrise, which in our modern era occurs around the 21st or 22 December each year. The sunlight penetrates through to the rear wall of the chapel, before moving to the right to highlight one of the Osiris statutes that stand on either side of the doorway to the 2nd chamber. A further subtlety to this main alignment is created by a light-box, which shows a block of sunlight that slowly moves from the central axis of the temple to first illuminate the god Amun-Ra to then shining on the kneeling figure of Thutmose III before finally illuminating the Nile god Hapi. Additionally, because of the heightened angle of the sun, around 41 days on either side of the solstice, sunlight is able to penetrate via a secondary light-box through to the innermost chamber. This inner-most chapel was renewed and expanded in the Ptolemaic era and has cult references to Imhotep, the builder of the Pyramid of Djoser, and Amenhotep, son of Hapu, the overseer of the works of Amenhotep III. [2]

10D Trinity Gate

  • 10D Trinity Gate - Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt

Trinity Gates are required to be plugged into other gates in order to work effectively, such as what we refer to as Mother Arc Gates or Ark Covenant gates. They run off the Mother Arc Gates portal between planet earth and the Andromeda galaxy. To work with the Mother Arc gates and proficiently help to plug them into the Trinity Gates, 12 DNA strand activation of Diamond Sun is needed.

ES Trip Discussion

Transcription from my direct experiences, as a result of being at the Hatshepsut Temple on Summer Solstice 2010 on the ES community trip to Egypt.

Transcript: It is really interesting to go back in time to 2010. This area of Hatshepsut Temple is clearly very toxic at the energetic layers because fo the immense conflicts happening. During the ES community trip we went to where Hatshepsut built her Temple. On the other side of the Temple is the Valley of the Kings, where many of the important Pharaohs are buried in what used to be, elaborate tombs before the grave robbers stole everything. There is an active portal there at that location of the Temple. At this location there has been a lot of war over power, strife through many rulers attempting to contorl the portal, and people that have been murdered there, including in recent times, tourists that were visiting the Temple. (GT's note: referencing the Luxor Massacre en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxor_massacre)

It is a portal vortex for the 10th dimension at Hatshepsut temple. We were there on the summer solstice. We went to Egypt in 2010 on June 21st on the solstice at 6 am in the morning, we were at the Temple as the sun was coming up. As many of us are aware, that this timing is not accidental or coincidence. The area felt terrible because the warring energies and the astral layers were palpable. Not only because of the murders that had happened there, but also what was bizarre is that a person on the trip, lost himself during this visit to the Temple and from that point on, it appeared that he had shifted his personality. During the tour and visit with the group, he was playing out in his psyche the war between Thutmose III and Hatshepsut in current time. Hatshepsut was a female and there was a lot of draconian rage and hatred targeted towards her, she had zealous enemies. Not only because she was female, but also because the patriarchal control felt that she had usurped the throne. She had taken over from the Thutmose line, even though her father was Thutmose I. She was married to her brother Thutmose II.

So when we were visiting there, there was definitely some feeling that there had been a split in the bloodlines of control during this timeline. We’ve talked many times about how a bloodline gets hijacked in order to take over a monarch, pharaoh, whomever is in position to rule over others. It still is just as relevant today, the same wars over control and power. If we look at the Reptilian bloodline in control of the earth today, these Reptilian bloodline families have remained in control. It is definitely in this period of time of Hatshepsut, when an opposing group came in to take that area over and make sure that it was being restored back into that Reptilian lineage used by the NAA. And in the process of doing that, similar to the Akhenaton storyline, those who hated and opposed her, defiled her, defaced her, spread lies about her. Even at the time we were there, there was graffiti about Hatshepsut attempting to portray her as ugly, fat and disgusting. After she died, those who took her place, attempted to make her grotesque to diminish her many accomplishments. And also they removed her cartouche, removed her signatures from the area, as if she never existed or ruled.

This area of the earth is connected to the 10th Stargate, which is a subsidiary network to the GEG and a subsidiary that runs 10D reversal coding, which is a part of reversal 55 grids. This is alien frequency fences or machinery that they have spread out from the Middle East, their epicenter of controlling the horizontal ley lines in companion to the control areas in the UK.

So Hatshepsut Temple, this particular location has relevancy which is really important now. I would feel that this is about, where these lines, Reptilian bloodlines were genetically, and in other ways, manipulated in order to take control over areas of the earth. This is one area on the earth where this is a causal event of where this takeover happened, and these impacts rippled through into current time.

Akhenaton, who came later, tried to help restore things to balance, but probably wasn’t successful because Hatshepsut was close in time before him. Hatshepsut was first and then Akhenaten came in later. I think this was more 1500 BC or so, and Akhenaten was more like 1300 BC, so it was a couple hundred years after Hatshepsut. I believe that a part of his role was to try to restore that diamond sun lineage to properly support the Stargate in the area, and it didn’t happen.

I think when Akhenaton was murdered, it was Horemheb or somebody close to him that he trusted. Horemheb was his chief military strategist, and that is the closest confident that betrays you! But that was to bring it back to reptilian hands and draconian blood. Those beings that are hybridized with the reptiles are very easily controlled by the dracs because again that is the whole purpose of genetic manipulation through the bloodline. If a person has a huge percentage of this hybridization with the reptiles, that person will experience more resonance to them, to that kind of energy. As a result, the person is much more easily manipulated, meaning, mind controlled and their subconscious mind is manipulated to get that person to carry out their agendas, that serve their purposes in the long run. The Hatshepsut portal is also a Trinity Gate. Even though it’s a 10D source field, meaning the energy wave spectrum is being used to send out reversal energies, and this would definitely impact the Golden Eagle Grid in the middle east, the horizontal lines that would be related to Avian/Seraphim consciousness.

