Awakening Cathar Memories

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Themes: Polarity Integrator, Feminine embodiment Awakening Cathar Memories. Seed Fears of female crucifixion. Collective clearing over loading individual body. Healing: guilt, gender splitting, reptilian genetics, and breeding programs. Amrita, portal in cervix, goddess energy. Clearing enemy pattering between genders to block sacred sexuality.

Opening: Again as we take a deep breath let's bring our focus and attention into the inner core of our being, into the still point. From the still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention, the divine will that is the intention of the one source one God. Okay first now strengthening and connecting into your own auric shield and light body, strengthen and fortify. Seeing your self amplified in Cosmic Christ light. We are going to go ahead and open the sacred container of our mutual space. As we create the sacred container with the intention of I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free, we ask that our mutual guides and evolution support teams God-Self work together in the highest capacitive of exchange of God's infinite light love and power.

Again I am calling upon the Melchizedek healers specifically, in working with all core physical and energetic spiritual energetic issues. Again as we set the intention here today through being fully able, willing and ready to address and reveal the source causation at the deepest levels, the imbalances affecting impacting the body again creating pain or suffering through those layers. With specific focus within the female and genital organs and through all and any infection impacting the bodies through that parasitic behavior. Thank you. In holding the space for our general clearing at this time please prepare Axiatonal Alignment and just a general alignment first through the body to receive maximum capacity through this exchange here today. As all that is needed in order of priority and that which serves the one source light and the highest capacity of healing now. Thank you.

4D Spirit Attachment in GB

Okay, what they are showing me actually are some entity attachments in the gallbladder meridian, we are going to work on getting those out. Again starting on the female side lateral, and what I'm seeing here is as deeper levels of the female energy come to embody in the physical, some resistance has occurred. We're going to assist the body in letting go and releasing any resistance to that energetic shift and change within the body. First by clearing and removing any entity frequency disturbance or energy that is resisting, blocking or creating an obstacle in the body starting on the left hand side. Clearing the gallbladder meridian as we release that down, using violet light on the left side by the left temple. Feeling that laser violet light which is the magnetic female energy, down the left side of the gallbladder meridian around the ear and down.

Clear and remove now any negative entities or energies that are superimposing imbalance or disturbance that are not in service and aligned to the highest growth of this individual. Removing all need for sympathetic resonance or karmic imbalance through this situation. Focusing again on that left-hand side just allowing the harmonics of that violet energy to come through the left side and reset the female energy on the left side. Okay we are going to connect in, the fourth dimensional openings the astral plane is in the left ovary. As we bring our mutual consciousness to that space, I'm going to ask that that opening to the core template be completely cleared cleaned and removed of any astral debris through residual memory imprints being held in that opening through the astral layers, impacting the female ovary on the left side. We are going to follow that energy as we again command this space in the self-sovereignty of One. We consecrate the sacredness of this body in service to the God source and allow the God of feminine principle to fully and completely embody, protected and connected to source. As we create this stable foundation within the womb within the sacrum, this area being the sacred foundation of the body, fully supported and connected into the source light.

Clearing Cords in Female Organs

Okay beloved's, what we are doing is creating an orbit between the left ovary and the center of the womb and uterus, we are going to remove any and all thought forms debris and energetic blockage from memory imprints, both cellular neurological, hormonal, skin and any and all mental or psychological or emotional memories from all past, present and future timelines. Beloveds please check on any and all timelines or stations of identity in time that are stuck or frozen in the crystallized patterns of those traumas. Again correct the trauma pattern by releasing through the sacred non-thinking triad connection, making sure it is cleared through the genetic line ancestral line DNA line. Removing all mental and emotional memory patterns completely.

Through the visual of this what we are seeing is, a way to understand this is sometimes body parts are disconnected from communicating with each other from certain traumas that have been lodged there. What we are opening up are orbits, which are known as open communication between the body mind and spirit, and pieces of the body that are sentient consciousness in their own wisdom, which we recognize as holy now. In deep love and gratitude all that the physical cells and body have held in the polarity integration and service to the soul, the God being and humanity. We acknowledge and recognize the unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness as we send that to each and every part of the body, in recognition and acknowledgment of the beautiful job of supporting this consciousness in the highest healing. Thank you.

