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As we entered October, the annual 10:10 Transmission window intensified the global conflicts over maintaining base 10 architecture in the Alien Machinery embedded in the planetary body, used to project artificial timelines into an Artificial Tree of Life manifestation template. This month opens into several satanic high holidays and is also surfacing the Family of Michael war histories. During this phase there are openings in the timeline trigger events that make it possible to reclaim and heal Soul and Monadic extensions that were damaged or captured during the Michael Wars.[1]

Metatronic Reversal Code

The Melchizedek distortion which fell into Metatronic Reversal became the primary root of all the predatory mind control over the patriarchy, the masculine principle digression, and the subsequent damage incurred to the Universal Rod function which governed the organic timelines. Thus, the reversal 10:10 code or Reversal 55 Grid was generated by Alien Machinery and brought into the instruction sets of the earth, primarily run by the Golden Eagle Grid which was fitted into a psychotronic weapon to serve this purpose.

Family of Michael Targeting

During the 10:10 transmissions and when this spiritual battle escalates as it is currently, the Family of Michael are heavily targeted to prevent them from spiritually Awakening or embodying their higher aspects, which inherently reclaim the Golden Eagle Grid for its organic functioning.

During the most recent 10:10 window, the base 10 architecture met with a massive Cross Spiral of Krystic forces that dissolved and annihilated sections of the infrastructure of the AI Signals used for controlling the Golden Eagle Grid. These are the transmissions used to relay reversal 10 patterns that enforce the base 10 mechanics in this reality, along with propping up the Base 10 Artificial Tree of Life. As a result, a massive wave of Monad bodies and monadic extensions have been moved and extracted out of the Artificial Timelines that were used for powering up the 10:10 reversals that are used to control the gateways that the Family of Michael and Royal Avian collective consciousness embody.

These unique spiritual records are being returned to many on the earth through corrected birth transduction sequence patterns, during this most recent wave of activations and dismantling of artificial timeline grids that was emphasized on 10:10.


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