The trinity gate is important to understand. I am just getting this now as we bring this up, and we’ve not been able to fully connect with the other trinity gates because this would be a pillar of support that would help transit many people to safety. I am looking at a vertical level and it’s like saying the vertical and the horizontal, is not meeting into connection properly in order to create an intersection point which would allow that gate to be strengthened by other gates. This gate is standing on its own because it’s not being able to be interconnected to other trinity gates.

These Stargates have a history of being disconnected and separated from each other in terms of their organic functioning. The ability to share an exchange with the others, exchanging the energy flow with each other is needed to operate correctly. And that, of course, we know is on purpose because these gates work very similar to a Chakra. These entities go to a power vortex and they use it to siphon energy out of there, or they use it for whatever their purpose, while it’s being used to power up alien machinery or they are just taking the energy out of that area. It’s not feeding energy or intersecting or interconnecting with other levels that it should be feeding back into the surface grids to nourish life. It should be connecting into other horizontal ley lines, and intersecting with other Stargates or power points and because it cannot, this one has its own isolated function.

So when I feel into this area, it was difficult because it’s been quite sadistic with many layers of Blood Sacrifice. Not only is it that the tourists were killed there with machine guns, but it feels like that level of murdering has happened many times before. A horrifying level of satanic torture and abuse in that area in order to control the gate. This feels that probably created karmic miasma connected to Hatshepsut's lineage, meaning her name sake, her future lines. This area was her Palace grid network, she was ruling Egypt from here, and interestingly enough, right over the hills or a mountain and on the other side, is where many of the pharaohs are buried in the Valley of the Kings.

It feels like somehow this became, this area, Hatshepsut’s temple, became an area of controlling the dead because the dead are all on the other side of where the temple was built. And, as we know, the Egyptians and the off planet, off worlders that were involved in the Egyptian civilization at that time, knew full well about holographic control in the astral plane.

As an example, I can feel they would energize grids with their statuary and they would choose particular masons, the actual stone itself, the actual substance of the statuary and architecture to be harmonic tone oscillators. I can see rippling of an energy field of colors, moving up like a Jacob’s ladder, and when the frequencies are rippling up, it is similar to playing a musical instrument.

They knew how to do this with the stones and statues and they created that musical harmonics with tones in the architecture of the buildings. So when a person intentionally defaces a statue, or chop its head off, knock it off its pedestal, what that person is doing, is not only destroying something that is sacred to another being. They are breaking down and destroying the geomantic grid that the structure was holding into the land. And this is directly connected to the stars; it came down to be anchored on the earth body. It was providing something that was interconnected and exchanging with celestial energy sources. It is a grid. This is about the creation of a light grid--a crystal grid and this was done through the stones and statuary and buildings there. So there was the intention to destroy that light grid, and these dark forces of control went there and started working with satanic ritual abuse, killing people in mass and using the burial grounds that are right there in the Valley of the Kings, because a lot of powerful people have died there, pharaohs, rules and leaders of the time at various stages of the Egyptian civilization. This goes way back to the earlier civilizations of Egypt that were more in balance, more of the matriarchy was present. In the earlier Egyptian civilizations there was a lot more female energy. This distortion in the field in the Hatshepsut Temple feels like it is designed to collect that female energy and convert it or make it satanic (Dark Mother) and that was somebody’s dark agenda in that area because there was a powerful light grid anchored there.

Not only the power grid and Stargate was there, but obviously whoever was there, such as Hatshepsut, and her court, her team of people, they created a Light grid there and built the temple there because they knew that potential was there to protect the Stargate or power vortices. Those who opposed her came in and tried to destroy that and finally they did destroy that light grid.

The key word of this area is Blood Sacrifice, it is an area where a lot of people died and then were harnessed in the astral, what it feels like is through Black Anubis rites, related to the anubian black heart system. It feels like somebody was able to open the gates of Hell and the astral over there in this area and they started using that as an access point to control the Astral Plane.[3] Thank you!

Phoenix Gridwork

Phoenix Grid

Transcript: I will share the recent traveling to a Phoenix Matrix Spike site in Egypt and how this has a T-bar structure in the center of the Golden Eagle Grid connecting to and through the center of Giza (4D) and Iran Gate (10D). Our ES trip to Egypt (June Solstice 2010) monitored and measured the spike site that opens a wormhole through this area that was being waited on for access to activate the Armageddon Software by the Alpha-Omega agenda. Needless to say they were not pleased with finding their access was denied by creating a " bypass" of the wormhole located in Hatshepsut Temple and Iran Gate from this side of the matrix.

Phoenix Grid runs east west on 4th and 7th intersection Violet Ray planet grid Ley Lines – so the main part is controlled in the Astral Plane Giza underground by Thothian Grid networks and its link into Iran Gate 10D. [4]

HGS Manual

Hatshepsut Invasion is listed in the HGS Manual under the Fragments clearing under Fragment Influences (RRO) Historical Timeline Trigger Events. [5]


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