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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency and a change in the focus of our consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. Since reality is a dimension, what we are undertaking is essentially a full dimensional shift.

To go through this shift we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our soul purpose and true divine essence.

When we are undergoing ascension we will undergo Awakening Symptoms.

In the first phases of Soul Evolution there are common awakening symptoms. The classic symptoms of awakening:

  • The unfolding development of the intellect and awareness into a greater Higher Sensory Perception of interconnectedness between all life.
  • Discontent and mental confusion over life purpose and personal life direction.
  • Responding to a greater whole and its purpose within the group of human beings, being concerned with community and group consciousness, and the issues concerning Humanity and the planet. Development of planetary awareness.
  • Prayer, meditation or asking for Spiritual Help from God/Source with a willingness to release personal will and the ego’s need for self righteousness. Development of Spiritual connection links and a new level of sensory-feeling or energetic communication through new perceptions of awareness.[1]

First Evolution Triad Healing

Basic Empowerment Guidelines to shift from suffering to freedom GSF:

  • Stay in the Now Moment presence,
  • Maintain the Observer Witness Consciousness,
  • Study a Roadmap to understand one's Lightbody one's personal God Technology,
  • Know The power of being out of your mind and in sensory feeling of your heart intelligence,
  • Transforming and resolving all fear programs and emotional conflict,
  • Remember that Fear is a Mind Control that is mostly False Evidence Appearing Real ( F.E.A.R.)
  • Commit and apply personal will to serve one's highest God Purpose,
  • Commit to a daily spiritual practice (such as ES Core Triad, meditation, connection, clearing),
  • Return to Inner Balance with the HGS.

If you do not know what to do : BE THE WILL TO GOOD, THE WILL TO GOD which is Service to Others.

Ascension Symptoms

Certain Ascension Symptoms are now becoming more apparent and when we know this as a "process" and that many others are feeling the same things, a certain serenity can be brought into the mind. Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that may feel extremely hard on the physical body.[2]


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