As we see an orbit or a circle opening coming from the left ovary and into the center of the uterus, we are opening that exchange it's a violet orbit light, violet being the divine feminine aspect as well as the creator God aspect of the female God, fully erasing cleansing and bringing purity. Beyond all time and space, beyond all memory beyond all karmic will, being fully and completely free liberated and cleared in the self-sovereign power of one. We claim as the divine truth of this vibration now through every cell of this body. Seeing an orbit of purple violet energy in a perfect circle coming out you left hip, left ovary into the center an inch beneath your bellybutton, in the center of your uterus. We commend this space as sacred in all that is the divine truth of the cosmic feminine and as the creator God of that feminine aspect reclaims its creation and creative intelligence force now, we command this space in the sacred grace of One. Through all imbalance or schism, clear fully completely and totally now. Returning all fragments through this connection.

Cathar Lifetime

Okay there is a landmass connection to this, we ask that that time and space be revealed through all that has held the energetic constriction through this being now. Okay in the larger memory of a French Cathar lifetime, it looks like we're using this as a seed event or cause through another time and space impacting the bodies in this now. Again we ask to accumulate and to bring forth all aspects in the full and complete healing and release of all fragments, entities or aspects of soul to be reclaimed and re-collected into the Christ consciousness light. We utilize the Christ consciousness intelligence field to fully re-claim it's creation in wholeness, by releasing all bonds that hold all ties that hold the memories from this event. This is an event horizon as a timeline of memory held within the physical body, we are now able to release all ancient bonds of this connection through all time and space. Please clear the body, mind, spirit and energies of all memory of these ancient bonds and through each of the calendars of time as associated with those experiences. We ask the core causation be revealed and released in the sovereign power of One we claim now fully, through all time and space. Thank you.

Okay they keep showing me again, going back into something known as the Cathars or the French Cathars, having connection and base within the Canadian areas as well. There are memories connected to the planetary grid that are being released through this now. As a part of many lifetimes as experienced on the earth, this is how these connections are made. As certain demographics reincarnate into a soul consciousness incarnated into form, we bring with us the memories of times past or present or future. To again fully replay out those scenarios or fully heal those scenarios, we now claim through the sovereign power and the ascension transformation to be fully cleared and released of these memories, at the deepest core and source causation as well as all entities or energies connected through this level of experience to be released trough the core soul protection.

As we apply the core soul protection we open a vortex holding the turquoise ray now. I am going to request the Blue Dragon Melchizedek's and those that assist the Aurora in releasing and removing all trapped souls, fragments and energies, connected to the French Cathar line and lineages and through the symbol of the fleur-dis-li as we show that color and symbol of the authentic power of the beloved Cathar group. We honor those beloveds now in their release and connection through the ancestral connections of this being, through times past and present and future fully able to resolve now, clearly all energies returned into the source home light. These energies are connected into the ovaries and uterus, and in a sense these beings these energies of memory, are memory of the female crucifixion, the female oppression and the literal abuse of the female organs through this time and space. And as we acknowledge and bare witness to those beloveds, we open and hold the infinite stream of divine love divine forgiveness and divine forgetfulness through all time and space, to allow the release and the ascension of all the consciousness attached and bound through the levels of time and space as recorded through this body now.

Release all constructs of time and space release all constructs of illusion and holographic imprint through memory, completely totally and permanently released in the Law of One and the light of the truth vibration here as represented by the beloved Melchizedek and Aurora. As we spin a larger vortex in your mind's eye what we've done is we have opened a particular portal that looks aquamarine and turquoise in color. And apparently through this situation there are memories of which you are a part, that have impacted a larger group consciousness. And through the agreements of resurrecting your body in the transformation of ascension and bringing into wholeness made manifest into the physical self and body, your agreement of biological ascension and of bringing the ascension code and divinity into the physical cells of the body. This was a memory pattern of an agreement to release beloved beings within a similar pattern as you, connected through lineage of the Cathars with whom you share a particular lifetime and soul connection of the Akashic memory.

Again as we ask the Akashic memory to be fulfilled in the agreement of the soul, we ask the guardians for that assistance now. Please bring forth any and all unseen or hidden agreement within the body to be revealed to us now. As we are fully willing, open and ready to accept the responsibility and release, through the body now. In the sovereign power we claim for this body now and all those bodies attached through the cellular memory record, through all space and time. We dispense through the core soul protection the release of those beings through the persecution and crucifixion of the divine feminine energies of God. As the divine feminine is claiming its creation, and we as the female representatives of the divine Christ, feminine Christ made manifest on the earth.

