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Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 5,000 YA, Sakkara invasion from 5D wormhole, infiltrate regime, takeover portals, Blood Sacrifices and use of advanced SRA underground for power.[1]

Processing Djoser Timelines

This is another pertinent topic that may come into view for some of our community now, in exploring deeper the recovery of fragments, soul bindings and monadic impalements from Egypt, middle east Stargates or the GEG, or coming up to observe the Egyptian timelines and their imprints that are very prevalent when in communication/contact with the RA family. As we know, the Sun God RA was prominent in Egypt, which reveals why connecting to RA may feel to have more Avian, Cerez, Sun, Gold Ray, Seraphim overlays. This information comes with a disclaimer, as it can be felt or processed in very intense and heavy ways, as some of the histories in Egypt connected to the wars with the NAA are brutal. These Egyptian timelines can feel very personal and direct to our own spiritual mission, such as recollecting fragments and gives us an opportunity for greater clarity in why we are engaged with this particular planetary clearing work during the Ascension Cycle. Or it may be perceived as events that have no relevance to you in this moment. The histories that are unraveling for observation to retrieve body parts and help to rehabilitate the problems in the horizontal grid network can be violent and painful, and so for those reasons, shields up and temper your immersion in this threads detail.

I became aware of the Djoser timeline that was activated in my consciousness on 4/4/2010 and it lasted for seven days, until 4/11/2010, before we traveled to Giza for Summer Solstice 2010. This was a very challenging week, that was one of the most difficult clearings to process, as it involved a lot of vomiting. In the midst of the feverish delirium, I received the flashes of Djoser and Saqqara and Blood Sacrifice, and my apparent lineage and connection to all of this continuity of history leading to Akhenaton. I had to purge that black seeded painful trauma that was still lodged in my Pain Body, and it was connected to the Draconian invasion made during that time.

The hidden story of the time of Pharaoh Djoser was that it was a violent and bloody invasion in Saqqara, Egypt that was an intended as a genetic holocaust made against the people in this region, many of them directly related and connected to the Guardian Families, that were working with the inner earth, inner Stargates, and from my perception, working to repair the grid damage that had occurred from the previous cataclysm and holocaust. Because these groups have the same mission we have here today in the Ascension Cycle, it can feel deeply personal and upsetting to know or sense that they had been killed and tortured for blood sacrifice.

At this time, many of the Guardian gridworkers that were living in this time and demographic of the middle east were direct descendants of Avian, Carian, Cerez/Serres Royal Houses from the Lyra Cradle, many had Anu bloodlines, others were 2D Grailkeepers and settled into the Egypt-Sumer areas to help repair the planetary grid and assist in walking out stuck souls from the holocaust/cataclysm through the portal passages. Giza had underground tunnels that connected to many of the local pyramids via underground, so people could get far distances quickly. The GEG network had direct rod connector into Orion 8D, and acted as a horizontal stabilizer for the planetary architecture, this functioned like a massive harmonic resonator that conducted energies into the planet, it allowed conductance of celestial star body frequencies into the earth, etc. The epicenter of the conductive properties of this massive rod was in Egypt –Sumer, so pyramids were placed in many locations to help ground and circulate the milky way Orion (heart of the universe) stellar transmissions into the earth body. At this time when these Guardian Templars were working to repair the damage in the gates, vortices and portals, they had specific tools that were made in the Lyran dimension, that held powerful electromagnetic charges for a period of time when they were brought to the earth. Some of these technologies were called Arc Tools, because they could be used in certain conditions in a variety of functions, seemingly like a temporary amplifier of a massive amount of electromagnetic force to get things done, like anti-gravity, laser cutting, moving massive granite blocks, opening portals to get from one place to another quick, etc. The tools apparently in the right application could be used to open Stargates, and hence those that did not have this kind of access to portals found out about it, and decided they would invade Saqqara and steal these technologies and off planet artifacts for their own agendas to take over the area. Essentially this was a major Guardian project with many Gridworkers helping the GEG, and helping to transit out the souls stuck on it, taking them into the inner earth portals, and this was stopped when they killed many people in a calculated invasion.

