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Approximately 22,000 years ago, the NAA intruder groups targeted the Celtic and Druid lineages for a genocidal campaign on the United Kingdom landmass in order to eradicate the Melchizedek Christos teachings, Atlantian history and to spread false records about the Celt and Druid lineages. In order to destroy the accurate records of humanity’s star origins and historical artifacts, the original ancient Celtic Languages that were connected to the original 12 Essene Tribes, were purposely made extinct or erased in order to remove the living light codes that were inherently spoken and expressed through these Maji Grail King lines. See Celtic Massacres/Druid Sacrifices.

The Celt and Druid lineages go back to ancient Egypt and Israel, where the vernacular is found in Egyptian hieroglyphics using Khumric as the base language. The Welsh language of the Khumry is part of the heritage that belongs to the lands in the United Kingdom, whether they are from Wales, England, Cornwall, Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, the controllers have made historical accounts of Egyptian history as chaotic and confusing as possible, in order to maintain the controlled narrative and derail the masses from realizing that the Egyptian timelines and Giza pyramids are remnants of ancient builder technology from our Atlantian past. When these Magi Grail lineages fled the Middle East, they settled into the United Kingdom and Etruria in central Italy, bringing their Celt language with them. Over time in Britain, the Khumric language spoken in the Welsh region fused with other dialects. Cumbric, from the region of Cumbria is closely related to the Welsh language and is said to have gone extinct in approximately the 13th century. What is left in the region is not to be confused with the original Khumric-Cumbric, but it is currently referred to as the Cumbrian dialect, as it shares history with the Celtic language influence.

These are the direct Christos lineages and vernacular of the hierogamic coupling of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, in which the seed of the Celtic language and its related dialects activate the cellular memory of the Diamond Sun genetics and the archetypal Christos-Sophia forces rising into this area. The Celts and Druids left their knowledge and wisdom in the stone circles they built for this purpose, to retain the original language and codes of the Essenes, for those that would need them to awaken the Albion in the future.[1]


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