As this shift within your own body has been undergoing through the emerging of your physical relationship, and through this summer and year actually your body is undergoing the transmutation of holding female principal God consciousness. And as the body is transformed into the resurrection of its female God principle form, the balance has been upset between the masculine energy and the feminine energy of your body. This has resulted in the old patterns of reconciliation of gender and as we remove and address the enemy-patterning present in gender memory, as that is within the body's memory now. We are now applying the infinite healing of the synthesizing of the internal polarities as represented by the masculine and feminine counterparts.

Gender Splitting, Enemy Patterning

We call upon the God-Self and that which is to be revealed to us now, clear and remove all memories of enemy patterning and gender enemy patterning through the masculine and feminine. We are now ready to claim the divine truth in the synthesis through the neutral energies the zero point, the cosmic Christ of the unity consciousness. As we allow the unity consciousness to flood our being, fully clear and remove the pattern of gender split, gender enemy patterning now. Reveal any and all remnants, remains and imprints from this patterning in the bodies now. Okay, the schism of that memory implant, clearing implants and memories there is something interfering there. All thought form resonances working the unconscious levels instinctual levels the personality self and memory, we ask the genetic component connected to the personality program through the three layers to be dismantled now, of gender patterning imbalance. Again we are working in the mental field.

These are very deep patterns that have been set in the planetary field and as they show me now, why this was connected to the planetary ley-lines as well as your body. As your body is undergoing a transformation into the divine feminine embodiment it represents the frequency energy constructs and hologram of the female God principle. The gender patterning imbalances in the planetary fields have been implanted through energetic structures that impulse relays into the physical body, to respond in such way. This is the demographic area in which you reside. I am going to ask the guardians and those beloveds the higher-level forces supporting you at this time to reveal themselves. The ancient bonds of the earth through that which has connected to the genetic patterning and relays of the personality, connected to the material levels of the physical body to be released and removed of the suffering and the bonds connected to the planetary ley-lines impulsing the relays of enemy patterning through the sexes.

We consecrate this body as a representation of gender reconciliation, of polarity integration and that which synthesizes these energies into the neutral association of the zero point and unity consciousness. Please return the unity consciousness to the memory of the body through all levels and layers specifically within the female organ systems and through the energetic constructs of the memories, of those systems that are holding the physical layers of the body in the magnetic imprint and material matter. This is clearing the magnetic imprint, which is again the female energy nature. As we allow the proton energy to embody in this consciousness and body safely, securely and supported. We call upon the Guardians and the beloveds for that assistance now, in creating the foundation for the bodies that allow the feminine energy of God to fully command the space as the rightful owner, sovereign and free now.

VV Archetypes Reptilian Tail

Removing any memories, these are... interesting the tailbone is representative of reptilian energies. Much of our polarity integration work is the healing of the reptilian energy with human Christ consciousness. Again as we address all of these patterns within the tailbone, sacrum rectum area, the perineum and root chakra as well as the tailbone, to be reset in removing reptilian influence, energy memory throughout time and space. Specifically the point on the premium remove all obstacles, implants or energies. Okay there are other bodies with that memory. Okay. Through all stations of identity connected to the cellular memory of this body and moment of self. We ask that all memories and implants through the perineum that had been manipulated or abused, to be removed by removing the Victim-Victimizer archetype, as set forth by the reptilian agreements, or manipulations through the planetary field, through the energetic field and through that which the genetic manipulation of the body has been subject to.

Focusing in the area of the perineum releasing down and out between the legs. A tremendous amount, what I'm seeing it is like white infection and puss this kind of thing. This has been an area that has been infected from another time and space, and this body is clearing it. We need to remove or assist in the removal of that which is connecting to this area of the premium in the body, and being supported and anchored through the physical fields of the earth as that is being relayed. It's very interesting basically what they are showing me here is that as many of us in the star seeded or indigo family in a female body, this summer have begun to embody a new quality of divine feminine God energy. This energy has not been on this planet before. And as this frequency is coming into the planetary fields some of us in a female body are starting to conduct and transmit these frequencies. And this is creating internal imbalances with our own masculine and feminine energy. And simultaneously what has happened is that the amplification of the old energy, which is the patriarchal domination of the female and the female energy having been literally crucified, from expression in form in this reality, has accelerated those levels of gender patterning imbalances. This tends to be... their reminding me this is the core issue, more so than survival and safety. The deeper level of this is the crucifixion of the female and from that level, not feeling safe. So being in the female body and having experienced what you experienced, has amplified that core memory pattern.