Draconian satanic controlled forces invaded Saqqara for access to these rumored technologies, when Pharaoh Djoser and his main adviser and High Priest Imhotep were rulers. Imhotep was the High Priest which means that he was the one trained specially in all matters esoteric, ascension and Templar related, Mystery School, and had this specific knowledge of universal architecture, and would be cooperating and leading grid projects. Imhotep was called Doctor, Sage, Architect, Astronomer and High Priest. The Greeks worshipped Imhotep as Aesclepius, the God of Healing. Imhotep is also credited as a founder of the Egyptian, and Masonic, mystery traditions. So this has a link into the Black Magic corruptions in ritual practices used by the secret societies of today.

The invaders did not know how to use these technologies, nor could access them with their warring low frequency consciousness, so they kept some of the more prominent Guardian people alive to show the invading groups how to use them to open up portals, gates, etc. As you may guess, they were tortured and imprisoned to comply. Saqqara was a gateway that was used for ascension to leave the earth plane, and the hieroglyphs still exist underground in that if you can read them, they give instructions on where the portal access out actually is. From what I understand the access out was through Polaris at that time. It seems that they tortured Guardian people to use the Arc Tools to rip open black holes, and these were used for later ambush invasions that became known as the Hyksos invasion of Egypt. The main controlling factors of the draconian backed Hyksos seem to source from the ripped open black hole from 5D, they traveled around for conquest gathering more people and strength (ie Caucasus), and then these same forces returned to target Hatshepsut during her reign and her battle with satanic controlled Tutmose III, whom took over for a time, and all of this lead to the impacts made to the ritual practices of the Priests of Amun in Karnak that were discussed previously in the Akhenaton timeline about 1500 years later. It feels that the Priests of Amun were taught to gain power and money through blood sacrifice rituals and using children, that were taught by these earlier invaders, such as the Hyksos who seem to practice Baal related sacrifices. It seems logical that this lead to the Moloch worship in the lands of Cannan, where some groups of Semitic and Levant people were active in child sacrifice to Moloch. Hatshepsut and Akhenaton were incarnated in the same Royal House Lines of the earlier Guardian groups in the Djoser timeline, hence these satanic forces had an axe to grind, they wanted these genetics annihilated and controlled, they had 9D consciousness back then, and they wanted it off the earth. The draconian controlled people, like Hyksos Kings were manipulated to kill that off, and take over Egypt, where all these portals, pyramids, tunnels, and harmonic resonators were still semi-functioning, so they could gain the usage of these resources, as well as control access to the Stargates.

When we were in Egypt, the only place where it was really hard to overcome the nausea was Saqqara. Today we are able to do session clearing and energetic work to clear these timelines and their trauma, and we are not required to defend/fight physical battles on the ground. We exist in the timeline of silent wars, which they use psychotronic warfare or AI to control the consciousness of the people, and that technology infrastructure was not up and running as it is today, where technology like computers, telephones and televisions are saturated in everyday life. I feel it is important to understand that it’s the same forces battling to control this planet, then and now, nothing has changed, only the timelines of which we are connected. The Hyksos Kings of today wear business suits and sit behind their conference tables scheming to manipulate for more conquests, rather than charge on horseback with armored weapons to invade Egypt or Jerusalem.

