3-6-9 Rod Repair

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This is described in the Level One clearing matrix in the HGS manual under Spiritual Body, Monad Triad Harmonics, Item 6., Metatronic Mind/Nephilim Correction 9D.

In each of the Horizontal Triad Bodies, which encompass the masculine and mental principle of energy current, the last third of the harmonic structure, or the last 12 subharmonic strings for each harmonic triad concludes at 3D, 6D and 9D. This term is the shorthand reference to scan and initiate the repair process of the 36 harmonics located in each of the Horizontal Triad Bodies located in the 3rd dimension, 6th dimension and the 9th Dimension.

These 3-6-9 bodies are required for correct energetic circulation of current to run through out the merkabic bodies and to run these combined triad of Kundalini currents to spiral into their corrected pattern. The Merkaba does not spin correctly or spin at all, if these subharmonic strings are damaged, running reversal or missing. The 12D Diamond Sun Body Consciousness of our higher Avatar Christos has the intelligence and Blueprint required to rebuild and repair these damaged Lightbody structures.

Once the Kundalini current runs in corrected patterns to build the subharmonc strings in each of the 3-6-9 dimensions, the actual structure of the Horizontal Triad Bodies can begin to build higher mental bodies and merge into their Trinitized Form. The corrected mental body patterns rebuilt in each of these higher mind matrices, is also leading to Metatronic repair which is a Nephilim 9D body correction. Electron splitting and reversal electron light patterns have manifested Metatronic Reversal in the masculine principle, therefore damaging the Rod structure in the Consciousness and its operational functions in the Lightbody for human beings and the planetary body.

When these three harmonic triads are corrected throughout the Horizontal Triad Bodies the Lightbody structure known as the Masculine Rod starts to initiate and activate in the Lightbody. All three of these Horizontal Triad Bodies in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th layers must be operating correctly and merged with the Female vertical principle Staff currents to ultimately manifest Hieros Gamos or sacred marriage.

Horizontal Triad Body

Each triad body builds the horizontal structure of the 12 Tree Grid and is the Mental Body/Male Principle.

1. Top Shield Diagonal 45 Degrees from Left to Lower Right: 9D Silver Sphere, 8D Gold Sphere, 7D Violet Sphere = Trinitized Form of 1 Horizontal Body

2. Mid Shield Diagonal 45 Degrees from Left to Lower Right: 6D Indigo Sphere, 5D Blue Sphere, 4D Green Sphere = Trinitized Form of 1 Horizontal Body

3. Lower Shield Right Angle 90 Degree (facing left): 3D Yellow Sphere, 2D Orange Sphere, 1D Red Sphere = Trinitized Form of 1 Horizontal Body


Term first found: Page 63, HGS Manual

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