Again, beloved's thank you for that information. We ask our mutual guides and teams to assist on all levels and layers in removing and clearing this patter. What I'm feeling is that we are being asked to witness and observe this understanding. As we bare witness to the truth, we allow the illusion and the falsity to again fall away, from impacting our beloved being. As we hold the infinite stream of love and forgiveness we ask to be fully washed and cleared of the body itself. What I'm really feeling interestingly, is that this is very deeply physically and genetically rooted, more so than in the spiritual or psychic bodies. This is a program that is being emitted from the earth if you will. As we come into the truth of the female God Creator reclaiming the creation the patriarchal energy, which has controlled this planet is accelerating its bid for control in conflict. That conflict energetically is being exacerbated in the physical experience of you. What I'm too as well if possible, there is a level of observing this and understanding that this is beyond the personal family life, this is beyond the memories of both your parents and watching that. This is actually even deeper genetically and in a sense to remember in your consciousness to bring a level of impersonality to this.

Clearing Guilt and Shame Infections

This is a much larger deeper level being represented by your physical body and as we are able to hold an observer... okay the connection they are showing me is guilt. Okay we need to clear and remove all guilt and shame patterns from this particular trauma as experienced in the body. One thing to again be aware of, just in the mechanisms of how this happens and accelerates, is that this is a much deeper level of connection that is the human struggle basically. And that has been represented in the personal life. And yet from not understanding the larger role of your being in ultimately clearing polarity integration, by neutralizing these imbalances that have created enemy and schisms between the masculine and feminine energy. That this, from the time you were young and not knowing why this is happening, there has been a button of guilt and shame. And it is the guilt and shame that turns on and amplifies the pattern of the body.

So as we bare witness to that now. Just allow, as you feel the higher resonance of your Cosmic Mother as you become the mother that is holding the inner child of you. Hold the symbol of that baby that you gave birth to as the cosmic feminine, the true identity of your source and eternal being. And allow the forgiveness and unconditional love to wash over that level of your identity, which is the divine child baring that burden. Allow that burden to be released now through the unconditional love of knowing the divine truth of the core of your being as eternal and as free. This is releasing the guilt or shame through any and all confusions through this trauma as experienced by the physical self. Again we ask for the support of the evolutionary guides and holographic guides to assist in removing triggers, buttons and implants through all space and time, through that original set of the psychological and emotional processes of this pattern, fully completely and totally now.

The Divine mother energy is the infinite power of the One, and through that Mother energy as you are held in the arms of the Divine mother, the security the foundation fully and completely felt and experienced through the body. We allow now all memory imprints remains and triggers any and all interference to be removed, from manipulating the mental emotional state of the body into this pattern now. Disentangle and remove those patterns now through the body. Okay, layer 1 through the premium, through the Ka template body and electromagnetic, through all of the electrical systems of the body. Okay again in allowing the release and removal of all debris crust and memories of that. It's like pushing out push it out. There's something being pushed out from the premium level, there's a chakra the root chakra that goes into the ground that comes out from the perineum. There is a lot debris and infection energetically in there. Again we are cleaning the area out and removing it. It's all around the tailbone all around that area all around the premium around the rectum. Beloveds please in the highest capacity of that exchange removing all infection all parasitic energy all emotional energy or negative experience of that vibration. Please clear it completely from the bodies form the root chakra from the premium from the Ka, to the energetic and electromagnetic parts as well as the physical parts.

Okay, deep within the tailbone we are igniting the truth of the cosmic Christ intelligence. As we connect to the fetal integration cells we ask for a reset of the fetal integration through the timelines of the body now. Please reset the clock shield template through all timelines to override the memory systems through the fetal cell integrations that ignite the frequencies of kundalini and shift the body's relationship to time and space through this incarnation. In this moment fully clear fully balanced fully reconnected. Remove all memories of itching of pain of suffering of infection. Remove all memories of violation or abuse. The larger pattern is victim victimizer archetype remove that pattern completely from the cellular, hormonal, neurological and skin memory around the rectum, perineum and female organ areas.