Anyway, I hope this may be informative or helpful or those in our community that this is relative, and it is healing. When I came to realize this experience, I could process the historical timelines, and it helped me to purge terrible pain out of my body that was lodged from the embeds of satanic ritual, it led me to clear out many black magic curses on my organs (canopis jars), and unraveled physical pain in ways that allowed me to witness it so I could clear it out. Those of us that have been to Egypt, can attest how intense it can be to visit these areas, it’s a place where these forces are powerful, and without strong core grounding, they can knock you over. Bless us all, and thank you to all who are processing your piece of this connection in history, may you be blessed and supported.[2]

Red Nile Cube Egyptian Pantheon Tree

An Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree is used as the main grid architecture for cloning Serres-Egyptian identities from Tara that are connected to the Azurites on Gaia. These red cube cloned identities are used to power up the black magic money debt enslavement structures put in place by the Orion Group, and used by the cabal bankers to manipulate financial markets and maintain global wealth in the hands of their satanic and luciferian bloodlines.

Thus, the true and accurate Egyptian history was replaced with the Black Sun agenda of inserting the AI Red Cube Tree of Life for representing the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, along with their Black Magic rituals, and this cloned pantheon was to be enforced through worship by the installation of the Setian King lines, Hyksos and the Amun Snake Priesthood. These groups in the Middle East would eventually integrate into the Greek Mystery Schools and further evolve into the corrupted lineages of the secret societies that formed the Luciferian Knights Templars and Freemasons. These secret societies were initiated into the secrets of the Artificial Tree of Life through the Great Ennead, in which the Egyptian pantheon was cloned for use in black magic ritual being supported by the NAA to maintain their power, manipulating timelines and human consciousness since the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion.

During the Djoser Invasion from a 5D wormhole that was used to takeover operational portals in the region, the NAA infiltration of the Djoser regime began by murdering those that had access to Atlantian arc tools that were operating these portals. Draconian satanic controlled forces first invaded the region of Saqqara, which began the gradual infiltration of Lunar Consciousness black magic spells and blood ritual practices that were designed to override and reverse the Solar Consciousness practices of those following the Law of One.

From this point of the Egyptian invasion during the 3rd Dynasty, the NAA introduced incantations, spells and lunar-satanic blood sacrifice philosophies which included the insertion of the Artificial Tree of Egyptian Gods where these cloned identities would be worshipped and manipulated through black magic rituals. In this way, they set up the satanic alien religion in Egypt by introducing black magic spells and rituals to contact the NAA who use the Artificial Tree and AI cube system to manage the cloned false gods, and gather the energy exchanges between the humans on the Earth worshipping them in rituals. This Artificial Tree system exchanges in multiple timelines and involves a type of time travelling through different satanic portals that were set up for this purpose by these alien entities. Thus, these same cloned identities are in use today along with their symbolism and black magic religion that is deeply entwined within the Controller Pillars of Society and enforces black magic Egyptian Curses on the global money supply. Black Dragon AI hybrids and assorted demonic entities protect these black magic money systems and defend their servants, many of which appear to be well known politicians, CEO’s and international bankers.

The Djoser Invasion timeline is the trigger event in relationship to dismantling the Red Nile Cube cloned identities that are used in an artificial Egyptian Pantheon, in which these identities have been cloned and worshipped in black magic rituals within secret society pyramidal organizations used by the bloodlines, to gather mass amounts of energy from the NAA to carry out the One World Order of Satan.

This AI cube technology is a gordian knot of inversions, reversals, clones, false history, human blood sacrifice covenants and satanism enmeshed throughout human civilization. In order for humanity to begin to unravel this mess of cloned identities and AI cube technology, we have to first see how the corrupt financial structure has been using human child blood sacrifice as its underpinning in order to globally enslave human beings. Artificial systems were created throughout human society by alien forces which were not sustainable in natural systems, so they set up blood sacrifice of innocents via Satanism in order to conjure the sorcery and siphon the Soul energy through ritual worship of AI False Gods (Egyptian Pantheon, Osiris, Isis, etc.), which was required to maintain their corrupt power and financial stronghold for total world domination.[3]

HGS Manual

Djoser Invasion is listed in the HGS Manual under the Fragments clearing under Fragment Influences (RRO) Historical Timeline Trigger Events. [4]


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