Blue Crystal Healing

We are going to ask for the crystal, it's like a blue Crystal to be placed in that area to emanate kind of like a blue beam out from the center of that area. Very interesting because I perceive a texture that I don't normally do when I'm working energetically in the body, and it is a wetness. There is a gooey wetness in this area, again please show us how to remove this dampness or this wetness from impacting the energy and physical cells in the body.

Okay beloveds please show me the causation where is this coming from? Go deeper, keep going deeper let's go to where this is coming from. Okay first of all seal that, there is like an opening that is bubbling out this debris from deep within this area. All harmful or imbalanced portals openings or holes that are allowing this debris to flood through the body in this opening, we request it be sealed now. Shut, completely shut. Okay, we need to look at the removal of any agreements of processing others debris or others karma or others imbalance. Okay this is coming from the astral realm. We are going to request now that the tour of duty with the astral be complete as in harmony with divine will. We ask that any and all agreement be revealed to us now so that we may complete this agreement. Okay, disconnect and sever all connections and timelines to the future part of the astral plane, through which this debris was being processed through the body.

As a part of your light working as a star being there is like a type of energetic agreement to process and help clean up the astral layers. So in a sense what's happening is that there is a filter of energy, sourcing from the astral plane that is connecting into approximately where the second chakra is, that area. It's like a whole that is bubbling up it's very usual. I saw them seal it shut. But I want to make sure that whatever agreement or tie or connection this has to you, for it to be completed. We ask that that be revealed to us we're ready to look at whatever this agreement is, so that we may complete this tour of duty with the bodies now. It is to say the beings that had suffered through your lineage of the core issue we've been talking about, which is the crucifixion of female energy. It is those beings that are, many beings that are, still stuck within the astral plane. In their own evolution in order for them to evolve, it is almost like their balance of energy to heal that particular pain of that experience has been filtered through your body. This is again in releasing or connecting to any of those beings that have been stuck through any space and time.

We again are opening the portal through the Melchizedek guardians and the Aurora to offer the dispensation and release and movement through the return into the true source energy through the ascension, to be granted to any and all of the beings that have been connecting to this astral agreement now. Please release the bonds of this agreement into completion. As we hold the dispensation now to grant the blessing to each and all entities or energies through the astral plane, that had connected through this original soul agreement to now be superseded, released and complete in it's agreement, by releasing all those impacted or connected to this agreement now. Any trauma or injury that had been suffered through any of the bodies throughout all time, we ask that record be completely healed and returned into the body of Christ, into the body of the divine feminine aspect of God in her completion and sacredness now.

Reclaiming the Womb and Creative Female Forces

It is like reclaiming the uterus and the creative intelligence force of the uterus of the divine feminine as your own. Remove any energies ties intrusions or impingements upon this area of the body. This has to do with breeding programs. Okay, so in terms of female energy being utilized in an incorrect way, clear through all space and time any breeding tags any kind of imposition upon the female uterus that is from an outside or external source, through the group here represented on the astral and into this time and space now. Remove any and all breeding tags, breeding implants and breeding memories through all time and space. We are returning the sovereignty to the uterus and to the creative female energy by allowing it to express fully and completely in the power and glory of God itself. Through the image of God this body is consecrated and through the projection of that image of God in sovereign power and perfection. We Fully command that perfection manifest as God, as Fully in the bodies now.

Okay any memories, remains or imprints around forced breeding, breeding implants etc. through all space and time. Please clear and show us each and every level that needs to be released from the body, please remove it now. Helping the body to clear out all energetic debris within that area, remove all residue remains and imprints of these patterns cleared, complete them now. Now that we have stopped it there's just still some more, like a block in there. It's weird it's like a white block this stuff.

Beautiful okay. It's almost like washing the inside and letting it come out of the perineum. Wow, oh my God, okay finally I got it. There is, this is fascinating. Okay there is a portal in the uterus and in the tip of the cervix. This is something called Amrita, which tantric beings would understand this as female ejaculation. It had been used this is like an ambrosia. Whatever is in that fluid it is something that is coveted and had been used in this circumstance. What I saw was a history of females so again through this connection. Because what it was, is like you had this resonance and a part of your light working contribution is and was healing this issue on the astral level. Which means beings that are not embodied, beings that have been women that are not physically embodied at the moment and are existing on the astral plane, that have had the same experience. There was like a group of them connected to you. The thing is, that when you're in the astral plane you can't clear imbalances, it's almost like everything is worked out in the physical.

The balancing of energy the polarity integration, all of this healing actually happens in the alchemy of the physical self. So there was a part of that chunk that was connected from a group to you, that had the same exact issue that you do. So the symptoms were so exaggerated because this was way beyond one person, it was like a group. And it was all females that had experienced violation and crucifixion. Because what it basically comes down to is getting deeper into the energy and awareness, that the female energy has been usurped and taken. And the symbolism has also been about abuse of the uterus, because the uterus and the female energies all about creation. And so having the power of creation, with male energy in total fear of that, controlled it in all kinds of different ways.

Female Hybrid Breeding Program

One of the ways was using females as breeders. What I was seeing on the astral plane was that there were actual females being used as breeders for hybrids, like nonhuman hybrids. Additionally what I was seeing is that the nectar, there is something in the female in the female God body. When the shakti is released in the spiritual body of a developed, another way to say this is that those with the developed spiritual bodies would have this, those that wouldn't, wouldn't have activated this potential yet. So in a sense it is the destiny of all souls in a female body to do this. But there is a portal that opens around the cervix into the uterus itself, and it emits a female ejaculate and that female ejaculate is the key to building the light body of the male.

What they were doing was they were finding ways to steal this fluid from the female because it's not produced by the male. It's a history that I'm looking at and that history of memory is connected to your body. It is a violation, it's like masculine energy abusing and taking this fluid from the female. And in a way what it did, is it was like at times there were memories of cutting out the female organ to find it, like while the woman was alive. It was like a ritual or ritual abuse. It would be something similar to when women have had their clitoris cut off it's a similar thing. hat they were looking for is they knew the power of this elixir in the female, and they didn't know how to produce it. They had done different things to try to get at it. Because it's literally like a sacred fluid that is produced in the spiritual body of the shakti of the female goddess, right. But not every female is embodying her goddess, because it's a development of the spiritual body. So it happens in the beings that had developed that, like the priestesses.

When I was looking at the Cathars that you were connected to, this was like a high priestess group. It was a matriarchal group that held the Essene wisdom and had brought the Gnostic wisdom of Jesus forward. And this was one of the alchemies that had been hidden by the Cathars. So the Cathars, I don't know if you know anything about them. They were the ones that were obliterated in France around the 1200s, they were burned alive like monasteries and stuff. During the Crusades they were sought out for heresy. And what they were looking for is not only the esoteric secrets and wisdom's of the Essenes. But the direct memory held from your Cathar lineage in the body, is this violation of the female. Which had been about not only commandeering and taking over the uterus, which represented the creative intelligence force of the Goddess itself. But also this fluid that was generated, and I honestly don't know how that fluid is generated. I don't know.

I can see that they cannot alchemically create it because it is of God, you know what I'm saying. They were attempting to figure it out because this fluid, this was about sacred sexuality. That when you, in love as we were designed to have sacred sexuality, you would transcend and merge with God consciousness. So this was one of the ways they controlled sexuality by abusing it this way and creating all the shame and the guilt around sexuality. Because you couldn't access this part of the transcendent God consciousness and fully share your body, guilt free and shame free with the object of your love and sacred marriage. Because it is in that sacred marriage this fluid would be admitted. It's like the nectar of the gods or something, I don't even know how to describe it. It happens in sacred sexuality, like in tantra, when the true love of God is embodied in the human physical form and that is shared in the divine marriage with your beloved.

Tantric State of Sacred Union

And that doesn't have to be in the sacred marriage as we know it, like by the church and state. It was like literally the twin souls that united to make love and connect into God consciousness. There were agendas to abuse and prevent this from happening, because again it's a technology of the body that certain Cathars and the Magdalene's, they new about this alchemy. And there was a big agenda to prevent that from being common knowledge and given to the peoples that could develop that. So the beings the high priestesses and beings that had perfected this fluid and, and knew how to access it through the kundalini and the breath. And it was a fluid that could only be emitted and created by the goddess herself. No male energy could create this. So that was the sacred sexuality, is the female when she emits this fluid in the ecstatic union of the tantric state with her lover, that fluid is a spiritual tool that literally ignites the light body of the male.

So they were using, somebody was attempting to use it. It was a mixture, there were memories of abuse that were connected there were levels of this information having been stolen and or violated in some way. Or women, you know the priestesses being raped by men who wanted that. But it wouldn't come forth, because that fluid only comes forth in the presence of love. So it was like these females that were high priestesses, that held this power and held the shakti and held this power, some of them were raped by the Christians because some of them knew about this. Yet it wouldn't happen because it can't happen outside of divine love. Then there was anger and abuse directed toward the female because it didn't happen. Because it's not something that is controllable by the body's person, it's literally an act of full and complete love, and immersed in the God consciousness. I mean it has to be that in order for that to happen.

So very strange because I'm looking at timelines associated with the memories around this, and those memories were being held by these female entities on the astral plane, and which had connection to you in your lineage of experience as a being in another time and space. Because what I'm seeing through this is that you had a connection to the Cathars and had a connection to that particular wisdom if you will. And hence as you are in the form in this particular time and space of ascension, the healing and ultimate clearing of these timelines memories and events and how they had impacted not just female consciousness, but again the beings that had held this wisdom in secret to protect it. Because it's a sacred sexuality it is a technology of the physical body as a human being that has been gifted with this. But in itself sex has been so totally debased into something so inadequate in relationship to this. So that had been manipulated and created all kinds of that enemy patterning between the masculine and feminine, so that sacredness could never occur. It's really amazing. (question...)

What I was getting is that there was a direct line on the planet that was connecting you, like if you went in a straight line it would go into France where the Cathars were. It was like you did this on purpose at a soul level to heal this. You are exactly where you need to be but what this was, was a reminder of your agreement to complete this. So it's almost like the exacerbation. So much of this is in alignment to what is happening on the planet. A lot of this clearing stuff I know it's been so many layers but the issue is, when the planet is shifting there are certain levels of these things that become available to us that weren't. Because it's like the planet shifts the ley-lines shift and it allows an opening to get to something. And that's what's happened here. Something has allowed us to go really in a deep way and get to see the cause karmically, of what the body is responding to and to see how much deeper it is than just the mother father thing that you went through. Because it's so exaggerated.

Superimposed Collective Astral Processing

It was really weird too I'd not ever seen it like that, where there was like a hose with a hole and stuff just coming through from the astral, through your body being processed. Your body said I can't process anymore I'm overrun. It was like a positive agreement, but in a sense your body over time with the accumulation just can't deal with that anymore. And it's time to complete this. (question...)

And it is, it's fascinating how that seems to be the way of alchemy how it accelerates to this ridiculous level in order to complete. Have you every noticed that? Every time there's like a big change, you hit the bottom before it will generally catapult you into the next level. (question...) Well the interesting thing about that is I saw very clearly that when you as a soul being started your process of embodying the divine goddess, again. Because this what were talking about, is directly related to the divine goddess energy. So when your body started to make adjustments to bring this energy back, this intense fear came up from this memory. And it was like all of the symptoms connected to that fear and really just went off the charts. Because your physical body is now undergoing a complete shift in holding this goddess energy that you have memory of, in another time space. Because you were one of those priestesses working with that shakti energy. And now as your body is shifting, it's like -" oh my God I don't know if I want to do that, this is what happened to me last time when I was holding that energy". So it's a denial of the sexuality, a denial of the sacredness of it and the guilt and shame that had been placed there from being humiliated and victimized by it. (question...)

So you're your boyfriend has come in to help you get that feminine energy in you activated. Yes, that's the timing of it the living together is all about the exchange, where you can play in the female energy, because he can hold the male energy that complements it. It's like if you don't have a male that can allow your female to express, it's like he knows how to do that. So he's honoring of that he sees that and he knows what it is. And that was what you needed to get through this big piece, is to have a male that can honor your female. Oh honey, this is big. Goodness sakes.

Closing: You're welcome. Again I want to thank our beloved teams for their assistance and support with us. And we ask again in the full completion of baring witness to this event in deep unconditional love and gratitude we thank the beloveds. Please apply unconditional forgiveness and forgetfulness through all layers and levels of past, present and future. To the beloveds that as well contributed to this, we have the deepest level of unconditional love to the beloved beings in connection with this and in witness of this release. Please seal our field. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 9-6-2008]

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